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Friday, April 26, 2013

Something That Just BUGS Me

Comments like, "Sometimes having faith is not enough to fight depression or anxiety, very good article."  And then the commenter posting an article like http://www.sistasinzion.com/2013/04/praise-or-prozac.html to a private board that is exclusive to the Sisters in a Ward.

This bugs me, ESPECIALLY, because the post is still up and i'm relatively certain no one in leadership will speak to this woman about how inappropriate sharing such an article is when shared via the Ward RELIEF SOCIETY page.  It would be better shared via her own personal Wall, rather than in a forum where those who prefer not to deal with her (or who she has unfriended) have to see what she has posted (whereas they would not have to if she posted it to her own wall).  grrr.

My observation of this inappropriateness connects to a broader issue that bugs me: people using the podium during church service as a pulpit to promulgate their personal politics and/or viewpoints....  This is especially troubling to me when it transpires during opening/closing prayers and testimony bearing.

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