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Monday, March 24, 2014

Meditation Monday #62: Wave Pendulum and Life

Another week of daily meditation completed.  Doesn't it feel GOOD to regularly do something you've set your mind to do?  It just feels good to me.

Okay... so it's taken me a while to actually get INTO this... I hope you find it worth the wait!

So, if you haven't viewed any of the pendulum's I shared, please make sure to do so before you read more... or go back to view to better understand the connections I'll make.  I hope you will and then tell me if you see what I'm saying AND what connections YOU see/make!

I really like watching the snakey portions of the wave.  I think it's my favorite... it feels really smooth and even and orderly and... well, it just feels RIGHT to me.

The first time I watched any of these videos (recently-ish), I could only see the order in the snakey-like portions of the wave.  In between each formation of the snakeyness, it just felt totally chaotic to me.  Unattractive, uncomfy, messy and definitely not the best part.  I pointed out the easy order of the snakeyness and the uncomfy chaos of the messy parts and he said something like, "I don't see it that way at all.  I see that all the parts have order.  It's just a different kind of order in the parts that aren't snake-like."

Well, that helped to change my perception, for sure.... and in far more than just viewing a Pendulum Wave!  What a gift to me.

I think it's important to point out to myself and you that my discomfort with the parts I saw as chaotic was totally subjective.  It was completely opinion based.  All of it does, of course, have order.  There isn't emotion in the swinging of those balls.  And, really, if we think about it hard enough, we'll recognize that there is perfect order even in the chaos of emotions gone awry.

VW Bug
The snakeynesses are easy for me to enjoy watching because they are smooth and rounded.  My eye likes this sort of thing, generally.  My favorite car is a VW Bug.  I'm relatively sure there is not a single model of that car that has many boxy-sort-of-parts.  My husband, on the other hand, prefers angular trucks and SUVs.  Yes, yes we are quite opposite in very many ways so this difference between our preferences in vehicle shape is very representative.  I think that's also why the parts that are not snakey were so obviously still ordered to and for my husband.  They are more boxy, most of them!

The kind of squareness my husband would sure love!

I've realized, through this tiny seismic experience, a larger paradigm shift.  I can now see how the times in my personal seasons when I'm not able to *make* my schedule what I would prefer... well, I've been able to see more order in the routines than I could before.  I've also realized that *fighting* to get back to what I prefer doesn't help the process or change of seasons.  In fact, the change in my personal seasons feels like it has sped up since I've released the *fight* and am striving to walk toward something better instead of fighting to go back to what I liked.  I wrote about this sort of thing before.... and here.

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