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Monday, March 3, 2014

Meditation Monday #61: Prosperity (continued from Thursday)

I was able to complete another near 4am meditation.  The only problem: it's from the wrong end of wakefulness still.  I'm having a difficult time with falling asleep, so I was up late enough that I meditated for my new day before I went to sleep for a few hours.  Still, I'm grateful for the blessing of meditating when all is quiet.  It's definitely easier to focus!

Prosperity has been much on my mind since I read Felice Austin's post about her Daddy being rich.  I came to realize something more completely as a result of it.  I shared about that just this past Thursday.

In my life, realizations have come with increasing speed and clarity as I get older.  However, most of them have also come with tumultuous emotional and mental readjustment.  One would think that is to be expected, however, given my more recent experiences, I now know this is not the case.  You see, things in me have been changing seamlessly and smoothly with increasing consistency.  I still struggle with many things that have been part of my journey for as long as I can remember.  The thing that's different is how I feel when I realize a change.  I don't feel like my whole world is falling apart.  I just sort of "realize" the new thing and feel grateful for it.

For instance... back to prosperity.  My husband and I have struggled financially for the majority of our time together and the whole of our marriage.  I can clearly see as I view the past through hindsight (which is, of course, always 20/20), that there were times we should NOT have struggled if we had been wise.  But I truly believe we were incapeable of being truly wise because we were bound by our own choices AND generational curses pertaining to prosperity.  I believe I have learned the name of the generational curse with which we were bound... it is called: a belief of lack.  We believed, no matter how much we were shown the opposite (and I know were were shown!), that we did not have enough.

I believe my effort to consistently meditate (and use the Prosperity meditation among others) is changing my brain in two ways.  First, my brain is  growing willingness to accept prosperity.  Second, my brain is become an attractor or magnet of prosperity and abundance.  I'm not exactly sure how the tool works to accomplish this, I started to sort of see some ways it may work while meditating one day last week, but the fact that it works is awesome and wonderful!  I highly recommend meditation (and especially Kundalini Yoga)!

Heavenly Father has blessed me to see very clearly when unexpected gifts of money or work or new clients or new opportunities come to me, that He is moving me toward financial prosperity.  I have received many of these gifts recently and feel to praise the Lord for His generosity and endless supply!  I'm so grateful for His perfect and generous provision!

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