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Sunday, October 30, 2011

What If...

What if...

What if life is a test?

What if God is with us every step?

What if change is the path to Godliness?

What if pain is simply a fire on the way to purity?

What if suffering is necessary to understand who God truly is?

What if torment is merely a synaptical firing in the brain that I can choose to ignore?

What if being broken enables Larger Hands to create what was meant to be in the first place?

What if becoming who we are meant to be means leaving behind who we already thing we are?

What if drowning in despair opens eyes and unstops ears and births a new-to-Spirit being?

What if struggle is really the point because THAT is what will make us strong enough?

What if relationships are all that really matter in this experience we call life?

What if knowledge is the only thing we can take with us to the next?

What if endings are merely doorways into new beginnings?

What if hopes must die to birth the truth?

What if I had to end to be His?

What if...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday Week of October 20 - 26, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011:  I'm thankful for the wonderful workout I enjoyed with Tamilee Webb.  My legs were still a little achey from yesterday's workout with her and today they are wound even tighter!  What a tremendous workout!  Tighter Assets... I'm hoping it comes (the title to reality).  ^_^

I'm grateful for the amazing planning of our Father in Heaven that goes into the smallest details.  A friend of mine thought about bringing over some groceries to me and my lil' family on Wednesday night after she found out we'd been feeling ill.  The gift would've been wonderful, but under the circumstances, it is even more awesome.  You see, last night I was trying to get together an extended meal plan using all of the items in our pantry that I could so that I could try NOT to go grocery shopping until November 1st.  This is a big deal because I've never EVER been good at seeing "bare-looking" shelves or cupboards.  Why should I need to?  Well, because it's important to be able to do difficult things.  So, planning out meals for more than a week AND seeing bare shelves... well, I just felt like I should be doing it.  Also, I'm trying to "catch up" in a way financially.  I've been spending the money from each paycheck on various parts of our budget, including food.  Well, this makes me uncomfortable.  I'd prefer to spend last week's income on this week's groceries.  If that makes sense.  Really, I'd rather have money on hand from way back to pay for it... but I'm working on baby steps here.  And, although it may not seem like it to many, it's a good step for me/us.

Anyway... I completed the just more than 2 weeks of meal plans this morning.  And then my friend brings more groceries that I often buy for a week... and DEFINITELY more meat items!!!  Especially since I'm trying to move our family toward eating more in accordance with the Word of Wisdom, I think these groceries will last quite a while!  And even if we end up going through them quickly... it's SUCH a blessing to have a full freezer and fewer empty-looking shelves!  My friend has blessed us and I'm SURE she was inspired of the Lord to do it and able to do it when she did because the Lord wanted me to complete the exercise I was working on in creating the extended meal plan.  God IS Great!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011:  I'm thankful for the Yoga workout I was able to complete this morning.  I needed that stretch!

I'm grateful for the time I was able to spend at home.  I was working much of the morning on ICES calls.  Then I started working on a meal to bring to a friend.  Thankfully she and her family enjoyed it!  I was worried as it's one of our more plain meals.  She's a doll... I shouldn't have worried.  ^_^

I'm glad I was able to stop by and see someone I hadn't seen since I was out in her neck of the woods.  I'm also glad we got home pretty early and we were all in bed right around "on time" too!  YEAY!

Saturday, October 22, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout with Tamilee Webb this morning.  Today completed 8 weeks, I think... of exercising 6 days each week.  Here I come, week 9!  ^_^

I'm grateful for ALL we were able to accomplish today!  Went out to buy chicken and rabbit feed, stopped by to see Jess at work, went home and had lunch, worked out front on some weeding in the "flower garden" area around the front door.  It should be a flower garden, but mostly it's weeds, a gardenia bush, two large rose bushes, and one mini rose bush.  Hopefully it'll look VERY different by this time next year!  I have great plans!!  ;)  After a visit with Mr. Glenn (during which we found out he'd been in the hospital for a week!), we moved to the back yard to work on establishing a new garden bed and planting some lettuce seeds we just received in the mail the other day.  We have SUCH plans!!!  We're not just planning, though.  We're also working, and praying, and hopefully we'll get MUCH produce from our efforts!

Sunday, October 23, 2011:  I'm thankful for the Primary Program!  The girls (Ria and Kat) LOVE Primary and enjoyed participating in the Sacrament Meeting Primary Program today.  This is a special once-per-year event.  My girls were asked to recite two verses (1 Corinthians 3: 16-17) together, as well as answer the questions which comprised the whole program.  They did wonderfully well.  They are a joy.  I'm so glad they love the Lord SO much!  I'm thankful for a quiet compliment given when someone asked how much weight I'd lost so far.  It's nice to feel that it's visible.  I'm very thankful for a quiet day at home.

Monday, October 24, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout I enjoyed with Tamilee Webb.  When I have some money to spend on me (some day... maybe?)  I'm going to see about buying her "Tighter Assets" videos.  I recorded some of this type a number of years ago when we got TV stations and they are AWESOME.  However, they are only 18-20 minutes long and I have to do 2 to feel like I got my workout on (read: the sweat really starts pouring by the beginning of the second one).  Today begins week NINE of exercising 6 days each week!  I can hardly believe it.  Each time Monday arrives I'm amazed that I'm one number higher in this goal/effort.  It doesn't feel like so much!!!

I'm grateful for a quiet day at home with FHE at Gramy and Gramy's house tonight.  Life is good.  I'm so grateful for it and for my family!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011:  I'm thankful for my third daughter, Therisa!  Tea turned 3 today!  She's been saying she was 3 for almost all of her 2 year... I think, though, she's quite okay with being three, now.  :)  This lil' gal is quite a character.  She is the developer of the "Tea Lip," which is reminiscent of the Elvis lip curl, if you can imagine THAT on a sweet cherub looking little girls face with a bob hair cut... well, then, that's my Tea.  She is SMART.  She LOVES to learn and constantly asks to do her "reading class" and what's most impressive to me about that is that she seems to truly understand the difference between the "M" and "S" sounds now!  It should be interesting to see if she's my earliest reader.  So far both Ria and Kat have been strong readers at 4 years old... Tea could totally be where they've been at 4 THIS YEAR, if she keeps on like she has been...  Oh, AND I'm able to sit with her as much as she would like!  ;)  She is an amazing helper when she's motivated.  She LOVES to eat... so when she sees that a meal is just about ready, she does something neither Kat nor Ria have done: she determines to get the eating utensils and places them at the correct places for each person to eat.  And, YES!, she does put enough out for each of us!  She's a DOLL, I tell you!  :)  And SO smart!  ^_^  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Tea-D!!!!  This Mama LOVES you!!!

I'm grateful for the workout I enjoyed with Tamilee Webb this morning.  It was quite good.  I'm grateful for the gift and blessing of being able to garden with a friend.  We got her oasis nicely weeded... keeping the small growth under control.  :)  I look forward to working with her again next week!  I'm grateful for the time our "adoptive" Gramy and Grampy came to spend with us for Tea's birthday meal and treat.  We're instituting a new Family Tradion with regard to birthdays.  We've been doing the birthday meal: choice of the birthday kid.  But now we're adding a change.  Instead of birthday cake and ice cream, we're doing a special birthday treat.  It could be most anything, really.  Today, for instance, we had butterbear a la Harry Potter-style.  It was YUM.  And SUCH a hit that the birthday treat tradition was a SUPER easy sell!  We may (probably will) have cake and ice cream for/at the 4 year birthday parties (we have a big party every 4 years until each child is 16, then have them at 18 and 21, too).  :)  I do NOT feel stressed by birthdays the way other Mothers do.  I love LOVE love them!

I'm grateful for the GOOD time we all enjoyed peacefully in our home before Jess went to work.  I'm grateful for the good quiet time the girls had and the GOOD evening we all enjoyed.  Life is GOOD!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout I enjoyed with Tamilee Webb.  Got my sweat on... YEAY!  ^_^

I'm grateful for the opportunity to Visit Teach a sister who is "new" on my route!  She is wonderful!!!  I already knew it, but it's lovely to realize new ways she's wonderful.  ^_^  I'm grateful for gifts from loving friends and loans from other loving individuals!  Jimmy will be a squirrel for Halloween.  Jessie is just tickled about that!  Can't you just imagine?  Baby as squirrel, Jessie as hunter... since he does hunt and fix up squirell for us to eat...  hehehehe  ^_^

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I just wanted to share this post by an amazing blogger.  This particular post has impacted me deeply (over the last 4-5 months).  I hope you enjoy it.  It's all about a little prophetess.  :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday Week of October 13 - 19, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011:  I'm thankful for the blesing of being able to exercise with Kathy Smith even though Jimmy woke up.  Jessie kept him entertained, which enabled me a more peaceful workout than has become normal.  YEAY for blessings!

I'm thankful for the gift and blessing of the opportunity to be of service to the dear Sister in my Ward who must remain sedate (not her natural state) due to breaking her foot.  She allowed me to schedule a few other ladies to work together in her garden again.  We got her food garden weeded and planted up and lookin GOOD!  What a pleasure.  After last time, I did not make time to complete the similar tasks that need to be done at my house, but as a result of promptings I heard that went a little something like, "You can make time for her, this is good, but you must make time for you and your family.  This is needful.  You must provide for your family where you provide for others or your sacrifice is not appropriate."

SOOooooo... NOT only did it feel once again "SO good to do weeding with friends for this friend in need," but I also spent a good deal of time in my yard at home.  I took care of some rabbit maintainance, ran off to do Visiting Teaching (she wasn't there, but still went!), went back to gardening, but at my place this time to weed and thin, began working on fire ant termination with boiling water.... I just got SO much done today!!!  I'm SO grateful for the gift and blessing of service and the inspiration and determination that my work for my sweet Sister has increased (with nudges from Father God, of course) to do for myself and my own, too!!!  God is AMAZING!  I'm so grateful I get to go back and spend time with this Sister again and work in another part of her yard on a seed garden (for seed saving).  What a gift and blessing to have this continued source of inspiration for work I need to do here, too!  ^_^

Friday, October 14, 2011:  I'm thankful for the exercise time doing my longer Yoga video first thing this morning.  Jimmy woke up and Jessie covered that base, which was wonderful.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to Visit Teach my friend I missed yesterday, today!  I'm so happy and thankful that she suggested some service I might do for her AND that I was available and able to do it!  What a joy to serve such an amazing and wonderful Sister!!!  I'm SO thankful that she asked me!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011:  I'm thankful for the gift and blessing of being able to exercise without a fussy Jimmy (Jess has been consistently caring for our baby when Jimmy wakes up in the morning).  I worked out with Gilad this morning.  An older video (actually on a tape), but still a good workout.  And I need/want/desire new workouts, so it fits the bill.  :)

I'm grateful for the invitation to participate in the sealing of a friend of mine.  Unfortunately, there was no way for Jessie to get any part of the day off today due to catering he wasn't aware of until only a few days ago.... but I went with the girls and Jimmy and spent time just hanging out on the temple grounds.  Met a lovely man with his son, both of whom are Michaels... Mazur, I think... a Persian last name whatever it was.  Quite neat.  And he was just a lovely man.  I was able to chat with Brother Pulver and his son Shay, too, since his wife was in with our friend.  The girls ran around on the beautiful lawn with a new (to me) border.  The girls were like, "It's been like that for a while, Mom," when I said something about it.  Well, they do see it far more frequently than I since we go from parking into the temple and they go out again and walk around while I, when I go out again, am immediately looking for them.

So... temple time twice this week!  What a joy!  My friend kept thanking me for coming all the way for her.  How could I mind??  I mean, God will work out the gas money and all, I'm sure.... He always does!  And my girls got to see the temple BUSY!!!  THAT made it worth it all by itself!  :)

I'm grateful one of our male rabbits finally did his duty fully with one of our female rabbits.  We may actually have baby rabbits hopping around in 31 days or so!  How exciting!  :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011:  I'm thankful for the blessing of Church and partaking of the sacrament.  I'm grateful for the preparation that went in to the talks given today.  I'm grateful for the quiet time I enjoyed, while my family slept (even Jimmy for a tiny bit of it).  I'm grateful to be alive and to have the family I have!

Monday, October 17, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout with Susan Powter (added in weights).  Jimmy woke up and Jessie made breakfast while I exercised away.  Not a WONDERFUL workout because, as Kat pointed out by touching my breastbone and coming away with dry fingers, I wasn't dripping sweat.  But I know it was good for me.

I'm struggling with being thankful for the YUCK I felt last night and a little bit today AND the fever Jimmy has.  I'm hopeful that he's getting teeth and that's all it is.  Poor little guy.  He's SO sweet through it.  He's just a little more mellow than normal.  A little more cuddly.  I just don't prefer it when my kiddos are ill!

I'm thankful for the organizing work I was able to do in my home today while JMY slept through some of his fever.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout with Kathy Smith.  Power Push and the sweat was rolling.  Yeay!  :)

I'm still having a difficult time giving thanks for Jimmy's fever.  I am thankful that I feel significantly better after being a bit under the weather.  I'm also struggling to feel thankful for marital difficulties I/we have.  But I know it is all to a purpose.  Many I can see, and for them I feel much gratitude.  But there is also much sadness and/or mourning....  "And it came to pass" is as true today as when the prophets of the Book of Mormon wrote it.  :)

I'm grateful beyond ability to express for the wonderful visit I enjoyed with a dear friend and her daughters today. It was TIMEly!!! I was rather sad and down when she arrived and felt filled full of acceptance, peace, and even a good bit of happiness by the end of her time here! God is GREAT!!! I'm so thankful that "He is," as Jessie says, "SUCH a GOOD planner!" Praise the Lord for friends in righteousness who call us from our sins! I love you, my sweet friend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011:  I'm thankful for the AWEsome workout I enjoyed this morning working out with Tamilee Webb.  A long time ago, in a faraway land, I recoded some of her workouts onto a VHS cassette.  I found this gem of a video a while back... days or weeks, I'm not sure.  Anyway... I decided to do it even though I couldn't remember anything about it and WOW!  The sweat was pouring off me (workout clothese soaked!) and my muscles were BURNIN!  So... good times!  :)

I'm grateful... okay, really, I'm TRYing to be grateful that I found Tea had a fever as of this morning.  I'm struggling to feel grateful for two fever babies in the house.  I still have a slight one, on top of it all.  I'm functioning just fine, just tiring out fast.  I guess their illness is good for me(?) in that it requires me to do less.  I'm definitely not going to make it to the Relief Society Activity tonight... I was so excited about it!  It's a service project of making cards for our missionaries AND servicemen...  *sigh*  I know Father has a purpose in this Trial.  I know ONE of them is to bring to my awareness how FAR I have to go in developing my Faith so that it swallows all fear.  I'm disappointed in myself to find that fear is STILL such a STRONG default in my mind and heart even after all the Lord has shown me to prove His Faithfulness!

I'm grateful Tea's fever broke today.  Hopefully she'll stay well now.  She's so much more enjoyable as an interactive little girl, rather than the limp mass sleeping on the couch that she was all day today.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why Everyone Should Post a Thankful Thursday Every Week

It would benefit you to begin a Thankful day-of-the-week post.  Certainly.  Regardless of whether it's Thursday or not.  But if you join with me and my sister (who started this whole thing)... and anyone else who may join us on Thursday, you'll add your voice/writing to the shining forth of the Light of Christ to that shined out by the others participating.  How much greater a Light can we make by joining together?  I don't know, for sure, but I can tell you about something I learned a few years ago.

I read about a "metaphysical" experiment.  It was proposed that group meditation for Peace on a given day would reduce violent crime by a certain percentage, which would be attributable to the meditiation and not a deviation from the norm/mean... as part of the average.  I cannot remember what the percentage aimed for was, but the peace keepers (police) believed it was unachievable.  As it happens, it was not achieved, but, in fact, surpassed by a great extent (as these things go).  In every way possible.  The group meditation for the purpose of Peace surpassed all hopes and expectations - even of those who were hopeful and expected it to impact the stats.

What does this have to do with anything?  Light is Light, my friend.  Meditation with focused intent is prayer; prayer is a form of purposeful meditation.  Giving THANKS is an integral part of prayer = meditation.  I try to update my Thankful Thursday posts on a daily basis.  This helps me review my day AND ensures that I won't forget something special and/or important that I want to include in my list of things for which I'm thankful.  These moments of writing out my Thanks are little prayers, for sure.  And I feel Lighter and happier when I do them... which also encourages me to desire to do it daily.

So... if each of us is shining forth a little more Light in this way daily (in addition to our regular personal prayers) and then Posting it... and then, hopefully, at least a few others read it and are uplifted and edified... the Light then has grown exponentially even when only one other person reads and feels some small amount of joy.  This is LIGHT!  This is the point!

If we could grow this and lots of people post Thankful Thursdays Posts in their blogs or on their Facebook pages or wherever... we're shining forth a concerted amount of Light each of us, on the same day, repeatedly.  It's got cumulative power... this shining forth of Light; meditation, prayer... it builds.  This is why I keep doing it... to build up the Light in our fallen world... or, maybe... at least, beat back the darkness a tiny bit here and there; week by week.  ^_^  Now, should others join and invite others to join... we'll definitely shine that darkness right out.  Won't you do it?  It'll make you feel SO good!  And this, my friend, is POSITIVE peer pressure!  ;)  hehehehe

Hope to hear you're posting a Thankful Thursday weekly!  I'll definitely read it if you let me know.  I love to rejoice with my Brothers and Sisters!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

We Are One

Remember how I wrote about how I used to be Ruled by Hatred?  (Wow!  I just read it for the first time... pretty powerful... I think God was writing for me more than I was writing on that one!  ^_^)  And then followed that one up a little bit later with talking about how We Become What We Hate?  I just read that one for the first time since I wrote it and I got a little misty when I forgave myself... and I feel this filled up feeling cause I'm working on forgiving myself every day... cause I do something wrong (at least one thing!) every single day.  I know, I'm so imperfect!  *sigh*  BUT like one of my friend's pointed out, perhaps I should be glad because the imperfection guarantees me a spot here on this planet... sort of.  ;)

So... what's the point in bringing up those posts?  Well, they pointed to something that is true, but which I didn't go into explicitly in detail.  I feel like I have somewhere else, but I may simply have MEANT to do it and didn't get to it.  This has been a problem I'm trying to deal with lately.  My memory has been spotty again.  It's a struggle.  I'm so thankful, though, that Father God gives me little nudges... through Ria, or a friend on Facebook, to remind me of the more important things!  I'm SO grateful for His loving guidance!

Back to the point!  (See!!!  I totally get sidetracked SO easily lately!)

If I become what I hate in someone else... if I used to be a hater and have become a lover... then, more than likely, I'm more like you than either of us realize.  Either I was (so part of me is) or I am currently or will be at some point in the future like you.  I readily acknowledge that if you are striving to any degree to be Christ's, I am not as advanced as you... and, if you know me, you'll know I'm being completely sincere when I say: I'm sure I'm not as good as you at most things, anyway!  I just generally think most people I come into contact with know everything I know.  When they don't know some part of it, I almost always feel surprised... and happy that I can share something!  (I LOVE to teach and share and just feel a little useful... especially to those who are already friends, but ALSO to those who are yet to BE my friends!  ^_^)

So, my point in writing tonight is that I wanted to share something with you.  You probably TOTALLY already know about this thing, but I'm STILL so excited about it that I just want to share it ALL OVER!  So... I'm going to share it in a couple of ways.  First, by name.  Have you heard of the Mandlebrot Set?

If not, read on.  If you have scroll down until you see some REALLY big letters.  :)

The Mandlebrot Set is a mathematical equation which maps/diagrams pictorally the point/skin at which chaos and order meet.  I know... isn't that wiggy!??  Okay... so, my first question was (when I learned about this around a month or so ago... it's been so long, yet NO time at all!), "WHAT would such a pictoral representation look like!??"  But... before you know the picture, you must know what is in the picture and it's implications.

Now... if you aren't really ready for a paradigm shift today, please move along now.  If you're not ready to understand the simple yet profound statements made by Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible (New Testament specifically) and The Book of Mormon... and simple yet profound statements made by others who understood Him... then please do NOT read further.  Because if you're any kind of smart (and I'm sure you are smarter than me), this is going to rock your world.

If you're ready to look at the world differently, then feel free to proceed.  :)

The picture of the MS (Mandlebrot Set) is interesting in itself.  It's pretty.  Neat.  Abstract.  But still cool.

But what you must know as you view it is that the large picture also has along it's outline various sizes of itself.  And each image of itself is perfect and complete in itself.  Each tiny dot of a knob on the picture is a whole MS... it repeats over and over and over....

There's more.... If you "zoom in" on the MS... onto any part of it... and you keep going far enough... you'll eventually find that you'll arrive at a point that looks exactly the same as the original you zoomed in on.  And you can/could do this on any part of the MS.  And you can do this over and over and over... and over again.

Oh... let me not forget one key bit of truth about this MS.  If you go in and change a part of the MS... no matter how small the change... the change you make will be reflected in the WHOLE MANDLEBROT SET!  You change one small thing on the original and the same thing changes in every part that is the same in every part of the whole....  Every little knobby will have the same change in/to it.  The WHOLE thing changes as a result of one change wrought in one spot on the basic MS.  Does this totally blow you're mind?  Are you in awe and amazed?  Do you get it?  If you get it... and you haven't heard this before... you should be rockin at least a little.  Your boat, my friend, is not the same one you entered... or, more acurately, it's the same one, it's just not what you've seen it to be before now!

So, Jesus Christ told us, "Judge not, lest ye be judged; for by what measure ye mete, it shall be measured unto you again."  Not a perfect quote, I know, but the truth is intact just the same.  This truth is in the MS.  ?Do you see it?  Do you understand??

He also said, "I am in the Father and the Father in me and the Father and I are one."  Do you see the MS proves this?  I truly believe that our Savior was saying this truth about Himself as a lesson for us to understand how this is truth for us also.  Awesome and amazing!!!  God is AWEsome!!!

Ghandi said, "Be the Change you want to see in the World."  This truth is very plainly revealed/pictured in the MS.  Do you see it??  Do you understand how?

Okay.... so, on to the picture.  :)

This one is nice.  It's quite colorful... perhaps too much so, but nice.

THIS one is more perspectives on the MS... in 4D.  Very neat and reveals even more ways the picture is within the picture and beyond!  :)

This last YouTube that I hope you'll watch is a bit tricky.  You'll have to pop on over to it and then skip ahead to the point on the time-line and make it read: 2:20:32 and you'll see a guy with a great curly mohawk.  Now, he's going to go through and share with you the things I've written.  I first learned them from him, actually.  It's valuable to read it and hear it because the brain sometimes takes up to 8 times of hearing/reading/learning something new to truly process it.

I'd like to ask you to avoid the rest of the movie if you are a Christian UNLESS you have the Gift of Discernment, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and you are firm in your Faith.  I ask you to avoid the rest because there is MUCH truth therein, but also MUCH that is untrue.  And if you do not know how the Lord communicates with you, then you may be deceived by the whispers of the evil one's angels.  Also, the philosophies of men are intermingled with truths VERY liberally.  Only if you know God's Word (firm in your Faith) can you truly tell the difference between what the world/men would have you believe and what God has said is true.

So... HERE it is.  The MS picture I first learned of/by/from.

What does any/all of this have to do with the posts I referenced in the beginning?  Do you see it?  Do you understand?  We are one.  What I hate in you is only a revelation of that which I hate in myself.  What I love in you declares to the world what I value and cherish in you AND me.  What I accept in those around me reveals what I accept in me.  What I reject in you, I rejected first in me.  We are little knobbies on the amazingly huge Mandlebrot Set of God.  He is the division between Chaos and Order... He IS order.  Chaos is held at bay by Him.  We are in Him and He is in US!  Yet, though this is completely true, it does not reduce the fact and truth that BOTH God the Father and Jesus Christ have bodies of flesh and bone.  They do.

We are one.

WE are one.

We ARE one.

We are ONE!!!!

Praise God, we are one!

then you probably don't really need to read any of this post.  Go ahead and continue your reading/reseraching/surfing and know that I'm SO glad you already know and I hope you'll find some ways to share the info and hopefully bring on the 100th monkey!  ;)  ^_^

Signed Lovingly,
Your Sister in Christ,

If you'd like to read a blog that could possibly help you make some changes... and which inspired me to write about how we are ONE... CHECK IT OUT!

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Gift of Giving Life

I'm going to be published.  ^_^  Pretty neat, right?  Yes.  Published in an actual book: cover with pages.  ^_^  The part of the book that will be me is my story of Post-Partum Depression after children and how it has decreased each time.  Regardless of WHAT it is, I'll be published.  Pretty sweet, right?  I can just hear you asking if I'm being paid.  Nope.  No payment.... except that the payoff will be, for me, that I know others who suffer from PPD might feel hope as a result of knowing my story!  ALL things are possible in and through Christ Jesus!!!

Do you see the linky picture thing to the right?  The pretty pink one.  Yep.  That's it.  That's the book my story may be printed in.  If not there, then on the website.  I'm hoping to get a copy for myself whether I'm IN the book or not.  It's a lovely effort and to a good purpose.  I simply don't have the funds available right now.  Jess and I have prioritized our budget and "extra" expenditures (preparedness supplies).  So, there's really no wiggle room for now.  If someone would like to get it for me, that would be quite okay with me! ^_^

The blog for the book is WONDERFUL.  I've felt awed and inspired by it (the Author!!) more than once.  I highly recommend reading the blog AND buying the book!  If you feel so inclined, I'd love for you to share via comment that I recommended you to them.  :)  I'll get nothing in particular for the recommendation, but I'd like them to know I actually DID!  ^_^  That I did recommend them, I mean.

You could also check out the website.  I believe you should be able to purchase the book there!  ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday Week of October 6 - 12, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011:  I'm thankful for the gift and blessing of being able to serve a Sister in my Ward who is bound to bed and stillness which is difficult for her.  I'm grateful for her willingness to allow us to help.  I'm grateful for a quiet afternoon at home during which I was able to workout with Denise Austin doing some Yoga.

Friday, October 7, 2011:  I'm thankful for a quiet day at home.  I should've gone somewhere in the afternoon, but I was feeling really bummed, so stayed home and got a few things done that have been waiting too long.  I worked out with Kathy Smith in Project YOU and did the next step up from what I was doing.  Didn't do it the way THEY do, but did it anyway.  Felt good.  :)  I'm just happy to get one day closer to finishing this week with six days of exercise in it!

Saturday, October 8, 2011:  I'm thankful for the blessing and opportunity of preparing for and attending a dear friend's wedding.  It was a lovely evening service and our Stake President did a WONDERFUL job with it.  I'm so grateful that she welcomed my little ones, which enabled me to attend.  She KNOWS me by so doing!  ^_^

I'm grateful for the time I was able to spend working out with Susan Powter.  I was able to focus, which is what I really need to do to get the rivers of sweat runnin!  It was a good workout.

Sunday, October 9, 2011:  I'm thankful for an amazing a wonderful day!  Today was Kat's FIFTH birthday!  I can hardly believe it!  My Kitty Kat is now 5.  And, man was she testin her limits a few times today.  She feels SO big.  She told me she had a WONDERFUL birthday day.  I'm so very glad!  Even without a special cake made just for her, she LOVED the day.  We'll do a special birthday meal (pizza, her choice) and ice cream tomorrow or another day during the week.  Spread out the birthday-girl love.  ^_^

I'm especially thankful to our God for preparing an amazing Fast and Testimony meeting for today.  I'm grateful He made sure I was in Sunday School (studying the New Testament there this year! ^_^) so I could hear the one specific phrase I needed to hear and then for His inspiration to our Relief Society teacher to conduct the lesson she taught in just the way she did so that I was able to more profoundly understand the changes I needed to make in MY heart so that I may experience I positive change in a situation that I cannot actually change (in the world).  By changing me (my perspective, reaction(s), and feelings), I change how it affects me and completely alter my experience(s) of/with it.

The testimonies, in particular, today were amazing, inspiring, and VERY touching!  I am deeply grateful for the young man who exposed his heart to the core (I cried with him MUCH), for the older man who helped his daughter share, "Jesus is a good Jesus," and then continued on to talk about Jesus Christ's Love and healing Atonement.  I'm grateful for the Sister who shared of her experience with the missionaries teaching an invesitgator in their home and how that investigator has helped her see how she (I) as a long-time member need to desire the Gospel of Christ in the same way that King Lamoni's Father (in the Book of Mormon) and the investigator desire(d) it: with a willingness to give up all for it.  ThSuch desire is a full recognition of the Pearl of Great Price that we have in the Gospel of Christ which we ALL need to attain and then maintian!  (I certainly need to maintain more than I have!!!)  I encourage you to read the link to the verse (and Chapter) I've referenced above.  It's awesome!

Monday, October 10, 2011:  I'm thankful for family.  My own little one and my extended one.  I'm thankful for my brothers and sisters, neices and nephews, Mom and Dad... oh... and on the subject of nephews... I had one little guy who turned THREE today!!!  My second brother's second son... turned a BIG THREE!  He's a gift and blessing to his little and our larger family!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Petey!!!!

I'm grateful my Kat who told me her birthday was a wonderful day yesterday.  What a soothing balm to a worry-wart Mama.

I'm grateful for the ability to workout to Yoga Booty Ballet.  It was good.  Got the rivers flowin and excited to workout this week to complete (since today started, I think), my 7th week of exercising SIX days each week!!  And it so TOTALLY does NOT feel that it's been six weeks already!  I haven't checked again lately, but  the last time I had, I'd shed 11 pounds.  That's pretty darn hope inspiring!  ^_^

I'm grateful to have learned more specifically where I may go to purchase REALLY inexpensive flats of water for our home water storage.  It's been depleated over the last 6 months and I feel anxious to refill it.  I'm hopeful that we'll also be able to get our barrell system up and in place much sooner than later.  It's already been much longer to get it going than I hoped.  But I'm sure the Lord has a reason for the wait.  He's blessed me with this anxiety to action... but I MUST remember to wait for His timing in ALL things!  ^-^

Tuesday, October 11, 2011:  I'm thankful for the exercise time with Susan Powter first thing in the morning.  I'm grateful for the visit from one of my Visiting Teachers.  It was really helpful and relieved me of some of the burden I'd felt on my heart.  She's definitely a wise woman and I'm grateful for her friendship!  I'm grateful for the really good behavior of my children as we went to the Library so I could Fax something to ICES, then to a friend's house to drop a few things and let her know I love her, then to the grocery store, then to another friend's house to drop something off and meet her in person.  My kiddos were just WONDERFUL!  And Jimmy didn't cry a bit until we were basically in our own neighborhood.  What a bunch of troopers!!!  ^_^

I'm grateful for the tremendous bag of persimmons my newest friend gave me when I went by to bring her a copy of the new Relief Society Manual.  I go to try to bless her life and she blesses mine way more!  I feel like this is a perfect example of God's Love and how He works....  What a GIFT!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011:  I'm thankful my Kat told me again today she had a wonderful birthday.  Had to be if she's still enjoying it a few days later!  What a gift!!!!

I'm grateful for the exercise time I was able to do with Denise Austin and a quick Yoga workout.  I'm grateful for Jessie's willing ness to support me in my practice of my religion and developing my relationship with Jesus Christ and God, the Father through temple attendance.  It was a LOVELY day!  It seems like most of the women with whom I've been becoming friends at the temple were ALL there this morning!  It's amazing how, even going only once a month, you can get to love people so much!  And what a gift to get so many hugs from such sweet and loving ladies!!  It was a joy!  I'm grateful for the quiet afternoon we enjoyed at home.  Got the kiddos to bed later than I would've liked (this keeps happening!), but all was well otherwise.  (I prefer an 8pm IN BED time, but it's been more like 830pm or so... so not ridiculous, but still.)


Things are not perfect and blissful all the time around here.  We have problems.  Lots of them.  And most of the time they come in groups!  Some of them are severe and cause, what I imagine to be, great ripples in "the force" because of the wrongness and pain resulting.

Because there is truth in the saying: What we Focus on reveals who we are... I'm trying to CHANGE my focus and have been, largely, successful!  ^_^

This special post each Thursday is one I have grown to LOVE and feel a need for... it helps me to see and focus on the good that there IS to be thankful for.  It is helping me to change... to make one LEAP at a time in the development I need to experience to become the woman the Lord would have me be.

I'm SO grateful to have SUCH an amazing sister who has started this whole thing!!!  Evelyn is truly gifted in MANY ways.  If you haven't read her thoughts at Educating Evelyn... I encourage you to do so!

I hope others may join in posting Thankful thoughts each Thursday and that this effort may grow into a movement so that others may experience the light, happiness, and even JOY that comes from feeling grateful consistently... and over time the feeling just seems to grow!  At least, this is my truth.  I pray it for you, should you choose to join in giving Thanks each Thursday!  :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Cult Like Any Other

Some numerous persons I either KNOW or have heard of through experiences of those I know have heard that I (we LDS folks) are members of a Cult.  Well... to determine the truth or fallacy of such a supposition, one would have to first define CULT.

So, according to the Merriam-Webster Free Online Dictionary, I think I am.  WHAT???!!  Well, are you?  I mean, if you're a religious person... then, by this definition you are.  And I am.  And we are!  YEAY!!!

Moving right along.  (Yes, I am going to require you to do a little bit of "extra" reading if you want to understand what I'm saying and where I'm coming from.  I'm not doing the spoon-feeding.  IF you want to believe I'm just agreeing with your fallacious assumptions, so be it.  You'd probably find a way to twist what I have to say about my heart and mind to make it fit what you believe anyway.  While I'm sorry about that... for you... I can't really do anything to change YOU... I can only (and only want) to change me!)

Just as a note on the #4 from the above link, I'm thinking of orthodox being the majority of Christians....  We LDS do, indeed, have some beliefs that seperate us from the group because Joseph Smith, Jr. actually saw God the Father and our Savior Jesus Christ, he knows (and I know) that they are two individuals who are one in purpose.  This differs from "orthodox" Christianity because the majority adhere to the definition of God agreed on in the Nicene Creed.  About that Creed... I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father has give us the tremendous gift of Agency... but just because a bunch of us punny humans get together and agree on something... regardless of how inspired it is, if it's not God, it's not.  Seeing God with our Savior... that is something irrefutable.

Next, I've found a definition on Dictionary(.)com, which site I like and turn to often for definitions.  I'll address each one here (they are almost the same as those found in the previous... so I'm doing it once now).  #1: Yes.  We have that, do that.  #2: Yes, if you realize that Jesus Christ is that person/idea (if you don't think He's a person as I do).  #3: Christ is the object.  The one born in Bethlehem, of course.  #4: Um... yep.  Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  #5: Yes, we do this too.  The Catholics do.  The Baptists do.  The Lutherans do.  The Seventh Day Adventists do.  The Muslims do.  The Jews do.  Do you get my point?

Moving right along.

I like this NEXT one.  Perjoratively... LOVE that word!  Sounds so... funky and cool.  ^_^  Anyone can use the word "cult" to mock us LDS, or demean, or attempt to mislead others about our beliefs, but such use doesn't change  the object/person of our devotion.  The members (like me) of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints worship Jesus Christ, son of Mary and God (Joseph being his eathly father, but God being the Father of Christ's body).  We live to submit to His Will, the Will of the Father and the Son.  We live to return to their presence to live for eternity... This is our hope.

Yes, we "Mormons" are a minority in any given society (unless you narrow it down to localities and then "we" may be the majority in various parts of the West).

As far as the kind of 'cult' characterized (or opposed in anti-cult movements) by "brainwashing" and mind control or other agency removing efforts; we of the LDS Church and Faith are not a part of that group.  We know that angency in all its forms (the ways people choose to do good OR ill) are given of God and we would not remove it from anyone!

My Mom once said, many years ago, something like, "Oh, someone might think Jessie was brainwashed!"  I was too shocked to respond (which was usual for me at the time).  She paused for a moment, thought, and then said, "Well, I suppose that's not such a bad thing if his brain needed some cleaning!"  We do not attempt to exert control over anyone... though we DO encourage ALL to get to know God and then submit to His Will, which should anyone strive to do with their whole heart, might, mind, strength, and soul... such would result in those people who so strive to do similarly... to become ever more and more alike.  And this is the point.  To become one with Christ, even as He is one with God.  To be in Him as He is in our Father and the Father in Him; so then to be in God and God in us.  But this is all documented much more poetically in the Bible (and Book of Mormon), should anyone desire to read it and understand with spiritual eyes and ears.

Next and final... okay, so reading this page is good.  I'll direct you to where I begin to share about my religion based on this article's statements about "cults."  If you will scroll down to the fourth paragraph under the first bold title area of the article (within the article): Looking at the bold area of this paragraph I have to respond: ummm... this is all Christian denominations to one degree or another.  I mean, especially those denominations named the name of the man who originated the principles of the subgroup!

I like and prefer that next the Bible is invoked.  I definitely believe the part about defining Jesus differently than the Bible does.  Thankfully, you'll NOT find this problem with me and my religion since we believe the Bible to be the word of God so long as it is translated correctly (I read the KJV of the Bible).

Thankfully those of us of the LDS Faith do NOT do the second: proclaim salvation by workds.  We know, just as all Christians, that the good we do is by the Grace of God and that He, by Grace, overcomes the lack between that which we can do (carried in an by His Grace) over the chasm between what we can do in Him and what is required to live in His presence.  Praise the Lord for Grace and the Atonement!!!

Finally (of the three points) we of the LDS Faith believe in the Bible fully and strive to live the principles and precepts laid our for us all within it.  Deep doctrine in my church always aims us back to Christ and His doctrines.  We experience the testament of truth by the Holy Spirit of God.  I know the Bible to be the Word of God in the same way I know the Book of Mormon to be the Word of God to a disparate group of people who were once of the Jews in Jerusalem.  The Holy Spirit that witnesses the truth of these things to my mind and heart (and in my body at times) is the same that will witness these same truths to all other groups of Christians.  "By their works, ye shall know them."  I'm not perfect.  The other Mormons I know are not perfect, but we are trying to do good and to live as Christ would have us live.  If we are being led by the deceiver to do and live in this way, then he is a house divided against itself as Jesus described when He (Jesus) was said to be doing things by the power of the deceiver.  All good comes of God.  Nothing good comes of the devil.  Not one bit.

It's funny to me that the next paragraph describes the problem of religious extremism.  God said, Himself, in the Bible that He wanted us to be either hot or cold.  He will spit us out otherwise.    I'll not be spit out.  So, if someone declares I'm in a cult because I am Zealous for Christ, so be it.

I've already spoken about Agency and will move along to what comes next in the article.  So, my Church is directly, yet indirectly named within the article as a cult... *sigh*  You'll have to decide for yourself, obviously!  ^_^  One thing about how you make a decision... hopefully you already know how the Holy Spirit communicates Truth to you.  If you don't, then this is more difficult.  But if you DO know, then all you have to do is read the Bible, read the Book of Mormon, ponder on the Truths found validated from one (the Bible) in the other (the Book of Mormon) and then pray about it.  If you find, as I have, that the Holy Spirit witnesses TRUTH to you, too, then keep learning.  The deeper you go, the more full the hole in your heart that Jesus made just for Him to fill WILL be filled!  I know this to be true.  I've lived it.  I'm living it.  I will live it.

Some GREAT talks by some of oure church's leadership about the Book of Mormon and other truths:

The Power of Scripture
The Book of Mormon - A Book from God this is why I believe the Book of Mormon is necessary now
Personal Revelation and Testimony
You Matter to Him
A Witness
Teachings of Jesus  is this a different Jesus than the one you know??
The Priviledge of Prayer

If you liked these and would like to watch more of the General Conference from which I took these, click HERE.  ^_^   I'd love to know what you think after you watch the first two, especially.  :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday Week of September 29 - October 5, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011: I'm thankful for the rest I've been able to get which has enabled me to begin the process of changing my schedule.  I've known for many years now that the human body is made to sleep at night (1 hour of sleep BEFORE midnight is like TWO hours of sleep AFTER midnight = sleep earlier, get "more sleep" in less hours).  Unfortunately, for me, knowing things doesn't equal learning them... since learning requires application to ones life.

I'm grateful for the blessing of exercising, which I completed almost fully before Jimmy woke up from his nap.  I did some Yoga, which I still enjoy quite well.  I think my body is becoming acclimated... or I'm not pushing myself enough cause the sweat isn't pouring nearly as much.  Or... maybe it's not as hot anymore.  I'm not sure what.

I'm grateful for the good behavior of my girls and Jimmy while we were grocery shopping!  Jimmy was so content he fell asleep!  What a sweet lil' guy!  Of course, all my babies have fallen asleep in the sling.  So, he's as wonderful as his sisters.  This bodes well for us in the future.  :)

Friday, September 30, 2011: I'm thankful that I was able to exercise before Jimmy woke up today (worked with Susan Powter and added weights on my own to what she was doing... modifying to fit my desire/plan).  I was finished by around 830am.  YEAY!  I'm so very thankful for the rabbits we were given!  It took a while to find the home of those who were donating them to 4H kids (because I didn't realize there were two parts of one road!), but when we did find it we were able to pick up two good lookin' Dutch does (sisters) in a cage with all supplies.  WHAT a gift!!!!  Ria is SO excited about them!  :)

I'm thankful for the great deal on Chicken I was able to pick up today.  40 pounds for $1.49 per pound.  Boneless, skinless, chicken breast.  Some trimming necessary as the breasts are intact other than being off the bone, but SO worth the price!  I'm looking forward to pressure canning up some!  SO excited!!!!

I'm thankful I was able to be in bed and sleeping before 1030pm... I think (don't have a clock since I cannot find my cell).

The last few days have GOOD practice to NOT have a phone with me... sorta frustrating, but I'm grateful for the difficulty because this is the life I'm moving back into.  Sorta scarry and very uncomfrotable... but change usually IS!

Saturday, October 1, 2011:  I'm thankful that Jimmy was a sweet baby through most of my Yoga workout today.  Today was a different Yoga than I usually do.  It's called "on the ball" and interesting.  I cannot do all of it ON the ball since I don't have a right sized ball for my height in the house and I keep forgetting to bring the larger one inside.  The video I worked out with was still great.  Just not nearly as sweat inducing.  :)

I'm grateful for all that I was able to accomplish early: exercise, some sweeping, cleaning up the rabbit area, ate, started some pizza crust, and finished my computer work - all before Conference (first session).  YEAY!  I'm loving the whole early waking thing.  Now, just to get up earlIER so I can have some time without anyone else around... that part is getting rather difficult: having no time alone.  *sigh*  Just need to value THAT more than sleep and I'll be able to DO it!  :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011:  I'm thankful for the quiet time I was able to spend with my children before the first session of Conference today.  We even went on a walk.

The sessions of Conference were wonderful.  Jessie even stayed awake for a good portion of the first one.  Slept through some of the rest and the last.  ahwell.  I'm thankful for the girls' good behavior - for the most part.

I'm grateful for the wonderful pizza dinner we enjoyed with the missionaries.  I was inspired by my sister Eves to make my own Sour Dough pizza crusts.  They were much easier to make than I expected.  And my girls love any and everything 'sour dough,' which is a wonderful blessing to me since I know just how very much healthier sour dough is than added-yeast breads.

Monday, October 3, 2011:  I'm thankful for ALL that I've been able to accomplish today!  Woke up and worked out with Denise Austin.  Finished up the Sour Dough rolls, got everyone out the door WITH all necessary supplies! ^_^, stopped by Wal-Mart to buy canning bottles, dropped by a friend's house to pick up the casserole she was supplying for a family who lost their Mom on Friday morning, went to the bereaved friend's home to drop off rolls and casserole, and then back to my friend's home to can up some chicken (which they helped me with TREMENDOUSLY!).  It was a long, full, a GOOD day!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011:  I'm thankful for the MANY gifts and blessings the Lord sees fit in His infinite mercy and Love to bestow upon me and my family; regardless of how unworthy we are!

I woke up and worked out with Susan Powter (adding in weights) today.  Good time.  Not as sweat inducing as I prefer, but good work.

I ate something and then checked my email and found an email to let me know that I'd won a contest that is HUGE for me: a year's supply of food from Emergency Preparedness!!!  Seriously wonderful!  This will increase my Peace and assurance of Heavenly Provision because, as we're told, "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear,"  I've found this so be SO true!!!  We've purchased most of our supplies (many of which we still have; especially our 72 hour kits, which need to be updated to 7-day kits, per the Brethren's suggestion).  I'm just TICKLED pink!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011:  I'm thankful for the gift from my husband of taking me and our family to the temple today.  It was an especially wonderful temple trip because not only did I get to do an endowment session, but I also got to spend some time talking to a wonderful lady named Judy!  It was awesome and delightful to talk with another sweet Sister in the Celestial room!  I felt that the Lord used me as an instrument in His hands to share some thoughts that might benefit Judy and the youth of her Stake (since she's Stake YW President now).  Wow!  Talk about a big calling to bear up under.  Thankfully she knows she's yoked with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

The rest of the day was quite nice.  I exercised with Susan Powter before we left, so I was able to have some sort of quiet time while the girls had quiet time.  I haven't had much of that since I've been striving to change my schedule.  That's probably the single hardest part of this change.  But it's GOOD in SO many ways.  :)  I desire to continue on and hopefully the Lord will enable me to find ways to be filled with His Peace ever more surely.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday for the week of September 22-28, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011:  I'm thankful for frustrating days because they enable me to enjoy the peaceful, uneventful ones.  I'm grateful for the two dogs that were trying to eat our rabbits and chickens... grateful because #1 Jessie got to be our Knight and #2 Jessie got to feel worried about not having us and feeling how much he loves and wants us.  I'm sad that at least one of the dogs  is dead, but relieved and THANKFUL that neither Jimmy nor I were hurt.  I'm grateful for a wonderful SWEET neighbor who heard me screaming (didn't realize I was!) and came RUNNING across the street to help.  He picked up an 8 foot fence post and weilded it in defense of me and my home.  What a BLESSING to have GOOD neighbors!!  I'm grateful for another neighbor fella who had his shotgun out to try to deal with the dog that got away from Jessie.  WHAT A MORNING!

I'm grateful for the motivation I felt, which enabled me to accomplish a GREAT deal in our garage toward organizing it.  I look forward to having shelves in there at some point... preferrably sooner than later!  :)  I'm so thankful for my daughters' sweet play and enjoyment of being outside "stuck" under the carport because of rain most of the time - they still had a ball and got wonderfully dirty!

I'm grateful that Jimmy slept through 2/3 of my workout tonight.  It really is difficult to focus on exercising when he's sad and wants me.  But I'm grateful that he calms quickly when I attend to him!  I worked out with Kathy Smith in Project YOU tonight.  Not as wonderful as Yoga, but got the sweat on good.  :)

Friday, September 23, 2011:  I'm thankful for a day at home to get some of my ICES work done and just be here... safely.  I'm grateful for Jessie's early arrival home.  I'm thankful I was able to do my Yoga video.  LOVE it!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011:  I'm thankful for Primary Activities!  Our WONDERFUL Primary Presidency with special guests did an amazing work in building excitement in our children for missionary work (specifically serving missions, but it's a small task for a Mama to generalize from there!).  I'm thankful for the time they ALL dedicated to the planning process, preparations, and flawless and wonderful execution of sending my three girls on a mission for about an hour.  ;)  It was LOVED by all!!!

I'm thankful for Relief Society Broadcasts!!  They are all always wonderful.  But this one feels especially wonderful to me because felt so much confirmation!  I didn't feel chastised through most of it (as I usually do).  I only felt a slight chastisement during President Uchtdorf's talk... and that was lovingly delivered and received without pain on my part.  What a gift and blessing to hear from those who lead this wonderful organization!  I would like to add my small and perhaps silly testimony that the new Manual is wonderful, inspirational, and full of wonderful lessons.  I'm sure we will enjoy our RS lessons this coming year - perhaps even more than we have for the last two years!  :)

I'm grateful for Ria's help so that I could finish my exercises before the RS Broadcast.  She really is an amazing helper!!  My children are definitely the closest "thing" I have to laying up a treasure on earth!!!  I worked out with Denise Austin and had rivers of sweat pouring down my body.  Nice.

Sunday, September 25, 2011:  I'm thankful for wonderful talks at church.  I'm determined to keep my armor of Truth girt about me ever more surely thanks to Bro. Donovan Ward.  I'm grateful for our High Councelor's talk and Pres. Martell's words as well.  I'm grateful for Sister Hardy's preparation for Sunday School!  I'm especially grateful for Sister Jalving's prepartion for the lesson today on HOPE!  Even though her topic was hope, just like with Sister Allred's talk, the main thing that stuck in my mind was CHARITY!!  So, obviously, the Lord is making it clear in my mind that I need to focus, with ever more energy, my work on charity within ME.  I thought I was making dramatic strides before.  God just wants me doing more and better work in this area, apparently!  :)  God's Got It!  I'm sure he knows what I can accomplish, so I'll just obey and seek Him First... as I TRY to do each day!  (I do feel a little nervous about what is coming up if this is such a hugely clear focus for me to work on, directed of the Lord!)

I'm grateful for the promptings to visit a friend.  Hopefully she felt the Lord's Love for her through my few minutes with her... cause I totally felt URGED to visit AND even had to turn around to do so!  God LOVE US!!!!!

I'm thankful for quiet days at home and Quiet Time during which I could watch some of the RS Broadcast again.  LOVE it!

I'm gratful for incidents which may lead to improvements.  I can HOPE, anyway.

Monday, September 26, 2011:  I'm thankful for the headache I woke up with.  It encouraged me to drop my preexisting out-of-the-house plans in favor of staying at home.  I exercised earlier in the day (with Denise Austin Ultimate Fat Burner) so that I could get to sleep earlier at night in hopes of changing my routine to an earlier and better and healthier one.  The exercise temporarily relieved the headache, too!  I'm so thankful for small mercies.  :)  Ria helped me wonderfully with Jimmy while I exercised.  She is amazing!  What a blessing to this home, our family, and my life she is!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011:  I'm thankful for quiet days at home.  I exercised today while Jimmy was talking a nap.  (Yoga today.)  What a GOOD way to do it.  Unfortunately life doesn't always work out in the best ways.  It sure is nice when it does, though.  And I'm SO thankful!  I'm thankful for an early to bed time.  I was actually asleep by around 10pm.  I'm grateful for what I did get done, though hope I can become ever more efficient as time moves along.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011:  I'm thankful for Jessie's willingness to go to the temple and spend time with our children while I worked inside.  I was blessed to run into a number of women I've gotten to know a LITTLE by temple attendance.  Don't even know most of their names, but I love 'em just the same.  Some of my "angels" and they are SO sweet!  Once is sending me a gift in the mail, too.  :)  Oh, I exercised EARLY this morning (515am) because I knew it would be a BUSY day.  Worked out with Denise Austin again.  Got the sweat running in rivers down my body.  Nice!  I'm thankful for the opportunity to do 4H with friends.  The kiddos LOVE it and I think we Moms do, too!  ^_^

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