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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In the News

The title does NOT refer to what is in the msm run news.  I don't watch that... don't have tv channel reception of any sort.

The news to which I'm referring has to do with a few things you may not have heard about as yet.

Have you heard about the governors who have been threatened by the o in office?  Yep.  It's true.  There are 27 of them, I believe.  They are organizing state militias and the o is feeling antsy about it and has sent them a special letter letting them know that if they continue, they will be charged with treason.  Hmmm... interesting charge... that!

There are, additionally, Sheriffs facing similar threats because of actions of support for/of the Constitution.  How wack is that?  Pretty dang if you ask me!

Did you know the o signed a law into being that protects monsanto?  That company is among, if not THE, biggest of the evil agri-business giants and gmo guardians.  Do you know about the gmo issues?  The arguements against them?  If not, you need to wake up.  AND SOON.  Especially if you live in the USA.  Apparently, we are among the most foolish of nations in allowing gmo seeds and products to run higledy pigledy, while other nations prohibit them.

Those are not the only important things unlikely to be shared via any msm resource.  However, they are the most pressing in my mind.  RESEARCH, awaken, inform thyself!

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