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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yet Another Wednesday at Home

Even though I've been 'grounded' this month (no going to the farmer's market to sell Lilla Rose), I've had a better month of sales than either of the last two months, which I'm quite happy about and very thankful for!  I enjoyed a rather large order from someone I do not know this month.  This is probably the 4th or 5th time in around 6 months, which is awesome.  Every sale is awesome, really.  I appreciate those who purchase Lilla Rose (or any of the other things I sell) through me.  I love my customers!

 The Who's Who Flexi combine with a french-twist-type-braid for classy elegance.
Sweet oblong bun with curled tails up held by a beautiful Princess Tiara flexi, perfect for home or out and about.

A new Lilla Rose Consultant will join my team the first Saturday in March.  I'm so excited!  She thinks she'll sign up with Fast Start, which, in my opinion, is THE only way to go.  Why?  Well, it provides SO many more options right off the start.  Also, purchasing Fast Start means the new Consultant is already Fast Start Qualified.  That's a big deal because when a Consultant signs on with only the Party Kit and then someone signs on in her team as a Fast Start, the "Lilla Rose Mama" is only eligible for the Fast Start bonus if she's sold $2,000 in products by then.  I don't think I've sold $2,000 yet. Because I signed on with Fast Start I have and will receive the bonus when anyone signs up as Fast Start in my team.

There are other benefits, too, of course.  If you have any interest in selling at a market or anything similar, Fast Start with the mixed set is the best way to go.  That's what I did and I'm still very happy about/with it!  I enjoy, very much, selling at the market and hope to get back before too much longer.  Baby girl is still sick some days, which means she's still sick, of course.  But, for instance, yesterday she seemed totally well.  ahwell

Currently I have one direct teammate and she has one direct, so that makes me a Lilla Rose grama!  heeheehee   How awesome is that!??  My direct teammate was one of my first hostesses and saw the awesome potential with this business.  My newest Consultant is signing up because, as she put it, "The flexi just sells itself!"  I totally agree and that is among the reasons I just love Lilla Rose!

I have one Facebook/Google Hangout party date available for March.  If you'd like to earn some lovely hair jewelry for free, let me know.  I'd love to work with you.

My other businesses are going slowly, but well.  I am working to build up a small VA business (virtual assistant) as one of my streams of income.  I've got one client and hope to have another soon.   I did a trial post for the new potential client and am just waiting to hear back from her now.  I've also been working on recipes in hopes of selling them (and photos?) to other bloggers (sort of a VA thing, but without anyone being a regular or consistent client).

I've had a couple really wonderful business/work-type gifts come to me recently.  The first was winning some ad space on another blog.  How cool is that!?  I'm pretty hopeful about that.  I also won a free featured post on another blog.  This is good for my blogging and for my Lilla Rose business.  I'm very pleased and very grateful!  I have been wanting/hoping and working to build a strong online Lilla Rose business, so these gifts are especially wonderful!

I haven't sold any of my crocheted items lately, but I've still been working.  I made some pretty squares for a group afghan and a very cool hat for my baby.  I'd love to hear what you think!

If you'd like to, I hope you'll sign up for my newsletter.  I rarely send anything out, at this point, but if I send something, it'll be special!  (The sign up is to the right.)

Have you heard of Lilla Rose before?  If not, I encourage you to follow my blog (to the right) and like my Facebook page.  I share photos of Lilla Rose hair jewelry and uplifting thoughts to brighten your day.  Let me know if you'd like to see something specific and I'll make that happen.

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