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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Working Wednesday #2

Last Wednesday (October 23, 2013) was an interesting day, for sure!  The weather forecast was iffy, but I went out just the same.  Setup was a little damp because it had rained, but our feet dried quickly.  A quiet day turned a little windy.  I put stakes in my tent.  They were no match.  The wind flipped it... of course, while I was nursing.

God is ALWAYS mindful.  A wonderful family who would've likely passed right by if not for the dire circumstances, stopped to help.  Amy held me so I could hold myself together.  I literally felt like our Father placed a Godly Mama in my path in that moment to hold me and enable me to NOT freak out.  She just hugged me and spoke soothing, comforting, uplifting words to my heart.  Amy was wonderful.  Before she started hugging me, she had directed assistance.  At least one of my peers (a spot away from me) came over to right my tent.  It could've been more... things were a bit of a blur for me.  Seriously.  I didn't actually cry (because I was held in a wonderful tight hug that enabled me to hold it together), but my eyes were sure full and I really couldn't see clearly.  Amy directed her children who were with her, Amber and Tim, to work together to right the tent.  They also partially unzipped my walls to hopefully prevent the "kite effect" that has caused liftoff.  Amanda was standing in shock, I think, holding tight to her stroller, but provided such sweet words of comfort when I was able to stand on my own.  (I really feel like Amy helped me to keep standing in some literal and figurative ways!!!)  Praise God for being so very mindful of me!  He is ALWAYS Good!!!

As a result of my cover taking flight, I was very on edge through the rest of the hours we were at the market.  (8:08pm when I looked at the clock just now.)  I can only imagine that my concern over the wind and resulting anxiety over discovering that a metal part of my tent was completely broken was quite constricting and prickly... pushing potential customers away rather than attracting them.  Praise the Lord, for He had provided a few early customers, which resulted in a day of sales almost exactly half what they were the previous week (my first week outside).

While I would not wish the tent/kite experience on anyone, it was (as are all dark cloud sort of trials) thickly lined with beautiful, wonderful silver!  I Praise our Father God for providing customers before the experience AND the experience itself because it provided me such sweet interactions as He provided me with the wonderful Godly family who helped me so tremendously!!!  Isn't life just AMAZING!??!!

I was early blessed in my day to see Stacy at my tent.  She came to see my setup and expressed pleasure at it's appearance.  I sure do want to see hers now!  Maybe soon.  She also came by as she departed and we exchanged reports of the day.  She, also, had done about half as well as the preceeding week.  SO interesting!

My husband came to walk around with our children (and look for something among the vendors at the Market).  In speaking with the fella I could see who helped right my tent, my husband learned that where I was usually did about the same business as the busier looking part of the market.  Very interesting.

I was also blessed with a departing interaction with neighboring vendors who stopped to chat with me before they completely left.  I honestly cannot remember WHY they initially stopped, but through the brief interaction, I was able to learn a couple interesting things... one of them something that I used to believe I was very lonesome in doing/knowing/believing.  So... Father is using my work as a Lilla Rose Consultant to enable me to surround myself with others who know stuff.  I feel very much as if He is working to build a network of people who will be important to me for a good long time.  I sure look forward to seeing how this impression plays out!

My Daughter's Feet

It can be a little silly... the things we feel proud of, as parents.  I know, for sure, from experience that this is true!  Well, this most recent one isn't just about my daughter's feet... it's also about a friend's talent with a camera and photo treatments.  My daughter's feet ARE beautiful.  She was only two months when the photo was taken and who doesn't just LOVE baby feet?

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Do YOU have any experiences of feeling just SILLY proud of something a little less recognized as something to be proud of in your children, yourself, or someone you care about?  I'd love to hear about it!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Giveaway At Joybilee Farm's Blog

I hope you'll enter to win a beautiful piece of Lilla Rose Hair Jewelry!  I sure would love for one of my regular blog readers and/or Facebook Likers to win!!!  ^_^

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Friday, October 25, 2013


Did you know there are many prophets and prophetesses?  It's true.  Moses told us that we should welcome such and be glad for them.  Search it out.  It's pretty plain.
What does a prophet do?  Prophets testify of Christ.  I know that prophets are often able to see how things come together because they seek the best gifts (spiritual).  Among the many spiritual gifts there is the ability to see and foresee how things will play out.

I testify of Christ.

I have seen how many things were going to transpire and are.

A few years ago, I mentioned to someone that psychological profiles and notes taken by psychologists and psychiatrists would be used to confiscate weapons and detain.  Did you know the first has come to pass?  It's true.  You won't have to search long for the information.  It's happened and happening in New York.

I told someone about this knowledge... that I could see that this would happen.  I was called crazy and told it never would because of Hippa, the Constitution... whatever.  I was told I was wrong and it would N.E.V.E.R. happen.

Do you think I enjoy being right about this?

You do not know me if you think I do.  Vindication is not sweet, my friend.  This is the second time in a short period of time that my ability to see what others refuse to (or cannot?) see has been vindicated much to my GREAT sorrow.

Did you know there is a Prophet on the earth today?  You know... one much like Moses or Elijah or any of the others.  It's true.  I encourage you to find out for yourself if what I say (any of the above) is actually true.  Don't take my word for it.  Just don't call me crazy until you know for sure that I'm wrong.  Seriously. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful to be fully free of PostPartum Depression for the first time.  My fifth baby is 4.5 months old and, if I remember correctly, it's hit prior to now in each preceeding postpartum period.  I'm so grateful to hope that it will stay away for good.

Monday morning, during my walk, I imagined a series of scenes... almost like a movie in my head.  I saw my past experiences with postpartum depression (especially the first time around!) as if I was mauled... slowly and painfully ripped at, and eventually fully eaten by a big, bad, horriblyhideous dog of hell.  I was still aware as I traveled through the digestive system of the hell dog and, yes, still aware as I was pooped out.  As poop in a pile, I was conscious and did, at times, feel a desire to give up and just be poop.  But even though the changes (through the whole process) were so super slow and took so long it felt like forever... the piles of poop next to each other melded together and eventually reformed into me... but different.  Very different.  So, I'm not the glamourous phoenix, for sure... but at least I know where I've been and what I am.  What we all are, really.  Cause that phoenix was originally poop, too.... way back.

Anyway... I felt like I should share that "movie" right after I saw it.  I felt like, maybe, if someone else feels like poop in a similar way... well, maybe they'd feel able to share with me... because I also saw that Heavenly Father allowed me those tortures (and those I still endure, just happen to be free of PPD!) so that I could sit in the darkness with another... that I might be able to bring some comfort and hopefully light to their darkness.  I sure hope so.  I know there were so few who could endure my darkness...  those few who did dare... well, even if they might hate me in the future, I will adore them to my dying day!

I believe Heavenly Father takes those He takes through valley so that they are able to guide others through... sorta like trail blazers.  Those they guide could rely on God just as the trail blazers did... but perhaps choose not to?  I'm not really sure about that part, but I definitely yearn to help others through faster than what I've endured.  I know *a* way and sure hope to share it with anyone who may be willing to listen!  ^_^

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Working Wednesday #1

I've been working Wednesdays for a little while now.  I display Lilla Rose hair jewelry at a local Farmer's Market.  It's a lot of work.  Enjoyable.  The first time I had all five of my children with me.  That was rough... but workable.  The next time, I took all my girls (4).  That was workable, but also very stressful because my third daughter is 4 years old and has quite a lot of trouble being obedient.  The next few times she stayed home with her brother (and Daddy) and the two oldest girls and baby girl came with me.  The two eldest are 9 and (now) 7, baby is 4 months.  The older two are, for the most part, very well-behaved, obedient, and helpful.  They did help.  And they learned!

Over the course of our working Wednesdays, the girls have taken over customer interactions a great deal.  For the most part, they are a huge draw for my business and their knowledge about the Flexi Clip and other hair jewelry is tremendous and really entertaining (it seems) to those who stop to talk with us.

I have to tell you, though, as much as we do enjoy the business, I'm pretty sure the main reason we have this business is to get us out around lots more people.  I have a number of ideas about the reason for that.  What it boils down to is, basically, ministry.  I decided, when I decided to begin trying to earn money, that I would dedicate my efforts to the glory of God.  So, it just makes sense that He would use this business as a way to get me amongst those to whom He would have us minister.

For instance: last Wednesday the first two to stop to talk to us were two old guys who spoke to us about their grandchildren... specifically granddaughters.  The last few people to stop to talk to us seemed like they simply wanted to connect to others.  Sometimes a positive connection to another human being is all we need.

This business opportunity is tremendous.  It's not a widely known company/product, so the market is wide open.  I think of it as 31 before everyone knew about it!  I'm so excited about the opportunity it is for me and could be for you, too!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tricky Tuesday #10

Why do we have "money problems"?  Do we believe money is the root of all evil?  That's what the devil would have us believe, but it's a lie.  You see, he's taken, as he does, part of the truth and twisted it.  That scripture actually says the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.  Now, the LOVE of money referenced in that scripture is what Jesus Christ talked about when He said things like, "where your treasure is, there will your heart be also".  If we understand this truly and fully, we will come to the realization that money is only a tool... like so many things.  The goodness or badness perceived is in the person who perceives, not the thing itself.  The goodness or badness can also be in the use of it, not the IT.

Tricky Tuesday is supposed to be about saving money and ideas to help finances and whatnot.  So, what AM i going on about?  Well, if we can come to truly understand these principles, we will be able to transform how we use and interact with money.  We will be able to use the tool AS a tool... we will be able to be wise.  How can we truly understand?  Well, I believe that meditation is a wonderful tool to help us move into greater profound understanding more quickly than anything else I've found.  I prefer Kundalini Yoga.

Why?  Well... I tried mindfulness.  It didn't do anything for me.  I tried focusing on the breath... it helped me feel more physically calm, but my brain was WAY too busy for me to feel any swift good from it.  I tried guided imagery.  That was quite powerful for me... but compared to Kundalini Yoga it was like a jerky jumpy ride.  I think I would like to try it again in a few months, but to start with, it was really rough.  Kundalini Yoga has been a smooth seamless transitioning.  It has enabled me to see things in new ways and come to deeper and truly profound understandings more smoothly and quickly than anything else... prayer may be equal, but not as consistent for me.

Want to try?  Just as in prayer there is an open and close.  I do Kirtan Kriya daily.  Currently I also do Prosperity (still) and a conquering anger meditation (I'm in a 40 day challenge for anger).  My main "teacher" has been Felice Austin.  She's great.  If you don't prefer her, you can search each term in YouTube (make sure to include KundaliniYoga).

Monday, October 21, 2013

Meditation Monday #44

Another week done and I'm still going strong, meditating each day.  Praise the Lord!  His mercy endureth forever!!!  He really is changing me and I'm so excited to see what else He will do!!!

This last week was exhausting.  I woke a few times quite early (around 5am) to make sure I was able to meditate nice and early.  I still haven't made it up before 5am, but I'm working toward my goal of changing to a consistent 4am meditation time.  :)  I'm quite okay that it will probably take a while to become consistent, but I'm pretty sure I will... and that's a wonderful feeling!

No real break-throughs this past week, per se.  Just continuing to feel better day by day... and being able to work consistently with the heavy load I have currently... well, that's HUGE for me!

I TOTALLY beleive this!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lilla Rose Sale On Now

It won't last long.  This sale ends tomorrow!!!  I've been so busy I couldn't get a good post up before now.  I'm sorry if you rely upon reading here for such news.

If you'd like more timely news about such things, make sure you LIKE my Facebook business page (find it by searching TNJNT in Facebook).  I'm working to develop a newsletter... if you want in on that, make sure to leave a comment or become a customer!  My customers get an email directly from Lilla Rose about sales as they go live!  Sign up for my newsletter (to the left) to get news from me about sales and other opportunities.  How awesome is that!!???  Just another reason to LOVE Lilla Rose!  ^_^



Friday, October 18, 2013

Last few hours of the "Lemmony" Giveaway!

Only 14 hours left to enter to win FREE Lilla Rose at All Our Lemmony Things.
If you're not really sure what this is all about,
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Meditation Monday #43

I'm about a week into my newest 40 Day Meditation Challenge.  I've added in a "conquering anger" form (Kundalini Yoga) to my daily meditation.  It's a physically challenging form (for me), so that has been rough during the meditation.

Another phenomenon I've noticed has increased: my daily life is full of many more opportunities to be or not be angry.  I thought I was doing pretty well with choosing NOT to be angry before I began this challenge.  Not so much, methinks now.  *sigh*

I'm still plugging along.  I'm only doing 3 minutes of the 'conquering anger' form most days, but I would like to work up to 7 minutes (at least) before the 40 days are over.  My arms are shaky after only 3 minutes, so 7 seems like a tremendous goal for me at this point.

If you'd like to join me, leave me a message and I'll let you know what form I'm using.  I hope and expect to have some(thing) wonderful to report before too long.  :)


Saturday, October 12, 2013

What an Awesome Giveaway!

I hope you'll check this GIVEAWAY out!  And if you win, let me know so we can rejoice together!!

Cut-off Chopstick No More

So, I used to wear a cut-off chopstick in my hair.  It was durable and functional.  It did the job and held it firmly in place all day.  It was cut specifically so that it was not visible.  I wore only the chopstick, no pins or ponytail elastic.  So it was convenient.  However, since the day I received my first Flexi in the mail, I have worn nothing else.

The Flexi is Lilla Rose's signature piece of hair jewelry.  It is not the only one, by far!  Each Flexi is pretty in itself, of course.  The thing that has surprised me is how much prettier I feel wearing my Flexis!  It's such a small and simple thing, but it has done GREAT things for my self-perception and enjoyment of my hair.  Seriously.  It's sorta silly, I know, but it's really been WONDERFUL!

I recently ordered the hair sticks pictured in the second picture collage below.  I am excited to begin experimenting with them!  There will likely be more on that later, so be sure to check back!  :)

All hair jewelry is not created equal!  Lilla Rose has such wonderful variety.
Every piece is lovely.  We really do have something for everyone!

Maybe you missed a special lady's September birthday this year...
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Hair sticks are just SO pretty!!!

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for October.  I'm thankful for birthdays.  My Kit Kat turned 7 yesterday.  My nephew, Petie turns 5 today.  My Tea turns 5 in a couple weeks!  A niece turns 3... can it be? a couple days later!  I just LOVE October and birthdays!  ^_^

I'm also thankful for greater peace and enjoyment of my life in my heart and mind.  God is working on me... in me.  I feel the changes as mighty and tumultuous at times... painful and wonderful.  I'm pretty sure those around me see little difference.  And I'm okay with that.  I know how different I feel.  And I'm SO grateful for the mighty work our Father God is doing in me!  If He can change me (and I bear witness that He does and IS changing me!), He can change ANYone!!!  ^_^

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Kitty Kat!

My Kat

Born SEVEN years ago.
perfect in imperfection
a royal daughter of Heavenly Father
my sweet
Kitty Kat

I can hardly believe it's been SEVEN YEARS!
I'm so grateful every single day for this girl of mine.
Praise the Lord for mercifully blessing me
with SUCH an awesome person in my life and heart!

Around here birthdays are SPECIAL days.  But they are also quiet most years.  Every 4th year (starting at 4 years old), my children get a BIG party and gifts.  Every other year, they get to make a wish list and we try to make their wishes come true.

Kat's List This Year:
3 movies
Temple Trip (family)
Chick-Fil-A for lunch with ice cream
Ria to make burrito stuff
angel food cake with fruit and whipped cream (as her birthday cake)
all girls wearing Lilla Rose (honest to goodness this was her wish!)  ^_^
feed acorns to the goats
pizza for breakfast
carmel popcorn made by Daddy

Obviously, we still have some wishes to fulfill, but I'm pretty sure they are all do-able!  I'm so grateful for such sweet children as I'm blessed to have.  Their wish lists are SO sweet!  Donchathink!!??  :)  We'll continue the fun tomorrow!

Happy birthday my sweet Kit Kat!!

Weekend Bloggy Reading

Monday, October 7, 2013

Meditation Monday #42

Another week done.  I meant to begin another 40 day challenge last week, but haven't done so yet.  I'm going to do it this week.  I'm pretty sure I'll add in a "conquering anger" meditation.

One great thing to report about my own efforts to meditate... I woke at 5am this morning.  Haven't done that for a while since I couldn't walk in the dark anymore after the scare I had about a month ago.  Well, I woke up (more than an hour before my alarm) and meditated instead of going back to sleep!  YEAY!  I felt SO good.  Still do!  :)

Because I woke so early, I was able to do a 30 minute Kirtan Kriya (haven't been able to do that since babygirl was newborn and then it was difficult) and an 11 minute prosperity meditation.  I've been successfully doing those for a bit more than week almost daily.  Babygirl helps me by being happy and gurgling, playing with her feet, and "singing" while I do my work.  She is SUCH a good little walking (2 hours today) and meditation buddy!  ^_^

I read my scriptures and planned to do some crocheting, but fell asleep trying to help my babygirl fall asleep (nursing).  Woke and went on my walk (which is sorta meditative since I pray a lot during that time).

So, even though the day is only a bit past noon, I'm feeling good of how I've been able to take care of myself and do a bit for my business already, too.  YEAY!
The Humble Brag Link Party

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Flexi Giveaway

I hope you'll check it out!  I sure would love to give this to one of my readers!  I'll probably do one here some day soonish!  Watch out for it.

Until then... check out All Our Lemmony Things!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Lovely New Flexi

Each month brings a new opportunity to add a brand new flexi style to your collection.  Don't have a collection?  What a perfect way to start one!  My very first Flexi was a Flexi of The Month!  I subsequently signed up and have had some really wonderful successes already and I'm still brand new with this company!

So, without further ado, this is October's Flexi of the Month:

I do Home Parties, Facebook parties, Google Hangout parties, craft shows, vendor shows, styles, and more!  :)

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