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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tricky Tuesday #9

If you've been learning about the dangers of our mainstream food supply (as i have), you may feel an urgency to change your food consumption practices.  If you do, you'll quickly find that eating organic via the grocery store is really quite expensive.  It is SO tricky to eat well (truly healthfully).  If you need to save some money (as i know i always need to!), you definitely need to look for an organic foods co-op.  If you live near me, i can connect you to a wonderful co-op (or two) that are REALLY reasonable to get into (do NOT cost an arm and a leg to start) and have GREAT prices!

If you have any yard or space in which to place pots, do a little food growing RIGHT NOW.  Even though it's late to start where i am, it's better to start late than not at all.  i'm only just getting stuff in the ground!  Seriously late, i know, but i TRULY believe better late than never!  Just make sure you buy heirloom seeds!

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