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Monday, March 31, 2014

Meditation Monday #63: Thinking About Dreams

This past week I missed one day, which I actually feel okay about since it was a really busy and rather rough week.  I'm sad I missed, but basically okay with it.

I have had lots of dreams... which, I think, has added to the feeling of hectic-ness for the week.  Mostly they are all dreams that hang in my mind without real details to remember.  I can remember having many very poignant and memorable dreams, but I can not remember them.

Have you ever had that feeling?

It's like knowing exactly what you want to say, but not being able to because you can't get the word to come out of your mouth.  *sigh*  Maybe I'm the only one...

In addition to all this (maybe because of it?), I feel like I'm on the verge of coming down with the crud my children had.  Not a good time for it as we leave for Utah tomorrow!  Oh, it's going to be so exciting!!!  :)  And nerve wracking.  And long.  It's going to be a very very long drive.  These are the times for which I study scriptures, pray and meditate... to carry me over the difficulties.  And man!  I've had a good deluge of 'em lately!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Soliloquy #29: When We Said, "I Love You" and Another Big Deal

It was right around two weeks into the relationship that we told each other, "I love you."  It wasn't all that big a deal, I think... but it was Valentine's Day... or maybe the day before.  Anyway... I think that was THE only truly special Valentine's Day ever for me.  Jessie may have done something for one or two Valentine's Days after that, but not really since then.  ahwell

Add another few weeks to get us to two months together... we were talking and somehow ended up in his bathroom.  I was upset about something.  Then we were talking about our relationship and getting married.  He was sitting on the toilet (on top of the lid) and I was sitting on his lap facing the tank of the toilet.  That was some time in March of 2000.

As far as I'm concerned, that March is when we got engaged because we set our wedding date: December 31, 2002.  That's when we gathered all our friends and family together for our wedding.  It was lots of fun.

I didn't get a rink at that time.  He "proposed" with a ring the Christmas after I returned from Australia.  That was nice, I guess... but it felt uncomfy for me because it was with his family and I'd only just met them.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ozeri Green Earth Textured Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan

 Have you heard of Ozeri Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan?  If you have not, you will probably not believe what I'm going to share with you... you'll have to buy one and test it for yourself.  I hope you'll share your experience whether you already have one or you get one!  I definitely want to hear what you think!

Okay, so... I'm married to a Chef.  As a result, I know a little about cooking and kitchen tools.  My husband, the Chef, dislikes non-stick cookware because it cannot tolerate high temps.  The nonstick part of most nonstick cookware is also toxic (especially at high temps).  In our home we have transitioned to either stainless steel (which does have it's own problems, specifically because of the nickel content) and cast iron.  We definitely prefer cast iron.  If you pre-heat it correctly, there is really little sticking, so cleanup is easier than the stainless steel cookware we have.

I may have been expecting a cross between stainless steel and the regular non-stick cookware I have experience with.  I may also have been really shocked when I read that the Ozeri pans require almost no oil for cooking, that they are seasoned, AND that cleanup would consist mostly of wiping out the oil and a few crumb-like bits in the bottom.  Okay, honest, I really didn't believe it could be true.

And then I tried it.  I decided to go with one of my favorite foods that is also quite messy when re-heating.  Cajun enchiladas!  YUM!  They are a mass of gooey tortilla as a result of being coated in delish tomato sauce and those wrap around amazing cheese sauce in the middle and topped with shredded cheddar that melts in the oven.  Yes, I do make them myself, thank you for asking!  Anyway... that is what I put in my Ozeri for my first test.  Melted cheddar, whether melted for the first time or re-heated and, thus, remelted, has always been a bit of a mess in both stainless and cast-iron.  So, I was curious to see what would happen in the Ozeri.

First of all, the heat time IS really fast.  I was very skeptical about that claim when I read the information sheet about my new pan.  It is faster than any of my other pans, regardless of thickness (one of my cast iron pans is significantly less dense, so it heats up faster than the other on).

Second, there was almost no stickage!  Seriously!  The cheese on the outside of my enchiladas picked right up whether it was melty or crunchy!  This pan would be fabulous for making cheese crackers out of fried cheese!  Make sure you check out the picture related to this.  You really do have to try this out for yourself!

I made and/or heated up a few things in my pan and it worked remarkably well with all of them.  I enjoyed using it to make scrambled eggs for yummy egg wraps.  Again, almost nothing left on the bottom or sides of the pan upon completion!  I've never had SUCH great nonstickage from any pan - ever.

The only negative I could come up with... and I really had to stretch on this one because it's not an issue for me, but I guess it *could* be for some people: the raised bottom pattern of the pan (the part that looks like a honeycomb) will leave a sort of imprint on some things (including cheese crackers made out of only cheese). I actually think that's kind of cool, but I can see how someone who is either super finicky or has problems with visual textures (?) may not prefer it.  The textured bottom helps with heat conduction as well as nonstiction (yes, I made that one up, of course).

Now, my only problem is how to get the other Ozeri pans available into my kitchen tools collection!

Disclosure: I was given an Ozeri pan to test so that I could write this post. I get to keep this amazing pan as a form of compensation.  All opinions in this post are completely and totally my own.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Meditation Monday #62: Wave Pendulum and Life

Another week of daily meditation completed.  Doesn't it feel GOOD to regularly do something you've set your mind to do?  It just feels good to me.

Okay... so it's taken me a while to actually get INTO this... I hope you find it worth the wait!

So, if you haven't viewed any of the pendulum's I shared, please make sure to do so before you read more... or go back to view to better understand the connections I'll make.  I hope you will and then tell me if you see what I'm saying AND what connections YOU see/make!

I really like watching the snakey portions of the wave.  I think it's my favorite... it feels really smooth and even and orderly and... well, it just feels RIGHT to me.

The first time I watched any of these videos (recently-ish), I could only see the order in the snakey-like portions of the wave.  In between each formation of the snakeyness, it just felt totally chaotic to me.  Unattractive, uncomfy, messy and definitely not the best part.  I pointed out the easy order of the snakeyness and the uncomfy chaos of the messy parts and he said something like, "I don't see it that way at all.  I see that all the parts have order.  It's just a different kind of order in the parts that aren't snake-like."

Well, that helped to change my perception, for sure.... and in far more than just viewing a Pendulum Wave!  What a gift to me.

I think it's important to point out to myself and you that my discomfort with the parts I saw as chaotic was totally subjective.  It was completely opinion based.  All of it does, of course, have order.  There isn't emotion in the swinging of those balls.  And, really, if we think about it hard enough, we'll recognize that there is perfect order even in the chaos of emotions gone awry.

VW Bug
The snakeynesses are easy for me to enjoy watching because they are smooth and rounded.  My eye likes this sort of thing, generally.  My favorite car is a VW Bug.  I'm relatively sure there is not a single model of that car that has many boxy-sort-of-parts.  My husband, on the other hand, prefers angular trucks and SUVs.  Yes, yes we are quite opposite in very many ways so this difference between our preferences in vehicle shape is very representative.  I think that's also why the parts that are not snakey were so obviously still ordered to and for my husband.  They are more boxy, most of them!

The kind of squareness my husband would sure love!

I've realized, through this tiny seismic experience, a larger paradigm shift.  I can now see how the times in my personal seasons when I'm not able to *make* my schedule what I would prefer... well, I've been able to see more order in the routines than I could before.  I've also realized that *fighting* to get back to what I prefer doesn't help the process or change of seasons.  In fact, the change in my personal seasons feels like it has sped up since I've released the *fight* and am striving to walk toward something better instead of fighting to go back to what I liked.  I wrote about this sort of thing before.... and here.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Soliloquy #28: Introducing My Mr. to My Family

Exercise was a big part of my life when I met Jessie.  I heard from his roommates that it was not a big part of Jessie's life.  Still, he wanted to hang out with me, I guess, because he agreed to come to the gym with me and my Mom.  So, he met my Mom within the first two days.

Very early on, he also met the rest of my family when I invited Jessie to where I lived in my parents' house.  He had a friend drive him because there was something wrong with his truck.

I saw that Jessie was shy at that point.  I thought it was sorta weird because he hadn't seemed shy at all to me.  He really didn't speak at all.  He answered questions that were directed at him, but he didn't volunteer any information.  I now understand why he does this, but back then I saw it simply as a manifestation of the shyness he'd told me about, but I hadn't experienced when it was just the two of us.

Perhaps it was the second visit to my parents' house when I decided that he was either going to sink or swim among my folks.  My family is pretty important to me.  And we tend to be a bit loud and fun and direct and can sometimes overwhelm others.  So, I left Jessie in the livingroom with some of my family to go do something that I didn't need to do because I wanted to see if he could deal with my family without me.

He didn't real deal with them much.  He continued to only answer questions directed at him, but he also didn't entirely sink, as it were, either.  I'm pretty sure it was after that visit that my Mom said a few things to Jessie.  My Mom was shy when she was young.  She told Jessie, "I like shy people!  No, I really do!  The world needs Toris.  It does.  But the world needs why people, too.  Who would pay attention to Tori if there were no shy people?"  hehehe

I'm pretty sure some who haven't known me very long may find that an odd thing to say.  You just haven't known me long.  I used to be very different than I am now.  Very very different.

Jessie really liked what my Mom said to him.  He told me, "I really like your Mom."  I wasn't surprised.  My Mom is really likeable.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Meditation Monday #63

I don't particularly like yoga, myself. Still, I do believe that yoga, like many other forms of meditation is a tool. The user of the tool determines the result of the tool's use.

Might the practice of yoga influence the practitioner to think in ways that the originators did? Probably. Is that bad an wholly unChristian? I think not. Why? Well, because I believe that ALL truth can and should and will be circumscribed into a whole unit. All truth fits together to reveal an awesome whole.

I know that the beast and his prophet will use this truth as a way of lying to and convincing lots and lots of people and creating the one world religion of humanism (or whatever)... but the: darkness precedes the light precedes the darkness precedes the light... and so forth, well, none of it decreases the truth that the man or woman determines the tool and not the other way around.

Those who believe guns are evil and bad are fooled... the gun is neither good nor bad. The gun is a good. The holder of the gun determines how the gun is used. So, too, with yoga and any other form of meditation. The person who is a righteous (striving to be righteous) follower of Christ will process the energy that is always around us more efficiently into Light by way of their Faith and using the tools available for that processing. Prayer is one of those tools. Meditation is another. Yoga is another.

Can it be used for negative and darkness? Certainly. Just as a gun can be used by a murderer to kill... or by a loving man to protect his family.

The tool does not define the man or woman. The tool may bring the true heart forward, but does not change the person.

jmo, of course... but I do think it is Truth.

One quote from the article (which is a quote of a Yogi explaining what yoga is), "What do we join through yoga? Two eternal beings: God, the Infinite Being, and the individual spirit that is finite being. In essence they are one, and according to yogic philosophy all spirits originally dwelt in consciousness of that oneness."

Doesn't this truth mean the same thing that we can find as we study the Bible? I mean, Jesus taught us that we are part of God. It's quite readily available to most Christians that we were once a thought in God's head. So... if yoga is joining the two who are one anyway... well, seems like it's very Christian because that's what we're meant to be doing with prayer, isn't it? I mean... we're supposed to be submitting our Will to God so that we can fulfill His purposes for us. The only gift we have that He has given, but will never remove from us, but that He wants very much is our agency... our ability to choose Him... or not.

Well, seems like, by the definition I quoted, that the purpose of yoga is to become one with God, with the further explanation that they believe what we do: we were once actually One.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Soliloquy #27: How I Met My Husband: The In-Real-Life Part

You'll have to read LAST WEEK's post to really follow this one.

I always went early to meet the guys I agreed to meet from matchmaker.com.  That way I could feel comfy and greet them.  It worked very well for me.  I'm still a bit like that, I think.  I'm pretty sure my time obsession (being on time) is a result of my time in Japan!

 So, I was seated in the waiting area.  I did wander around a bit, too.  He was late.  Not horribly late, but I did wonder if he was going to stand me up, too.  I'm relatively sure my fragile ego couldn't have stood up to that again.

I knew him when I saw him.  He looked very much like his profile picture.  That was a relief.  I'd met a few guys who looked NOTHING like their profile pictures.  Seriously, NOTHING like their picture.

When he came in, I hugged him.  I was very much into hugging back then.  I still like them a lot, but rarely initiate much any more.  I have loads of sort of sensory issues, so hugging can sometimes be a bit painful in a way that's difficult to describe to anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about by just the way I've already described it.

I told the waitress who seated us to seat us in the smoking section.  I knew Jessie was a smoker and he'd told me how shy he was, so I wanted to make sure he'd be comfy.  He definitely was, as I never felt any indication that he was shy at all.  (I've definitely seen manifestations of that since then!)

As soon as he sat down, I gave him a gift.  He'd turned 21 while underway, so I gave him a birthday present when we first met.  It was Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul.  I thought we had that in common (he said he liked to write).  I'd already read the book and loved it.  I made a cover for it, decorated with my lettering and some of my poems.  I also wrote in the book (some of my poems, too).  How silly a girl I was... and SO trusting!

He was very touched by the book.  I think I even saw some wetness gather in his eyes.  He told me no one had given him a gift and he couldn't remember if anyone wished him a happy birthday, either.

Yes, I was a thoughtful person.  Still am.

We talked for hours.  I talked a lot, it's true, but he talked a lot, too.

The only reason our date ended was because I decided I must get home so that I could wake up and go for my run.  I was running somewhere around 6 miles each day when I met Jessie.  I was pretty healthy and fit at that time in my life.  The smallest size 10 I've ever been.

I wish I'd continued to care for myself first... to take care of my body temple instead of waiting for him all the time.  Now, I'm a tight size 20 and XLG in my clothes and weigh a good bit more than 200 pounds (and I've shed some excess recently).  If you read my Super Sunday Slimdown, you can find out the exact numbers if you're really curious.

If we did anything before leaving, I think we may have hugged.  No kiss.  Just another hug.  That was very nice.  Definitely soothed my concern over the wrong answer he gave in the multiple choice section!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Prom... I cannot even imagine!

Me eldest daughter is now ten years old.  I cannot even imagine her going to a Prom!  It seems crazy to even think of it!  I'm not exactly sure why, but this step up into double digit numbers for her years on earth has brought with it some contemplation on my part that I've not really had much of before now.  I mean, I'd have a fleeting thought like, "I need to figure out what we're going to do when each of the girls begins to have her monthly visitor." or,  "Jessie (my husband) and I really need to come into agreement about dating rules for these girls," or some such.  But it wasn't a concern, per se.

Now, though... for some reason... with Ria TEN now... it all feel so very imminent!  And since she is SO beautiful, I can only imagine the number of invitations she'll either get or NEVER get for things like dates, dances, PROMS!  gah!!!  I have one sister born of the same parents as me and she is also Beautiful... and she wasn't asked out all that much BECAUSE she is so beautiful... but she did accompany a few guys to various Prom-like dances.

So, these thoughts have got me lookin' around.  If you've been reading here for any length of time, you know I have a few very specific beliefs about modesty and related.  So, I'm thinking about and trying to sort of plan for my girls (the special celebration when Aunt Flo comes the first time and the dreaded dates (PROM!)).

JenJenHouse is a site I've looked at for Prom dresses for my girls.  Obviously, not NOW... but these ten years have flown, I'm sure the next six will seem even faster!  I'm really impressed with the great selection of lovely and modest fancy dresses!  I honestly thought it would be unlikely to find really appealing (to me) Prom-like dresses, but there are quite a few options!  In fact, a large variety of styles AND colors that I think are both lovely and appropriate!

Here are a few, starting with the rainbow and a few extra:

Although I did share quite a few above, these are only the ones I liked.  There are MANY more optiopns.  And if you're not concerned about modesty in the way that I am, there are even more options!  I am very impressed with JenJenHouse.com.  I hope they will be in business when it is time for my daughters to find Prom dresses!
 Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media.  All opinions are truly my own.

Incandescent Light Ban

Did you know that we soon will not have access to incandescent light bulbs?  I'm not very happy about it, myself.  What do you think?

I hope you'll take a minute to watch THIS video and tell me what you think of this potential option to incandescent bulbs.  I'm not sure what I think, so your opinion really does matter to me!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Meditation Monday #62: On the Pendulum Wave and How It Is Like Life

I was able to complete my regular meditations this past week.  YEAY!

Isn't it funny how swiftly this year is passing by?  I just realized a few days ago that I must've completed my 40 day Transformation challenge.  I had to go back and look at WHEN because I truly could not remember... found out it was back on February 14th!  I decided before then that I wanted to complete 80 days.  I will reach that goal on March 26th!

At the same time that I realized I must've finished the Transformation challenge, I also realized I was coming up on 80 days of my other series.  I will reach 80 days of doing Sa Re Sa Sa, the 2 anger ones, and Prosperity on March 12th.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to switch things up then.  I feel like my physical body needs some help, so I'm working on figure out what to do in meditation to help it!  :)

My Mom has said, many times, that she thinks I think too much.  I think I think just enough!  hahaha... that's a lot of thinkin' in there!

Recently, my thinks have been much pondering on the Pendulum Wave or wave pendulum.  I've decided to share some YouTubes and see what you think.  I'll share my own thoughts about how it is specifically like my life or life in general later. (I think in two weeks from today.)  I look forward to reading your thoughts:  How do you see the pendulum wave in relation to life, generally, or some specific part of life?  Think about it with the Mandlebrot Set in mind.  Sorta like how everyone and thing is the same and different.

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Soliloquy #26: How I Met My Husband: The Online Story

Before I went to Japan, I tried out matchmaker.com and thought it was pretty fun.  I met a few guys that were nice and went on a few dates.  So, when I returned to the US it was only natural that I would use the same service.  I was hoping to find a fella with whom I could hang out and kiss.  Man, what a silly girl I was.  Still, that truly was my 'goal' for online dating.  I didn't understand then what I understand now about the spirit connections formed in any sort of sexual interaction.  Kissing, whether folks want to admit it or not, is most definitely a sexual interaction.

I'll share more about that later.  If you'd like to read what I have learned about that subject, make sure to let me know.  Requesting more on that topic will sure speed my sharing on it.  This post is meant to be about how I met Jessie.

I was stood up twice after I came back to the US.  Jessie was going to be my last try at hanging out before I went to Australia.  I'd decided that maybe my Host Family (in Japan) was right.  Maybe I was Christmas Cake and no guy (no one) would want me.  Man, you should see what I looked like back then.  For me to believe such a thing is absolutely ridiculous... but I did!  Which, really reveals SO much about how much I thought of myself.

Jessie found me through matchmaker.com and wrote to me.  I had established a few rules for myself.  At the time that I used matchmaker.com, they had a few different areas for each profile.  There was the multiple choice, short answer, and long answer.  I filled mine out absolutely truthfully.  Although I knew it was unlikely that most told the truth as I did, I attempted to treat them as if they did.

One of the rules I'd established for myself was that if a fella answered one particular question wrong, I wouldn't write to him.  The question was: "What are you looking for?"  The choices (since it was in the multiple choice section) included things like: "long-term relationship, just for fun, one night stand."  I hope you can determine which answer was unacceptable to me.

Well, Jessie had answered with the wrong answer.  He had answered that PARTICULAR question with the wrong answer.

The funny thing... with every other guy I'd met through matchmaker.com, they always asked to meet me really fast.  Not Jessie.  In fact, I asked to meet HIM!  You know what he said?  He told me he had to do laundry because they were going out to sea for two weeks!  (Sounds a bit like when a girl says she has to wash her hair, so she can't go out.)

I told him I'd write to him in email while he was gone.  He didn't believe me.

But I did.

The night he returned, I was out with another guy.

Yes, I was that cute!  heeheehee

Anyway... I went out with that other guy just because I was bored, honestly.  I wanted to go out, he offered, and so I went.  Unfortunately, I didn't REALLY understand how much he liked me.  And I didn't deal with him very well... I wasn't blunt and direct (as I usually am).  In fact, I was a coward in the way I dealt with him after that night.  He brought a friend to meet me because he liked me THAT much.  That, of course, scared me off because I truly was looking for just a fun friend to hang out with and maybe kiss sometimes.

When I returned from hanging out with that guy and his friend, I found that Jessie had called and was so annoyed with myself.  To give me credit, though, their ship had pulled in early.  Jessie wasn't due back until the following day.

I attempted to call him back.  No answer.  They were using the internet and those were the days when a phone line was almost always tied up to use the internet!  Can you imagine that?  I tried repeatedly to call him back.

Somehow we finally connected and made a plan to meet at the Denny's I'd worked at on Newtown Road.

Friday, March 7, 2014

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Hope

I am thankful for hope.  I am thankful for the way I feel energized and enlivened by hope!

I'm also very happy to have a new member on my team and hope that another friend may soon join my team!

Hope is wonderful!!!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tricky Tuesday: Save Time and Save Money

I'm relatively sure nearly everyone has heard the term I've included in my title as pertains to business.  Well, I believe it is also important in Motherhood.  Perhaps it is especially important to and for those Mothers who find themselves in the midst of business responsibilities through choice or out of necessity.  Even for those Mothers who are able to be full-time Moms and not worry about generating an income, saving time saves money.

The money referenced may not be a one to one conversion of time to paper currency.  It may be more about energy output for end result.  It could be relating to the saving work that Mother love does in their children's lives.  In reality, there is no saving of time or spending of time.  I mentioned that I realized that the last time I broached this topic.  Nonetheless, given our linear experience of this manifestation, I think these terms are relatively appropriate.

Often times the time we save (working efficiently) does convert into paper currency.  It is often a one to one conversion.  Sometimes, it's even exponential.  As I mentioned above, sometimes the currency we save by saving time is a little more difficult to discern.  Herein follow a few examples of some forms of currency that I can save by working more efficiently in my own life.

Consolidating tasks into the same period of time.  A long time ago, when I had only one child, I was a major TV addict.  I would put a load of laundry in the wash and then watch TV while the wash machine worked.  Then, move it into the dryer and watch TV while the dryer worked.  Then fold laundry while I watched TV.  I hardly had time for any of the other housework on days I did laundry because I only did laundry and I felt like I was really working.  Silly?  Yes, I know it was silly of me to think that way NOW.  I was expending a great deal of time on one task that required very little of my energy.  Now, I load the washer in the morning and get to work on the next task for the day.  Because I have a couple of older children who are capable, I often do not touch the laundry after starting it (until I fold my own, of course).  I spend much more of my time in management activities than performing the housework myself.

This point is really the most important.  I believe it is THE work of Motherhood.  Even knowing that, though, does not make it *easy* for me to perform well in my understanding.  I do know, though that as we save time for our children, we are working a work of saving their souls and the souls of their progeny!  How awesome is that!?  Beyond amazingly awesome to me!  Doesn't that just add a whole level and degree of honor and respect to the role of a Mother?  I think so!

What ways can you see that Moms could save time to save money (any form of currency you can define)?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Meditation Monday #61: Prosperity (continued from Thursday)

I was able to complete another near 4am meditation.  The only problem: it's from the wrong end of wakefulness still.  I'm having a difficult time with falling asleep, so I was up late enough that I meditated for my new day before I went to sleep for a few hours.  Still, I'm grateful for the blessing of meditating when all is quiet.  It's definitely easier to focus!

Prosperity has been much on my mind since I read Felice Austin's post about her Daddy being rich.  I came to realize something more completely as a result of it.  I shared about that just this past Thursday.

In my life, realizations have come with increasing speed and clarity as I get older.  However, most of them have also come with tumultuous emotional and mental readjustment.  One would think that is to be expected, however, given my more recent experiences, I now know this is not the case.  You see, things in me have been changing seamlessly and smoothly with increasing consistency.  I still struggle with many things that have been part of my journey for as long as I can remember.  The thing that's different is how I feel when I realize a change.  I don't feel like my whole world is falling apart.  I just sort of "realize" the new thing and feel grateful for it.

For instance... back to prosperity.  My husband and I have struggled financially for the majority of our time together and the whole of our marriage.  I can clearly see as I view the past through hindsight (which is, of course, always 20/20), that there were times we should NOT have struggled if we had been wise.  But I truly believe we were incapeable of being truly wise because we were bound by our own choices AND generational curses pertaining to prosperity.  I believe I have learned the name of the generational curse with which we were bound... it is called: a belief of lack.  We believed, no matter how much we were shown the opposite (and I know were were shown!), that we did not have enough.

I believe my effort to consistently meditate (and use the Prosperity meditation among others) is changing my brain in two ways.  First, my brain is  growing willingness to accept prosperity.  Second, my brain is become an attractor or magnet of prosperity and abundance.  I'm not exactly sure how the tool works to accomplish this, I started to sort of see some ways it may work while meditating one day last week, but the fact that it works is awesome and wonderful!  I highly recommend meditation (and especially Kundalini Yoga)!

Heavenly Father has blessed me to see very clearly when unexpected gifts of money or work or new clients or new opportunities come to me, that He is moving me toward financial prosperity.  I have received many of these gifts recently and feel to praise the Lord for His generosity and endless supply!  I'm so grateful for His perfect and generous provision!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Soliloquy #25: Traveling up the Coast

I remember Karratha only by name.  I spent a night in Broome.  And another night in Darwin.  Darwin was my shortest stay of all my stops around the north of Oz.  All I remember about Darwin is thinking that it looked very American and how disappointing that was.

Probably I already mentioned it, but since it would've happened here, I'm going to mention it again.  I wanted to travel to Alice Springs and see Ayer's Rock, but I didn't have time to travel south as far as I'd need to go and get back to Sydney for my flight.  I learned from other travelers that it looked NOTHING like it was "supposed" to look the year I was there.  Instead of being rather barren red rock, it basically looked like a very large green hill (or series of hills).  Very strange, eh?

I remember Cairns. To my memory it was a very beachy sort of city... pastel colors all around.  It was very cool, but didn't seem "Australian" per se to me.  I remember this building, but not the roos (or statues of) in the square.  The scene shown in this picture is a bit familiar, too.

Townsville was a pass-through I remember, though I don't remember anything specific about the place.

I spent the night in Brisbane.  I do not really remember much of anything about it, though.  Another pastel beach city, maybe.

And then back to Sydney.

I don't remember if I did it the first time I was there, or the last, but I did take a trip out to the Blue Mountains.  It was pretty cool.  Our driver was fun.  We got to try our hand at a whip.  That was a lot more difficult than it looked!  I wasn't able to crack it at all.  Dang it!  I do think the Blue Mountains trip was during the last few days I spent in Sydney.  Other than that, and shopping for gifts to give when I returned (Omiyagei), I don't remember anything specific about Sydney (from the last time I was there).

All in all, my time in Oz was very good for me.  I'm very glad I did it.

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