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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why Everyone Should Post a Thankful Thursday Every Week

It would benefit you to begin a Thankful day-of-the-week post.  Certainly.  Regardless of whether it's Thursday or not.  But if you join with me and my sister (who started this whole thing)... and anyone else who may join us on Thursday, you'll add your voice/writing to the shining forth of the Light of Christ to that shined out by the others participating.  How much greater a Light can we make by joining together?  I don't know, for sure, but I can tell you about something I learned a few years ago.

I read about a "metaphysical" experiment.  It was proposed that group meditation for Peace on a given day would reduce violent crime by a certain percentage, which would be attributable to the meditiation and not a deviation from the norm/mean... as part of the average.  I cannot remember what the percentage aimed for was, but the peace keepers (police) believed it was unachievable.  As it happens, it was not achieved, but, in fact, surpassed by a great extent (as these things go).  In every way possible.  The group meditation for the purpose of Peace surpassed all hopes and expectations - even of those who were hopeful and expected it to impact the stats.

What does this have to do with anything?  Light is Light, my friend.  Meditation with focused intent is prayer; prayer is a form of purposeful meditation.  Giving THANKS is an integral part of prayer = meditation.  I try to update my Thankful Thursday posts on a daily basis.  This helps me review my day AND ensures that I won't forget something special and/or important that I want to include in my list of things for which I'm thankful.  These moments of writing out my Thanks are little prayers, for sure.  And I feel Lighter and happier when I do them... which also encourages me to desire to do it daily.

So... if each of us is shining forth a little more Light in this way daily (in addition to our regular personal prayers) and then Posting it... and then, hopefully, at least a few others read it and are uplifted and edified... the Light then has grown exponentially even when only one other person reads and feels some small amount of joy.  This is LIGHT!  This is the point!

If we could grow this and lots of people post Thankful Thursdays Posts in their blogs or on their Facebook pages or wherever... we're shining forth a concerted amount of Light each of us, on the same day, repeatedly.  It's got cumulative power... this shining forth of Light; meditation, prayer... it builds.  This is why I keep doing it... to build up the Light in our fallen world... or, maybe... at least, beat back the darkness a tiny bit here and there; week by week.  ^_^  Now, should others join and invite others to join... we'll definitely shine that darkness right out.  Won't you do it?  It'll make you feel SO good!  And this, my friend, is POSITIVE peer pressure!  ;)  hehehehe

Hope to hear you're posting a Thankful Thursday weekly!  I'll definitely read it if you let me know.  I love to rejoice with my Brothers and Sisters!

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