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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tricky Tuesday: Save Time and Save Money

I'm relatively sure nearly everyone has heard the term I've included in my title as pertains to business.  Well, I believe it is also important in Motherhood.  Perhaps it is especially important to and for those Mothers who find themselves in the midst of business responsibilities through choice or out of necessity.  Even for those Mothers who are able to be full-time Moms and not worry about generating an income, saving time saves money.

The money referenced may not be a one to one conversion of time to paper currency.  It may be more about energy output for end result.  It could be relating to the saving work that Mother love does in their children's lives.  In reality, there is no saving of time or spending of time.  I mentioned that I realized that the last time I broached this topic.  Nonetheless, given our linear experience of this manifestation, I think these terms are relatively appropriate.

Often times the time we save (working efficiently) does convert into paper currency.  It is often a one to one conversion.  Sometimes, it's even exponential.  As I mentioned above, sometimes the currency we save by saving time is a little more difficult to discern.  Herein follow a few examples of some forms of currency that I can save by working more efficiently in my own life.

Consolidating tasks into the same period of time.  A long time ago, when I had only one child, I was a major TV addict.  I would put a load of laundry in the wash and then watch TV while the wash machine worked.  Then, move it into the dryer and watch TV while the dryer worked.  Then fold laundry while I watched TV.  I hardly had time for any of the other housework on days I did laundry because I only did laundry and I felt like I was really working.  Silly?  Yes, I know it was silly of me to think that way NOW.  I was expending a great deal of time on one task that required very little of my energy.  Now, I load the washer in the morning and get to work on the next task for the day.  Because I have a couple of older children who are capable, I often do not touch the laundry after starting it (until I fold my own, of course).  I spend much more of my time in management activities than performing the housework myself.

This point is really the most important.  I believe it is THE work of Motherhood.  Even knowing that, though, does not make it *easy* for me to perform well in my understanding.  I do know, though that as we save time for our children, we are working a work of saving their souls and the souls of their progeny!  How awesome is that!?  Beyond amazingly awesome to me!  Doesn't that just add a whole level and degree of honor and respect to the role of a Mother?  I think so!

What ways can you see that Moms could save time to save money (any form of currency you can define)?

1 comment:

vicki said...

save time to save money... and the currency here would be TIME and aggravation saved....
I learned that if I gave s little (or lot) of precious one on one time to a child or children, they would have their 'need Mom' cup filled, and negative attention doled out to the child would be less
It is no fun to dole out that negative attention.
I see some children looking to parents hungrily for attention. give some! Then they won't seek it in negative behaviors.....or will seek it a li'l less.

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