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November 15, 2011

Somehow it has already been almost a month since I last posted and it HAS been two months since I wrote first!  I can hardly believe it.  I can honestly say that exercising is more a part of my life than "for the purpose" of weight loss.  Why do I say that?  How can I know?  Well, because I haven't weighed myself in weeks.  I have NO idea what my weight is right now.  I can see small changes in my appearance, but nothing most anyone else would notice.  So, it's not a dramatic change, for sure.  But my body is changing.  And since I'm a nursing mother, I'm really all right with going slow!  I'm also REALLY all right with making this a life-style change and improvement rather than making a change for a certain purpose and then reverting as I have in the past.  So... I don't know when I'll be able to update my weight cause I'm really not worried about that so much.  I will let you know when my outwear clothing starts to fall off more than stay on, though!  :)  My underclothes are already heading in that direction.  YEAY!  Not there yet, mind, but going in that direction.  :)

October 19,2011

Maybe  I'll do an update post at about each month.  Of course, I may not!  :)

So, I've been at this daily workout thing (six days per week) for 7 weeks.  I'm in my 8th week and struggling because I was sick on Sunday and still haven't shaken the bug.  I'm plugging along, though.

As of this morning, I've shed 13 pounds.  Another 8 weeks will put me at December 14th, I think... if I can keep on this slow shed that I've been on, I could be down 26 pounds or more (total) by then.  This would be good.  I've been feeling like the deadline I'm working toward may be pushed back a little.  So, instead of December, it may be March 2012.  I'm quite okay with this.  That just gives me more time to work toward my goal.  And my goal is not March, but actually way beyond that.  I'm just shooting for good progress by March.  So... 26 pounds or more by December 14, then another 13... bringing the total up to 39  after another 8 weeks... February 8, 2012.

I've also felt that during the next pregnancy, I will return to my weight loss experiences of that past.  Though I may put on a little AFTER the pregnancy, I won't have to battle the double increase of my last pregnancy with JMY (Jimmy).  This is hopeful information and I HOPE I'm understanding correctly!  :)  All in all, I think it's going well.  Especially because it doesn't feel like 8 weeks!!!  ^_^
Current weight 224.

September 8, 2011

I've been overweight since I was about 10 years old.  I'm 35 now, so that's most of my life in too much weight.  When I was 19 I lost some weight from depression of a sort I'd not encountered before.  And I stayed thinNER for a while, but eventually gained weight, lost weight, gained weight and gained more weight since then.  I always felt, really deeply, that though I was spending the majority of my youth in too much weight, that when I was older, I would be fit.  I'm older now and I'm ready to be fit and healthy.  The last time I really tried to LOSE weight, I didn't like myself.  The last time I did lose weight significantly (just before I got preggie with my #4 baby), I did like me and didn't really TRY to shed the excess pounds.  I just did what I felt the Lord would have me do.  And I'm doing that again.  So, I'm certain I'll see the same and better results than I did about 2 years ago when I began to shed the baggage of weight I carried around all the time.

One thing I know about me is that when I was thinNER as a young woman, I was rather vain.  I looked at myself ALL the time in the mirror.  I didn't like my obsession with me, but I felt out of control of me, so I was controlled by my image.  I think this is the main reason I gained back the weight.  I didn't like the obsession with myself that looking like the world liked caused in my heart.  I know now better how to guard my heart and focus on Christ so as to remain with my Spirit in control of this tabernacle of clay.  I am NOT perfect, by any means, of course.  I'm the biggest "renovation" project I know and I know I'll never be completed so long as I'm mortal.  However, I'm enjoying the journey more and more and in acceptance regarding almost all of it... and even in peace and sometimes happiness over many of those!

So, this time around, it is my prayer that I will be able to stay focused on The One who can complete me and enable me to disregard the world.  I have hope in Christ that I can remain focused on Him and not become obsessed with myself so that I will remain able and become ever more able to be of service to Him.

I'm going to keep here some items I find helpful.  And, maybe, link to other posts I write - if that ever becomes appropriate.  I'm trying to keep track of my excercise days in my Thankful Thursday posts each week.  This is for me, so I apologize if anyone is annoyed about hearing how exercise is working or not as well as whatever else I have been blessed to feel grateful about on any given day.  I'll update above so I don't  have to scroll down every time I come in to share sometime... which may not be often... but it could be.  God knows.  I don't.

I remain hopeful that I will continue to feel inspired by the Heavenly Deadline I have felt in my heart, toward which I am aiming my intention, desire, and efforts!  I don't remember feeling like this since the last time I shed weight in the right way and for the correct reasons... though I didn't exercise... that part wasn't right... but everything else about it was.  Yeay!  And I'm aiming for that and better since I'm exercising this time.

Start weight: 237 (as of now; though I was 242 not too long ago

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