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Monday, March 17, 2014

Meditation Monday #63

I don't particularly like yoga, myself. Still, I do believe that yoga, like many other forms of meditation is a tool. The user of the tool determines the result of the tool's use.

Might the practice of yoga influence the practitioner to think in ways that the originators did? Probably. Is that bad an wholly unChristian? I think not. Why? Well, because I believe that ALL truth can and should and will be circumscribed into a whole unit. All truth fits together to reveal an awesome whole.

I know that the beast and his prophet will use this truth as a way of lying to and convincing lots and lots of people and creating the one world religion of humanism (or whatever)... but the: darkness precedes the light precedes the darkness precedes the light... and so forth, well, none of it decreases the truth that the man or woman determines the tool and not the other way around.

Those who believe guns are evil and bad are fooled... the gun is neither good nor bad. The gun is a good. The holder of the gun determines how the gun is used. So, too, with yoga and any other form of meditation. The person who is a righteous (striving to be righteous) follower of Christ will process the energy that is always around us more efficiently into Light by way of their Faith and using the tools available for that processing. Prayer is one of those tools. Meditation is another. Yoga is another.

Can it be used for negative and darkness? Certainly. Just as a gun can be used by a murderer to kill... or by a loving man to protect his family.

The tool does not define the man or woman. The tool may bring the true heart forward, but does not change the person.

jmo, of course... but I do think it is Truth.

One quote from the article (which is a quote of a Yogi explaining what yoga is), "What do we join through yoga? Two eternal beings: God, the Infinite Being, and the individual spirit that is finite being. In essence they are one, and according to yogic philosophy all spirits originally dwelt in consciousness of that oneness."

Doesn't this truth mean the same thing that we can find as we study the Bible? I mean, Jesus taught us that we are part of God. It's quite readily available to most Christians that we were once a thought in God's head. So... if yoga is joining the two who are one anyway... well, seems like it's very Christian because that's what we're meant to be doing with prayer, isn't it? I mean... we're supposed to be submitting our Will to God so that we can fulfill His purposes for us. The only gift we have that He has given, but will never remove from us, but that He wants very much is our agency... our ability to choose Him... or not.

Well, seems like, by the definition I quoted, that the purpose of yoga is to become one with God, with the further explanation that they believe what we do: we were once actually One.

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Joyce @ It's Your Life said...

There is truth in what you say, but more than that is that yoga helps to relieve stress and anxiety. The Bible says be anxious for nothing. People who think is not something for believers needs to know the Father and His Word better, great post. Psst, not a yoga fan, but I do work out, and find it is a good time to ponder His words.

Followed you here from the Pintastict Pinteresting Party. Tried to follow but the system is having some issues. You need to get on g+, there is a plugin right there on Blogging. Hope to see ya' around.

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