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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday Week of September 29 - October 5, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011: I'm thankful for the rest I've been able to get which has enabled me to begin the process of changing my schedule.  I've known for many years now that the human body is made to sleep at night (1 hour of sleep BEFORE midnight is like TWO hours of sleep AFTER midnight = sleep earlier, get "more sleep" in less hours).  Unfortunately, for me, knowing things doesn't equal learning them... since learning requires application to ones life.

I'm grateful for the blessing of exercising, which I completed almost fully before Jimmy woke up from his nap.  I did some Yoga, which I still enjoy quite well.  I think my body is becoming acclimated... or I'm not pushing myself enough cause the sweat isn't pouring nearly as much.  Or... maybe it's not as hot anymore.  I'm not sure what.

I'm grateful for the good behavior of my girls and Jimmy while we were grocery shopping!  Jimmy was so content he fell asleep!  What a sweet lil' guy!  Of course, all my babies have fallen asleep in the sling.  So, he's as wonderful as his sisters.  This bodes well for us in the future.  :)

Friday, September 30, 2011: I'm thankful that I was able to exercise before Jimmy woke up today (worked with Susan Powter and added weights on my own to what she was doing... modifying to fit my desire/plan).  I was finished by around 830am.  YEAY!  I'm so very thankful for the rabbits we were given!  It took a while to find the home of those who were donating them to 4H kids (because I didn't realize there were two parts of one road!), but when we did find it we were able to pick up two good lookin' Dutch does (sisters) in a cage with all supplies.  WHAT a gift!!!!  Ria is SO excited about them!  :)

I'm thankful for the great deal on Chicken I was able to pick up today.  40 pounds for $1.49 per pound.  Boneless, skinless, chicken breast.  Some trimming necessary as the breasts are intact other than being off the bone, but SO worth the price!  I'm looking forward to pressure canning up some!  SO excited!!!!

I'm thankful I was able to be in bed and sleeping before 1030pm... I think (don't have a clock since I cannot find my cell).

The last few days have GOOD practice to NOT have a phone with me... sorta frustrating, but I'm grateful for the difficulty because this is the life I'm moving back into.  Sorta scarry and very uncomfrotable... but change usually IS!

Saturday, October 1, 2011:  I'm thankful that Jimmy was a sweet baby through most of my Yoga workout today.  Today was a different Yoga than I usually do.  It's called "on the ball" and interesting.  I cannot do all of it ON the ball since I don't have a right sized ball for my height in the house and I keep forgetting to bring the larger one inside.  The video I worked out with was still great.  Just not nearly as sweat inducing.  :)

I'm grateful for all that I was able to accomplish early: exercise, some sweeping, cleaning up the rabbit area, ate, started some pizza crust, and finished my computer work - all before Conference (first session).  YEAY!  I'm loving the whole early waking thing.  Now, just to get up earlIER so I can have some time without anyone else around... that part is getting rather difficult: having no time alone.  *sigh*  Just need to value THAT more than sleep and I'll be able to DO it!  :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011:  I'm thankful for the quiet time I was able to spend with my children before the first session of Conference today.  We even went on a walk.

The sessions of Conference were wonderful.  Jessie even stayed awake for a good portion of the first one.  Slept through some of the rest and the last.  ahwell.  I'm thankful for the girls' good behavior - for the most part.

I'm grateful for the wonderful pizza dinner we enjoyed with the missionaries.  I was inspired by my sister Eves to make my own Sour Dough pizza crusts.  They were much easier to make than I expected.  And my girls love any and everything 'sour dough,' which is a wonderful blessing to me since I know just how very much healthier sour dough is than added-yeast breads.

Monday, October 3, 2011:  I'm thankful for ALL that I've been able to accomplish today!  Woke up and worked out with Denise Austin.  Finished up the Sour Dough rolls, got everyone out the door WITH all necessary supplies! ^_^, stopped by Wal-Mart to buy canning bottles, dropped by a friend's house to pick up the casserole she was supplying for a family who lost their Mom on Friday morning, went to the bereaved friend's home to drop off rolls and casserole, and then back to my friend's home to can up some chicken (which they helped me with TREMENDOUSLY!).  It was a long, full, a GOOD day!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011:  I'm thankful for the MANY gifts and blessings the Lord sees fit in His infinite mercy and Love to bestow upon me and my family; regardless of how unworthy we are!

I woke up and worked out with Susan Powter (adding in weights) today.  Good time.  Not as sweat inducing as I prefer, but good work.

I ate something and then checked my email and found an email to let me know that I'd won a contest that is HUGE for me: a year's supply of food from Emergency Preparedness!!!  Seriously wonderful!  This will increase my Peace and assurance of Heavenly Provision because, as we're told, "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear,"  I've found this so be SO true!!!  We've purchased most of our supplies (many of which we still have; especially our 72 hour kits, which need to be updated to 7-day kits, per the Brethren's suggestion).  I'm just TICKLED pink!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011:  I'm thankful for the gift from my husband of taking me and our family to the temple today.  It was an especially wonderful temple trip because not only did I get to do an endowment session, but I also got to spend some time talking to a wonderful lady named Judy!  It was awesome and delightful to talk with another sweet Sister in the Celestial room!  I felt that the Lord used me as an instrument in His hands to share some thoughts that might benefit Judy and the youth of her Stake (since she's Stake YW President now).  Wow!  Talk about a big calling to bear up under.  Thankfully she knows she's yoked with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

The rest of the day was quite nice.  I exercised with Susan Powter before we left, so I was able to have some sort of quiet time while the girls had quiet time.  I haven't had much of that since I've been striving to change my schedule.  That's probably the single hardest part of this change.  But it's GOOD in SO many ways.  :)  I desire to continue on and hopefully the Lord will enable me to find ways to be filled with His Peace ever more surely.

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