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Monday, April 29, 2013

Meditation Monday #29

Today is day 325 of my meditation journey.

It's probably been a week since i realized that my year "anniversary" of meditating will occur right around the time this baby is due to join our family in breathing air!  That's exciting to me.  :)

My daily meditation is still right around 25-30 minutes.  Remember, this is in addition to scripture reading, personal prayer, journal writing when i feel the need, and walking... all of which i'm doing to take care of me.

i definitely feel like a more complete person lately.  YEAY!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Super Sunday #2

After taking last Sunday off (more than usual!), i really wanted to walk for two hours Monday (April 22) morning.  Keep in mind i do not have a watch.  When i arrived home and found that i'd been out for 2 hours and 2 minutes, i was very pleased.  When i figured out my distance, i was even more pleased!  Can you guess why?  It's because my time has improved!  Not a lot, but at this point (read: as preggie as i am), any little gain is GREAT!  Especially when i'm not really trying to walk farther in less time.  Do you wanna know how far?

Well, i walked 2 hours and 2 minutes and completed 4.61 miles!  Pretty great, right?  i'm still pleased!  ^_^

This whole past week was good and i improved in walking distance and time.  i'm just feeling good, generally!  ^_^

(actually published Tuesday, April 30)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Something That Just BUGS Me

Comments like, "Sometimes having faith is not enough to fight depression or anxiety, very good article."  And then the commenter posting an article like http://www.sistasinzion.com/2013/04/praise-or-prozac.html to a private board that is exclusive to the Sisters in a Ward.

This bugs me, ESPECIALLY, because the post is still up and i'm relatively certain no one in leadership will speak to this woman about how inappropriate sharing such an article is when shared via the Ward RELIEF SOCIETY page.  It would be better shared via her own personal Wall, rather than in a forum where those who prefer not to deal with her (or who she has unfriended) have to see what she has posted (whereas they would not have to if she posted it to her own wall).  grrr.

My observation of this inappropriateness connects to a broader issue that bugs me: people using the podium during church service as a pulpit to promulgate their personal politics and/or viewpoints....  This is especially troubling to me when it transpires during opening/closing prayers and testimony bearing.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for short illnesses.  Although Kat has thrown up twice in the last two weeks, she only threw up once and not again thereafter (until two weeks later, that is).  I'm VERY grateful given my past esxperiences with long and drawn-out illnesses in/among my children!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tricky Tuesday #9

If you've been learning about the dangers of our mainstream food supply (as i have), you may feel an urgency to change your food consumption practices.  If you do, you'll quickly find that eating organic via the grocery store is really quite expensive.  It is SO tricky to eat well (truly healthfully).  If you need to save some money (as i know i always need to!), you definitely need to look for an organic foods co-op.  If you live near me, i can connect you to a wonderful co-op (or two) that are REALLY reasonable to get into (do NOT cost an arm and a leg to start) and have GREAT prices!

If you have any yard or space in which to place pots, do a little food growing RIGHT NOW.  Even though it's late to start where i am, it's better to start late than not at all.  i'm only just getting stuff in the ground!  Seriously late, i know, but i TRULY believe better late than never!  Just make sure you buy heirloom seeds!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Meditation Monday #28

Today is day 318 of my meditation journey.

Lately meditation has consisted of about 25 minutes with Kirtan Kriya.  Sometimes i've been able to get an anger meditation (3 minutes) in, but those have been fewer than the majority.

During the process of my most recent checkup with my midwife, the baby's heart-rate was 120.  Never before have i heard such a LOW number for one of my babies.  (FYI: 120-160 is the normal range.)  My first reaction was to think it was a result of something, but upon further contemplation i realized it was probably because i had finished meditating only about 10-15 minutes before the heartrate was monitored.  So... perhaps this baby will benefit in some very specific ways from my practice.  It sure will be interesting to see!  Still have till the end of June to see... and then a  while of observation... so, i definitely won't know anything anytime soon.  :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Super Sunday #1

Today is a day off.  It is a day of rest.  Today is THE day to observe the Sabbath and honor the Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  This is my practice and belief.

So, as of yesterday, i've been walking daily (except for Sunday) for about a week and a half.  This new habit started one evening in reaction to some stress.  It felt SO good.  i felt SO good during and after the walk.  To this point, i have walked alone and enjoy some time to just think, sometimes "talk to myself" and a big chunk of time to listen to my favorite radio station.  It's definitely worth a listen if you're curious!  In the future, i may invite one of my two eldest daughters out to walk with me.  They both want to come.  Right now, i'm not willing to share this time as i know i really need it.

The day after i took the impromptu evening walk, i sorta popped awake earlier than i normally felt fully awake and just felt like i REALLY wanted to and HAD to go for a walk.  So, i did.  Again, i felt super during the walk and continued to feel better throughout the day.  The walk did, of course, take time and pushed my regular morning routine a bit outta whack, so i decided to try to get up earlier the next morning.  After a few days of getting up a tiny bit earlier, i was waking up at 615am and leaving by 625am for my walk (except for yesterday because it was raining when i first woke up... i left by 635am, instead).

My walks last between one hour to right around two hours.  So far, i've walked as little as 2.74 miles (that's walking for right around one hour) and as much as 4.19 miles (right around two hours).  Obviously, the longer walks are not as efficient as the shorter ones.  If you think about it, that makes perfect sense given that i'm SEVEN months preggie!  The length of my walking time is mostly dependent upon my husband's work schedule (when he has to leave for work), but i've also had to make alterations for an appointment of my own.

So, "Super Sunday" will be my day to regularly share how i've been caring for my physical self.  This could seem sorta odd, since Sunday is often a day to focus on Spirituality... but my meditation practice is my "newest" (though it's more than 300 days strong now) addition to caring for my Spirit and i focus on THAT via my "Meditation Monday" posts.  No promises on how frequently i'll update Super Sunday, but i will do it periodically!  ^_^

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for my funny children!  They've been saying some of the darndest things lately... and, of course, the way they behave is absolutely hilarious at times.

Did you know exquisite looks like it would be pronounced: ick-squeeze-it to a phonetic reader?  This information only came to me by way of hearing my second daughter say the phonetic reading of it and telling me that's how her big sister said it... all to describe a meal their Daddy made.  ^_^

Also, do you know the song Whom Shall I Fear ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOkImV2cJDg )?  Well, as part of the refrain you hear: "The God of angel armies is always by my side."

Well, my second daughter thought it said, ""The god of anchovies is always by my side!"

How great is that!?

It's almost daily... the funny things they say and do.  I'm SO grateful for these children and hope and PRAY i will be blessed to bring a few more into this world.  Their light is so bright... and so sorely needed here!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Meditation Monday #27

Today is day 311 of my meditation journey.  i can hardly believe it!

i wonder when i'll feel like i should stop counting days....  hmmm...

i've added in a morning walk before meditation most days.  The improvements resulting (in my mind) from meditating continue and, i think, has been compounded by the addition of a daily morning walk.  What a blessing!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Meditation Monday #26

Today is day 304 of my meditation journey.

i've had a busy patch, so the majority of my meditations have been between 10-15 minutes.  I miss the longer ones, but i'm just glad, at this point to keep plugging along.

It's amazing to me that i'm in the 300s now!  Getting ever nearer to a year of meditation!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In the News

The title does NOT refer to what is in the msm run news.  I don't watch that... don't have tv channel reception of any sort.

The news to which I'm referring has to do with a few things you may not have heard about as yet.

Have you heard about the governors who have been threatened by the o in office?  Yep.  It's true.  There are 27 of them, I believe.  They are organizing state militias and the o is feeling antsy about it and has sent them a special letter letting them know that if they continue, they will be charged with treason.  Hmmm... interesting charge... that!

There are, additionally, Sheriffs facing similar threats because of actions of support for/of the Constitution.  How wack is that?  Pretty dang if you ask me!

Did you know the o signed a law into being that protects monsanto?  That company is among, if not THE, biggest of the evil agri-business giants and gmo guardians.  Do you know about the gmo issues?  The arguements against them?  If not, you need to wake up.  AND SOON.  Especially if you live in the USA.  Apparently, we are among the most foolish of nations in allowing gmo seeds and products to run higledy pigledy, while other nations prohibit them.

Those are not the only important things unlikely to be shared via any msm resource.  However, they are the most pressing in my mind.  RESEARCH, awaken, inform thyself!

Monday, April 1, 2013

BTW: Meditation Monday

Today is day 297 of my meditation journey.

It got to be pretty difficult to blog while in VA, thus the break between January and March.  Even though meditation was minimal most of the time, I kept plugging along - by the Grace of God, for sure!  I also maintained my morning and evening devotionals (prayer and scripture reading; sometimes another spirit strengthening reading as well).  The combination of these Christ-centered actions have kept me together when i would've surely fallen apart otherwise.  Praise God for His Love and Devotion!

While in VA, between January and March, i did miss 3 days.  In my opinion... that's pretty terrific!

this is NOT an April-fool's Day post.  I think those tricks are pretty much reprehensible and do not participate.  Sorry if you think that's a party-pooper kind of attitude.

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