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Thursday, April 30, 2009


We'll be staying home today.
Can you believe it's nearly May!?

Even if Ria's no longer sick,
I think we need a break - and I get to pick!

A break from people and all those germs.
Mama needs some time to, with her fears, come to terms.

I'm not (or at least I wasn't) a germ-a-phobe.
But I can totally see how some might wear that psychic robe!!!

So easy to slip on and wrap ones self up in.
The trouble is keeping it off when around someone coughin'.

Still, even with Ria feeling better (as I expect she will),
there's no harm in giving her time to completely heal.

So, we'll miss out on our busiest day.
But we'll be right back in next week, without delay.


vicki said...

Have a good restive day. Work on NOT worrying. Remember, worry is like a rocking chair...
it will get you nowhere.
Now, a thought from me. rocking chairs can be comfortable and soothing. If you NeeD to worry, go sit in the rocker and do it as you rock/soothe yourself.
love, mom

Very Verdant said...

You're absolutely right about getting rest. Even though you all are feeling better, your body needs time to rest and stay well.

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