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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cut-off Chopstick No More

So, I used to wear a cut-off chopstick in my hair.  It was durable and functional.  It did the job and held it firmly in place all day.  It was cut specifically so that it was not visible.  I wore only the chopstick, no pins or ponytail elastic.  So it was convenient.  However, since the day I received my first Flexi in the mail, I have worn nothing else.

The Flexi is Lilla Rose's signature piece of hair jewelry.  It is not the only one, by far!  Each Flexi is pretty in itself, of course.  The thing that has surprised me is how much prettier I feel wearing my Flexis!  It's such a small and simple thing, but it has done GREAT things for my self-perception and enjoyment of my hair.  Seriously.  It's sorta silly, I know, but it's really been WONDERFUL!

I recently ordered the hair sticks pictured in the second picture collage below.  I am excited to begin experimenting with them!  There will likely be more on that later, so be sure to check back!  :)

All hair jewelry is not created equal!  Lilla Rose has such wonderful variety.
Every piece is lovely.  We really do have something for everyone!

Maybe you missed a special lady's September birthday this year...
get ready for Christmas by purchasing hair jewelry
in the color of her birth month!

Hair sticks are just SO pretty!!!

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