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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Super Sunday Slimdown: Sticking with it even through the worriesomenesses

This last week went well.  I was able to get out 4 days to walk.  Yeay!

Unfortunately, I've been through the process of shedding excess weight a few times before, so these waters are all too familiar.  I find it a bit more interesting, perhaps, this time around as I feel less worried or anxious or concerned...  I'm not really sure how to describe the difference.  I guess it's a combination of feeling less concerned about shedding weight and more concerned about holistic wellness, really.

I have felt a bit frustrated with myself that I see a heavier girl in the mirror than I know I am now.  I've been through this before, too, but it's still disconcerting... especially because at this time after each of my other babies, I either had gained a bunch of weight or was in process of gaining.  I definitely am very concerned about avoiding repetition of that pattern because I simply do not have time for the fatigue that comes along with adding weight.

Try to imagine adding a backpack weighing 30 pounds to every activity for 48 hours.  You still wouldn't completely understand what I've done to myself every time I gain weight, but you might get a better idea of the fatigue the added weight creates.

Unlikely as it is that I've added much if any weight to my frame, I'm still slightly worried about it.  Especially since the scale definitely didn't read lower number on it's face when I checked a couple weeks ago!  grrr

ahwell... being in it for the long haul means sticking even when the going gets rough... a bit like being married!  And THAT's a subject for another post... or series!  ;)

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