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Monday, February 24, 2014

Meditation Monday #60: Allowing Change

I was able to meditate daily this past week.  Praise the Lord!  It was still a chaotic week, especially the first part of it.  I'm sure the fact that my preferred routine was still off track made it more chaotic than it would've been otherwise.  Still, I was able to complete one meditation near 4am, which was nice!  I hope to get into a more regular habit of meditating at that time as I think it would make my days flow so much more nicely!

My thoughts have been much focused on changing.  Changing my brain and changing my behaviors.  I can definitely see that there are changes happening, which is a wonderful gift and blessing!  I mean, sometimes it seems like nothing is changing at all, which can be a relief... but then I look at how far I am from where I desire to be and wish that change would just HAPPEN.

Do you ever feel that way?

I'm working hard to make sure my prosperity meditation is 5 minutes or more each day.  This past week I was able to complete a few that were 11 minutes.  I know that my brain needs to change a lot concerning money, thus my goal for that particular meditation.  I really believe my brain IS changing.  Why?

Well, I used to feel really obsessed about doing bills.  I would do them every week... sometimes more than once a week.  I think it was probably more necessary to do so at that time as we didn't have a consistent paycheck, so it was really difficult for me to schedule out bills and whatnot.  Also, we had credit card debt at that time.  Thankfully we do not have THAT form of bondage any more!

My point is that I'm not as obsessive about dealing with money.  When it comes in as cash, I pay tithing and put the money away.  I just don't consider it much beyond that and looking at how my goals for money that comes in are progressing or not.  It seems rather small now that I'm writing about it... but it's a really big deal.  It's difficult to describe the tension I feel when doing bills... it's pure stress and it used to be even more than it is now.  The decrease is definitely discernable in both my body and my mind!

I'm so grateful for the tool that meditation is in my life to change my brain and enable me to move more quickly toward the kind of person I would like to be.  I know the difference, and the changes have increased... even though I still wish they were faster sometimes!

Do you need an attitude change pertaining to money?  I highly recommend meditation!

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