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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blinking Owl... no I'm not going British

Tell me this is not the coolest thing you've seen in a while... especially pertaining to Lilla Rose!?  Stare at the owl.  Make sure you stare!  heeheehee

Thankful Thursday: Prosperity

I am thankful for all the tools and guides Heavenly Father has blessed into my life.  I am grateful for His constant presence and guidance... even when I feel unsure, He is ever faithful!  I am thankful for prosperity and abundance!

I've been realizing to ever increasing depths and breadths how much Heavenly Father loves all of us and desires to bless us... by way of realizing this desire He has for me.  He has said, "What I say to one, I say to all..." so if He tells me He wants me to be prosperous and recognize the abundance in my life, then He wants the same thing for everyone else, too!

Felice Austin has a few blogs in which she writes.  One of them is Progressive Prophetess.  It is through that blog that I was able to begin to see clearly how much God wants to prosper ME.  She writes about spiritual truths that the Bible declares.  Somehow, for me, the way Felice Austin writes about them is somewhat more accessible than the same information that I've read in the Bible.  Felice wrote a post pretty recently about her realization that her Daddy was rich and that rich parents desire prosperity for their children.  Of COURSE they do!  The Daddy she was referring to is, of course, Heavenly Father.  He is also my Father... so, of course, He desires the same for me

In the KJV of the Bible we can find a few direct references to prosperity.  I've read them.  I "knew" them, but it didn't sink in that it meant for ME, too.  Silly, I know.  Anyway, I want to share the most obvious of those verses in case you care and want to truly know that this truth is pertinent to you, too.

In Nehemiah 2: 20 says, "Then answered I them, and said unto them, The God of heaven, he will prosper us;"

In 3 John 1:2 it says, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."

I especially like the one in Joshua 1:8 that says, "This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success." because it seems even more likely to me that prosperity is a function of faith in God and right choices to honor and glorify Him.  I like that because I'm still on the early part of trusting God for exceeding prosperity beyond my need and I feel a need to do something for it.  I *know* in my head to some degree that this is silliness.  It is what it is as part of my journey.  I'm working to the point of internalizing that God simply desires for me and my family to be prosperous.  I *know* it, now I just need to get to the point of fully accepting it!

I'm going to share a bit more about this subject in connection with Meditation Monday.  So, check back on Monday!  :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yet Another Wednesday at Home

Even though I've been 'grounded' this month (no going to the farmer's market to sell Lilla Rose), I've had a better month of sales than either of the last two months, which I'm quite happy about and very thankful for!  I enjoyed a rather large order from someone I do not know this month.  This is probably the 4th or 5th time in around 6 months, which is awesome.  Every sale is awesome, really.  I appreciate those who purchase Lilla Rose (or any of the other things I sell) through me.  I love my customers!

 The Who's Who Flexi combine with a french-twist-type-braid for classy elegance.
Sweet oblong bun with curled tails up held by a beautiful Princess Tiara flexi, perfect for home or out and about.

A new Lilla Rose Consultant will join my team the first Saturday in March.  I'm so excited!  She thinks she'll sign up with Fast Start, which, in my opinion, is THE only way to go.  Why?  Well, it provides SO many more options right off the start.  Also, purchasing Fast Start means the new Consultant is already Fast Start Qualified.  That's a big deal because when a Consultant signs on with only the Party Kit and then someone signs on in her team as a Fast Start, the "Lilla Rose Mama" is only eligible for the Fast Start bonus if she's sold $2,000 in products by then.  I don't think I've sold $2,000 yet. Because I signed on with Fast Start I have and will receive the bonus when anyone signs up as Fast Start in my team.

There are other benefits, too, of course.  If you have any interest in selling at a market or anything similar, Fast Start with the mixed set is the best way to go.  That's what I did and I'm still very happy about/with it!  I enjoy, very much, selling at the market and hope to get back before too much longer.  Baby girl is still sick some days, which means she's still sick, of course.  But, for instance, yesterday she seemed totally well.  ahwell

Currently I have one direct teammate and she has one direct, so that makes me a Lilla Rose grama!  heeheehee   How awesome is that!??  My direct teammate was one of my first hostesses and saw the awesome potential with this business.  My newest Consultant is signing up because, as she put it, "The flexi just sells itself!"  I totally agree and that is among the reasons I just love Lilla Rose!

I have one Facebook/Google Hangout party date available for March.  If you'd like to earn some lovely hair jewelry for free, let me know.  I'd love to work with you.

My other businesses are going slowly, but well.  I am working to build up a small VA business (virtual assistant) as one of my streams of income.  I've got one client and hope to have another soon.   I did a trial post for the new potential client and am just waiting to hear back from her now.  I've also been working on recipes in hopes of selling them (and photos?) to other bloggers (sort of a VA thing, but without anyone being a regular or consistent client).

I've had a couple really wonderful business/work-type gifts come to me recently.  The first was winning some ad space on another blog.  How cool is that!?  I'm pretty hopeful about that.  I also won a free featured post on another blog.  This is good for my blogging and for my Lilla Rose business.  I'm very pleased and very grateful!  I have been wanting/hoping and working to build a strong online Lilla Rose business, so these gifts are especially wonderful!

I haven't sold any of my crocheted items lately, but I've still been working.  I made some pretty squares for a group afghan and a very cool hat for my baby.  I'd love to hear what you think!

If you'd like to, I hope you'll sign up for my newsletter.  I rarely send anything out, at this point, but if I send something, it'll be special!  (The sign up is to the right.)

Have you heard of Lilla Rose before?  If not, I encourage you to follow my blog (to the right) and like my Facebook page.  I share photos of Lilla Rose hair jewelry and uplifting thoughts to brighten your day.  Let me know if you'd like to see something specific and I'll make that happen.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tricky Tuesday: Wool Dryer Balls Review by Tori

I received one set of wool dryer balls to facilitate this review.

Have you ever heard of using balls of wool in your dryer?  Whether you have or have not, you may wonder why anyone would do such a thing.  I did!  I'd heard about the practice, but didn't understand it.  Once I understood why some people did it I thought, "Well, I don't use dryer sheets anyway, so I'll just skip that expense."  Our budget is tight, so I prefer to avoid spending money when it's not necessary.

Then I was given some wool dryer balls as a baby gift.  I must admit I was not as excited as I should've been.  The balls I was given looked like yarn wrapped into a ball like I do when my skein gets too limp.

I used them and was pretty impressed.

Somehow (with five children "helping") both balls went missing.  I was bummed.

Then I happened upon the opportunity to review wool dryer balls by Maple Hill Naturals.  I was so excited!  I do realize that may sound silly, but I was really excited!

You see, using wool dryer balls after not using any fabric softener or dryer sheets for years REALLY spoiled me!  Even the little yarn-wrapped balls made a difference.  Obviously! I wanted them and couldn't find them!

When I opened my package from Maple Hill Naturals, I was expecting to see what I'd had before, but did not.  These balls are like my other ones... on steroids!  These balls are not yard wrapped into the shape of a ball.  They are un-spun wool that is wrapped into ball-shape.

If you are a heavy laundry-chemical user, please do not jump into using dryer balls and expecting the exact same results.  You will not get the exact same feel in your laundry as when using fabric softener and dryer sheets.  However, you and your family will be healthier for changing to wool dryer balls because the chemical cocktail in all that stuff you can replace with Maple Hill Naturals dryer balls is really horrible for the physical system of living things.  Seriously.

I have definitely noticed that drying time with my wool dryer balls is lower (using less electricity, YEAY!).

Remember, we have not used dryer sheets or fabric softener in years... I find my laundry feels lighter somehow and definitely fluffier when I use dryer balls.

According to the packaging, these balls will last for years and can be recharged for improved performance.  I believe it!

Another difference between the smaller yarn balls and these buff un-spun wool balls is that they seem to collect fewer globs of lint on them.  Nice.

If you have been curious about wool dryer balls, I totally encourage you to check out Maple Hill Naturals.  They have a sale going the last time I checked, but even without a sale, they are totally worth the asking price!

If you've been searching for an alternative to that chemical cocktail used in laundering... BUY THESE!!!  Seriously!  You can use wekeepchoosingus as a coupon code for 25% off your entire order at maplehillnaturals.com.  Limit 1 coupon per customer, excludes any other coupons. Keep in mind that this coupon code expires 3/25/14.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Meditation Monday #60: Allowing Change

I was able to meditate daily this past week.  Praise the Lord!  It was still a chaotic week, especially the first part of it.  I'm sure the fact that my preferred routine was still off track made it more chaotic than it would've been otherwise.  Still, I was able to complete one meditation near 4am, which was nice!  I hope to get into a more regular habit of meditating at that time as I think it would make my days flow so much more nicely!

My thoughts have been much focused on changing.  Changing my brain and changing my behaviors.  I can definitely see that there are changes happening, which is a wonderful gift and blessing!  I mean, sometimes it seems like nothing is changing at all, which can be a relief... but then I look at how far I am from where I desire to be and wish that change would just HAPPEN.

Do you ever feel that way?

I'm working hard to make sure my prosperity meditation is 5 minutes or more each day.  This past week I was able to complete a few that were 11 minutes.  I know that my brain needs to change a lot concerning money, thus my goal for that particular meditation.  I really believe my brain IS changing.  Why?

Well, I used to feel really obsessed about doing bills.  I would do them every week... sometimes more than once a week.  I think it was probably more necessary to do so at that time as we didn't have a consistent paycheck, so it was really difficult for me to schedule out bills and whatnot.  Also, we had credit card debt at that time.  Thankfully we do not have THAT form of bondage any more!

My point is that I'm not as obsessive about dealing with money.  When it comes in as cash, I pay tithing and put the money away.  I just don't consider it much beyond that and looking at how my goals for money that comes in are progressing or not.  It seems rather small now that I'm writing about it... but it's a really big deal.  It's difficult to describe the tension I feel when doing bills... it's pure stress and it used to be even more than it is now.  The decrease is definitely discernable in both my body and my mind!

I'm so grateful for the tool that meditation is in my life to change my brain and enable me to move more quickly toward the kind of person I would like to be.  I know the difference, and the changes have increased... even though I still wish they were faster sometimes!

Do you need an attitude change pertaining to money?  I highly recommend meditation!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Soliloquy #24: While at School in Perth

While I was at school in Perth, I had some very interesting experiences connected to the 9-11 attacks on US soil.  Suffice it to say, I believe I needed to be in Australia during that time.  I needed to be taking a creative writing and a studio art class.  Both of those classes, combined with conversations with my Mom, friends there in Oz, and my (now) husband kept me from falling off the side of the world in my own head.

Jessie was my fiance at the time.  I flew back to the states to surprise him when he returned from his 6 month cruise.  Then I flew back to Oz to finish my semester and travels.

The semester ended fine and my travels were a bit of a whirlwind.  Not very many memories that are very clear.  But I definitely circumnavigated the island continent!

Upon leaving Perth to return to Sydney and fly back to the States for the last time, I stopped at Monkey Mia.  It was lovely there.  I was unwise, though, and ended up with a horrible sunburn.  Try to imagine carrying REALLY heavy backpacks with a horrible burn... three backpacks, to be exact.  At this point, I really don't know how I managed that!

Monkey Mia was lovely.  I remember lots of pelicans and the dolphin that came with her calf.  I rather think she considers herself a bit of an Ambassador.  The whole experience would've been much better to be there with someone, but still.

Friday, February 21, 2014

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday: My Baby Girl

I am thankful that, even when sick, my baby girl is super sweet and a happy little one!  She is truly amazing!

She's still got a hanger-on cough and snot nose, but she's getting better.  I'm so thankful she is healthier than she was.  I'm also thankful to know now what I didn't understand or believe when I was a younger mom, which is: overcoming illness strengthens my children's body-systems.  With the way this world is, currently, we have to get sick to get stronger.

I am thankful for all of my children.  They are, even when among my trials, my greatest gifts in this life.  Praise the Lord for life and them in it!

Mardi Gras Giveaway

Did you know I was born in Louisiana?  Yeppers.  Right in New Orleans!  My Dad was born and raised there.  My Mom spent the formative years of her life there.  Lots of my family is in Lousisiana.  It's a really neat place to go.  I've even been to Mardi Gras.  Wow!  What an experience!  My Mom makes King Cake yearly (as does my younger sister).  I hope to begin that tradition, too.
Given all that, I thought this giveaway would be perfect here!  I hope you'll enter!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tricky Tuesday: Spend Time to Save Time*

One way to save time that all too many Moms do not employ is by delegation.  Children are amazingly capable when we choose to train them, trust them and follow-through consistently.  Training is time consuming, but it's an investment which reaps amazing dividends.

If you could invest $10 and recoup $200 a few weeks later, wouldn't you do it?  What if it was $100 and you'd get back $10,000 after a few months?  What if the upfront investment was $10,000 and the payout $1,000,000?  I think of training and managing my children a little bit like that.

I have to do A, B, C, D, E, F and G while they are babies and none capable of doing more than babies do (eat, sleep, defecate, smile, and learn).  When one is old enough to do A, I have B-G, which is still a lot at times, but as they grow in ability my load of what was always and only my responsibility becomes theirs.  And so it goes.  I am stuck, currently, having a difficult time figuring out how to instill in my older children a desire to do A (and whatever else) without being told.  When they have learned that skill, I won't even have to spend time on management of their abilities.  I do look forward to that day!

It's been amazing to me to enjoy the fruits of time invested in training.  I almost feel to marvel at how much more I'm able to do now that my children have been fully trained in some areas.  Because I still have very young ones (my baby is 8 months old) and I hope to have more, I will continue to have certain duties and responsibilities pertaining to those years.  Those are the joys, though, really.  Diaper duty, baby feeding, always having baby with me, and night-night time are pretty special to me and so I do not delegate them.

I could delegate those responsibilities and I'm sure some Mothers would prefer to delegate diaper changing, but I don't and wouldn't want to!  My older children know it's a privilege to change my baby's diapers IF I let them!  My Mom taught me a way of considering diaper duty and it has remained with me.  Another woman affirmed it and I'm sure that only helped.  I see diaper duty as an opportunity to spend a few focused minutes on my baby.  I felt that way with my first child and still feel that way with my fifth.  I work diligently to make diaper time sweet and fun and when I've been able to be the primary caregiver consistently, diaper time has been a joy with only rare frustrations for baby and me!

Currently, I manage the following work, but my children actually do it: picking up the house, washing dishes, moving wet clothes to the dryer, unloading the dryer, folding children's clothing, and my eldest daughter begs to make meals, so she is allowed to do some (she is very good at basics like peanut butter and jelly wraps, scrambled eggs, and spaghetti).  She pleads for me to train her more extensively and I am, but I'm taking is slowly to make sure she has fully learned easier and more basic things.  She is an awesome baker already, but sometimes needs help putting thing in and taking them out of the oven, which is, of course, totally understandable.  I am still in the training stage for sweeping, kitchen clean-up, and organization.  I guess it's arguable that I'm constantly training for each of their regular responsibilities because they seem unable to see details as yet.  I'm pretty sure I remember that is part of brain development (children not seeing details readily) and it can get frustrating to go over the same thing repeatedly, but it IS worth the effort!

The point is that investment up-front in training is so much more worth the effort than I imagined it would be.  I'm sure this time of investment will prove to be even more rewarding in every way as I am blessed to observe their transition to adulthood and parenthood!

*I do realize my title is slightly misleading.  All who understand time to any degree know that we cannot spend or save it, that is is simply a creation of our linear brains.  I've chosen to use that title in hopes of conveying that training our children to be responsible for work in the home is worth the time required for the training.  In the end, we haven't really "saved" time, but enable our focus to be on different work.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

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Meditation Monday #59: Almost Missed, but going strong

This last week was a bit more chaotic than has become my norm.  I missed walking each day which threw my daily schedule out o whack.  Not a good thing.  I definitely prefer my regular schedule to the way things went this past week.

Some of my thoughts while meditating:
-During one meditation, I had a great idea for a post I hope to sell to a blogger.

-Another day I was pondering on the oneness of everything (Mandlebrot Set-style).  In particular, I saw so clearly how we are just like the earth with our own sort of equator.  Our equator is not around our waist, though...  It is in line with our spine from the top of our head to the line in our bum, under and back up the front makes our equator.  This is very apparent to me as we finish out this winter choosing not to use any sort of heater more than hotspots, which are truly amazing pieces of technology!  You can purchase a couple HERE if you're interested.  They are reusable AND non-toxic, too, which is awesome.

-I was feeling particularly bloated and, really, fat another day last week.  During meditation I felt a challenge.  Basically, it was a question something like: "Would you be willing to stay fat if that was best for you and what God wanted?"  I've yearned to be thin the whole time I haven't been (I have been a couple times and really didn't think I was thin enough... definitely wasn't healthy enough).  Anyway... I felt this challenge and pondered on it for a moment while I meditated and then realized that YES, of course I would.  I hope that's not God's Plan for me, but if it is, I will accept it and choose joy through all of it.  I felt and feel unburdened somehow.  Very interesting, huh?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Super Sunday Slimdown: Hoping to Avoid Getting Sick

This past week is a complete bust for exercise for me!  Major bummer.  My children have all been sick (most are completely better now).  Babygirl is still sick and now I feel like I'm starting to come down with it.  Have had a headache frequently for the past few days and wake up feeling run over by a truck.

I'm not sleeping very well, so that's probably not helping.

We're using essential oils, elderberry, and echinacea.  If you have any other suggestions, I'm willing to hear 'em!  :)

I sure hope to get back to my four walks next week!  I'll let you know how it goes.

How are you doing with your exercise plans?  I hope your past week has gone better than mine!!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Soliloquy #23: My Dorm

My dorm was a single story apartment with 6 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms.  The boys had 1 bathroom and the girls another (thankfully!).  In my apartment/dorm we had 3 guys and 3 girls.  I was, of course, one of the girls (USA, in case you're not sure) and the other two chicas were both from Malaysia.  The guys were from Oz, Taiwan, and Norway.  For the most part, we all got along fine.  There were some problems that were severe at the time, but through the glasses of time and age and far more troubling tribulation since, we got along well, all things considered.

This is a pretty accurate representation of the living area of the dorm.

The next photo is also a really accurate representation of what my individual room looked like:

And this shows the outside as I remember it!

Friday, February 14, 2014

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What the Heck Wednesday?

No, I'm not really planning to start another series... just thought that title was more appropriate than my normal one.

So, it's been a while since the "Strike of the pink-haired-woman" and I think I may be able to write about it reasonably now.  I sure hope so.

Have you ever met someone that thought the world was sour no matter how much sugar was actully in it?  I think this woman might be like that.  And I'm pretty sure I used to be a bit like that... so, given what we can learn from the Essene Mirrors, I needed to meet her so I could more completely see myself.

However, I believe, even at my worst, I have avoided speaking to children the way she spoke to my child.  Maybe I'm wrong.  The only way I can know that is if someone who has known me for a while tells me.  So, if there is such a person out there, please do let me know.  I ask that you be kind because I am tender-hearted, as much as folks seem to think otherwise.  I work hard to refrain from choosing to be offended, but I do feel hurt when folks are mean when they say things that are true.

So, it was two weeks ago that the pink-haired female passed our lil' shop at the Farmer's Market.  I'd seen her before, but I guess the girls had been engaged in greeting others.  We certainly didn't have an interaction before two weeks ago.

My eldest daughter greeted the pink-haired old woman just like she does most folks.  I think she actually said, "Hello, how are you today?" since the woman has super short died pink hair.  The woman turned and said, "Well what are you doing out of school?"  Ria said, "I homeschool!"  The woman with the pink hair said, "Well, that's what's wrong with you.  That's why you don't have social manners.  You need to go to school to get some social manners."

ummm.... REALLY?  That's a case of the pot calling the kettle black, dontcha think?  Not that I think she's correct about my child having no social manners.  In fact, the very fact that my daughter did not respond shows, at least to me, that she has a few manners more than that old woman.

I really did attempt to leave it be and let her pass by without saying anything.  The more I sat silently on, the more sick to my stomach I felt.  Especially when my girl looked at me like, "Why in the world would she say that me, Mom?"  She didn't speak the question, but it was heavy in her questioning looks my way.

As a result, I got up and went to the woman.  She was just about to walk away from another lady's shop, so I said, "If you actually stopped to talk with my child, you would find that she is very smart and sweet."  The woman turned and seemed a bit flustered.  She sorta asked what I meant.  I gestured to my child and said, "If you actually spoke with my child, you would find that she has social manners and then some."

The conversation was not good beyond that.  Basically, the old woman with the pink hair attempted to argue her point by changing her position numerous times.  I live with someone who argues that way... unfortunately for her.  As a result, I am very skilled at putting down new points while still sticking to the original.

Among her arguements, she told me that the world was a mean place and the children needed to go to school so they would learn how to deal with the mean world.  She told me that they had no social manners because they weren't exposed to society.  She told me that they couldn't be productive in society because they weren't gong to school.  She said that they were not learning how to socialize in the market, that they were only learning 'the hard sale'.

I did refute each point well, but she is entrenched in her fallacious position and so determined to protect her incorrect assumptions that she couldn't respond to my logic and, thus, presented increasingly nonsensical positions.

Why in the world would parents put children in school to be treated poorly?  I mean, really?  The world will be mean to them as it will... they don't need tons of experience with that to learn how to deal with it!  You just learn as you go no matter how old.  At least, if they are able to be protected and sheltered from the nastiness of the world they might end up with a more unshakeable hope!  Maybe not, but it's possible!

As my husband said, "Why in the world would you take a child out of society to learn how to be part of society??  They are IN society, learning how to interact with people of all ages.  She doesn't know what she's talking about."  I completely agree with him.

Regarding productivity in society... hmmm... so, teaching them how to work in sales, how to interact with people in a genuine manner while hoping they appreciate your product enough to buy it... teaching them how to understand unspoken (body) language and interact with people in a way that is mindful of their desires... all that is contributing to what?  A totally unproductive member of society, apparently.

Selling, if you are an entreprenuer, is part of socializing.  Business owners are who they are and they have something they hope others might appreciate/like/want.  It is what it is.  That doesn't mean that when we speak to someone who only care about whether they want to buy a Flexi or not.

In fact, I have come to believe that this business (Lilla Rose) is in my life to get me out into the world.  I'm a BIG home-person.  I would rather be at home than anywhere else MOST of the time.  However, as a Christian, I should be out and about sharing the Light of Christ with all I meet.  Well, going to the market, I'm in a position to do that.  I believe that's why Father led me to this business.

Each morning before we go into the market, the girls and I have a prayer that Father will bless our efforts and help us know what we need to do and say and if there is someone that needs us especially.  We ask Father to help us shine forth the Light of Christ.  Going to the market is first about doing what Heavenly Father would have us do.  We hope that while we are about our Father's work, we will sell some hair jewelry because we could really use the money... but that is not the first or primary focus.

I would like to add, a point I did convey the the little old woman with pink hair.  I'm relatively sure she didn't hear me.  If she did, she knew she didn't have an apporpriate logical arguement because she changed her aguement again after I said, "School is not a normal socializing environment.  It is not normal, anywhere in life, to socialize with those who are mostly and/or only within 10 months of your age.

The way my children interact with others is much more like real life, in that they socialize with people of all ages."  Homeschooling really does offer many more opportunities for normal socialization.  Sometimes, as the parent/teacher, we have to seek out additional opportunities to socialize, but when there are many children, it's amazing how much social-manners education goes on EVERY day.  And it's normal socialization (interacting with many ages!), not the weird concoction that is public school.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Meditation Monday #58: Overcoming habits that I'm releasing attachment to

This last week went well as far as meditation goes.  I was able to complete at least a short meditation each day.  Short means at least 19 minutes (if the timing is perfect and babygirl sleeps or plays happily the whole time).  Usually it's at least a few minutes longer than 19 because life happens!

Lately I've been noticing that I am performing habits that I feel very little attachment to... but feel stuck in the performance.  I've been working, very consciously, to allow myself to release many things/people.  Most of the releasing involves releasing a desire for things to be my way.  Let me tell you... that's a DIFFICULT thing for this planned to do!

Among the things I feel little attachment to, but still fall into the habit of is anger.  I've had this habit of anger for a very long time.  I believe it is among the generational curses I've agreed to before I entered this portion of my journey.  I desire to change relational interactions, yet feel stuck in the habits formed with others.  On one hand, I yearn to force the situation to be different RIGHT NOW... but when I've done that in the past, it simply hasn't stuck.

Kundalini Yoga has been changing me so seamlessly that I feel a great curiosity to see how things will progress.  I know anger is being leached out of my Spirit and Life.  I'm so unbelievably grateful!  I feel light and love filling in the vacated spaces of/in me.  So, my outward behaviors will certainly change (have already changed a LOT).  In one way, I'm anxious for it to happen NOW (of course... because I like things to get to the good fast, of course), but I'm willing to wait because I want things to improve for the long-term, not just for a little while.

If I've learned anything in my few years here, it is that for me to change permanently (or with any kind of REAL permanence) it often must be accomplished much more slowly than I would prefer.  I look forward to sharing (in a few weeks? months? year?) how things have changed!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Super Sunday Slimdown: Sticking with it even through the worriesomenesses

This last week went well.  I was able to get out 4 days to walk.  Yeay!

Unfortunately, I've been through the process of shedding excess weight a few times before, so these waters are all too familiar.  I find it a bit more interesting, perhaps, this time around as I feel less worried or anxious or concerned...  I'm not really sure how to describe the difference.  I guess it's a combination of feeling less concerned about shedding weight and more concerned about holistic wellness, really.

I have felt a bit frustrated with myself that I see a heavier girl in the mirror than I know I am now.  I've been through this before, too, but it's still disconcerting... especially because at this time after each of my other babies, I either had gained a bunch of weight or was in process of gaining.  I definitely am very concerned about avoiding repetition of that pattern because I simply do not have time for the fatigue that comes along with adding weight.

Try to imagine adding a backpack weighing 30 pounds to every activity for 48 hours.  You still wouldn't completely understand what I've done to myself every time I gain weight, but you might get a better idea of the fatigue the added weight creates.

Unlikely as it is that I've added much if any weight to my frame, I'm still slightly worried about it.  Especially since the scale definitely didn't read lower number on it's face when I checked a couple weeks ago!  grrr

ahwell... being in it for the long haul means sticking even when the going gets rough... a bit like being married!  And THAT's a subject for another post... or series!  ;)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Too Cool for School

I actually haven't the slightest clue what that means, but it sounds like it should mean: what I'm about to share is so super cool you'll want to put off what you should do to check this out.  I hope you do!  Added bonus: you help me earn some money by entering giveaways in which YOU can win something!!!  How cool is that?  Too cool for school, right?  :)

If you would be willing to share, I hope you'll encourage those you know to enter as it really does give me a "hand up" as it were.  And I know how much you want to help others, right?  I think most of us do, really... we just don't know how... well, this is super simple and helps a bunch!

Giveaway link: good for 28 days from today

Next: good until Valentine's Day

Saturday Soliloquy: #22: My Uni (Campus Joondaloop)

My school, Edith Cowan, was/is beautiful.  And the campus I lived very near is located in a very nice neighborhood.

One of the interesting things about that neighborhood were the fences.  I actually did a study on that in my art class for my final project in that course.  The variety was amazing and wonderful!  There are lots of fences around houses in the States, I know, but the VARIETY around the houses near my school was really amazing.

I loved the art studio on the campus.  I know that art and writing helped me amazingly while I was there, so it's a huge blessing of that time of my life that I took the courses I took while there because I didn't technically "need" most of them for my degree.  Life is awesome and it's wonderful to see how things work out when we have the clarify of 20/20 vision that is possible when we look into the past, isn't it!?

I do NOT remember my campus looking like this when I attended, but it has been MANY moons since I was there.  How cool would this be to see upon entry!!??


I DO remember the library.  Also very nice looking, don't you think!?


Beautiful, right?!!??  I did love the asthetics of it all.  Similar, yet also very different from what I'm used to.  :)

Photos from Wikipedia.

Friday, February 7, 2014

My Family

My three girls love babies... even before they are born! 
Weekend Bloggy Reading

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Working Wednesday

Last Wednesday market day was VERY slow.  God was merciful and blessed us with one sale, which paid our space rent.  That sale didn't necessarily pay for the clip we sold or the gas to get there, but at least we weren't down as much as we could've been.

There are a few reasons I believe we needed to be there.  For one, it's important for my homeschooling children who are being raised to be entreprenuers to know that not every day is as successful as the other.  It's important to know, when going into business for oneself, that there will be busy times and slow times.  Raising children to be business people is not for the feint of heart!

Also, I think my daughters needed to see me stand up for them.  I don't know why, but for some reason I believe they needed to #1 experience an adult being really rude/mean to them for no reason and #2 see me have a conversation with said adult.  I've mentioned that before and I really am going to explain more soon.  I know my eldest daughter has spoken about it and seemed to sort of glow with feeling loved and protected.  I don't know how to explain it, but it's almost like she's proud that she has a Mama who spoke to someone about their unkindness FOR HER.  I'm glad.

Perhaps I've mentioned it before... I'm not sure as my memory is not as keen as I would wish.  Our primary purpose at market day is not actually sales.  I believe that Lilla Rose is the way Heavenly Father has nudged me out of my comfort zone in many ways.  He would have us minister in smiles and a listening ear to those who pass by our little shop.  So, I'm sure we were needed for that purpose.  Me more because I bring the sweet smiling ones... you should see how lifted and happier people look when they walk away from the sweet smiles and greetings of my girls!  And the baby... it's seems like they feel everything is better for seeing babygirl smile.  Thankfully, she almost always does!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February's Special Flexi AND Hairsticks

What do you think?

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Meditation Monday #57

It's so important for me to recharge myself each day and spend time in meditation and prayer.  I'm so thankful that Heavenly Father led me to the tool that is Kundalini Yoga.  It is so good for me!

Another week complete.  A new month begun.  I still can't get over (yet am relieved?) that it's February.  I wonder what will transpire next and wonder when some things I believe will yet come to pass will actually manifest.  AND how!

I've successfully completed daily meditation this week.  Mostly short ones, unfortunately.  I was able to do a couple days of 11 minute prosperity as part of my routine (current routine, anyway).  I enjoy all of it very much!

As for me, I'm coming to the close of one of mine, I think.  I'm considering extending it to an 80 day.  I think I *need* to, really, rather than starting a new 40 day challenge with another form.  I'll let you know about what I decide!  :)

Have you started a 40 Day Challenge yet?  If not, I hope you will.  Tell me about it!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Sunday Slimdown: February 2, 2014

Can you believe it's February now?  I'm amazed, yet also not surprised.  Last month was very short and very long for me.  Strange, right?  Or do you feel the same way?

I've been able to accomplish AT LEAST my 4 day a week exercise goal.  Sometimes I didn't get much exercise, but I was out working at it.  I definitely count that, given my circumstances.  I'm grateful to have accomplished this puny little goal!

I still don't know about my weight.  I did step on my old scale, but once again it showed a number higher, yet my clothes are fitting looser... wearing smaller clothes sometimes... depending on the item.  I keep meaning to stand on the huge scale at Publix, but just haven't done it.

How are you doing with your fitness goals?  I'd really like to know!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Soliloquy #21: Perth

It was a LONG ride from Adelaide to Perth.  My school, Edith Cowan University was in Perth, so I had to get there!  I honestly don't remember anything about that ride.  It's just a pop into Perth.

Perth was nice.  Very cool and UN-drivable city center.  It was specifically set up for walking to shop.  I liked that a great deal.

I remember finding it amazing and wonderful to investigate all the shops down little alleys.  I felt the old anxiety about getting lost that I felt in Japan (like when I drew a circle) and actually thought I was lost a few times.  It was such a blessing to find myself again (never was lost, after all!) and realize that the downtown area was really quite navigable and relatively difficult to REALLY get lost in.  What a gift THAT!

A typical afternoon scene in a car-free part of downtown Perth. (JP/Pandaya) photo from Jakarta Post

One of the many things I loved about Perth were the awesome sidewalk art!  There were some that looked REALLY unusual and others (like these roos) that were really representative of Oz, in general.

Photo Credit: Afar

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