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Monday, April 28, 2014

Meditation Monday #67: Back into a Groove

I'm happy to relate that this past week has been back to daily meditation almost every day.  Yeay!  :)

My routine is different... tending toward evening meditation.  I really prefer morning, but I have not scheduled myself well, so night has worked best.  I'm just glad to make sure to get it in each day.  I think I did miss one day in the last seven, but I'm still super happy about getting back to almost every day.  :)

I've had some great insights during meditation.  They are mostly "DUH" but seemed to come into my understanding in a profound way... like, maybe I've actually REALLY learned it now.  I sure am hopeful!  Hope is such a wonderful gift, isn't it?

Have you been meditating lately?  Any good experiences you'd like to share?  I'd love to hear!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Meditation Monday #66: Full Week Back

This first full week back (sorta) did not see me meditate daily.  In fact, I have to admit that last week's post was written in advance, expecting better than I actually performed.  I actually meditated, but not the way I'd become accustomed and not every day.  :(

This past week was also very spotty.  I'm focusing on getting my habit of prayer in the morning and evening more solid (back to how it used to be).  However, I did begin my customary meditation practice again by the end of the week.  Yeay!  :)  It does feel good to do this one thing for myself really consistently.

Have you been meditating?  Are you finding many obstacles to your practice?  I'd love to hear!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Travel is exhausting, isn't it?  Even though all I had to do was stay awake and steer the van, I'm as tired as if I was doing a lot more!  I feel like I could lie down and sleep for a week!

The children, Jessie, and I really enjoyed making the trip to Ft. Lauderdale to enjoy the Temple Open House there yesterday.  It was a pleasure to make it possible for my children and non-member husband to see more of the temple than just the waiting room and restrooms.

The girls seemed most impressed with the Bride's room and Sealing room.  They were really lovely.  I was most impressed that there are two instruction rooms, so those attending the endowment ceremony will move during the process of it.  I thought that was super cool.

We enjoyed an amazing meal when we stopped in Boca Raton.  I'll share more about that later.  We also went to Miami and got nicely lost.  I was grateful to have a map app then because we did not get lost in a nice part of town.

Life sure is amazing, isn't  it?  Whether we see it as positive or negative, life is amazing!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Meditation Monday #65: Traveling and Returning Home

It is good to leave what is comfortable and venture into the unknown.  It is good to return to what is known.  It is good to change and become more!

These things are only a small sliver of what I've been through lately.  It's been difficult and horrible (some of it) and wonderful and amazing (other parts).  And such is life!  :)

I was not able to maintain my consistent practice of Kundalini Yoga even though I had reduced expectations.  And I'm really quite okay with it.  I experienced so much and did so much... it was a wonderful 12 days (even when it wasn't)!  I'm grateful for the time with my children and extended family and travel... I feel too grateful for all that was to regret what I wasn't able to do!

So, back to work on being consistent in meditating!  I'm pretty sure I'm going to change my routine up a LOT!  I'm going to move Kundalini Yoga practice to 1-3 times each week and develop my own way to meditate upon the Word the other days.  I will still complete at least 12 minutes each day (at least, that's the goal).  I'm excited to try new things!

Have you been meditating?  Experiencing anything special?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Soliloquy #31: Our Wedding

December 31, 2002 at midnight

Masquerade Ball (reception first), then ceremony, and a little bit of the reception at the end.

In the same hotel, there was a murder mystery dinner going on.  Our wedding was famous there... we kept having visitors from it come to see our cake!  That was a little disconcerting, but also quite cool.

Jessie had long dreamed of dressing up in an orange tux with a friend wearing a blue tux as the "Dumb and Dumber" characters.  So, that's what he and his best man wore.

I wore a blue gown reminiscent of a long-ago time... Renaissance-ish.  I love it still.

The rest of our colors continued the blue and orange theme including orange roses in vases, my bouquet, and other places throughout.  They are still "our" colors.  The children refer to them often, even.

My Dad helped us exchange the vows Jessie wrote.  My Mom was my matron of honor.  My parents were dressed as Santa and Mrs. Clause.

Our favors (decorating the tables and expected to be used by guests) were masks.  All sorts of masks!  We still have some.

The whole thing was really fun and, in many ways, very representative of us.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Meditation Monday #64: Traveling

I changed my expectations of myself in preparation for traveling.  I love to read a chapter in my Bible and Book of Mormon each morning and night, but decided that during our travels, I would be happy with once a day reading.  I also love that I've been able to complete 30 minute meditations for the most part lately.  I reduced my expectations to completing open, 7 minute kirtan kriya, and close for the first half of April.  I'm glad I did.  Because I was reasonable with my plans and goals, I was able to experience success with maintaining my meditations this past week, for the most part.  There really are seasons for all things!

During the rest of our travels, I'm going to continue the decreased expectation for myself and I hope I will continue to be successful!  :)

Are you meditating?  Have you experienced the need to reduce expectations in this way with anything in your life?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Soliloquy #30: Before We Were Married

Before Jessie and I got married, we were engaged for almost 2 years (by my count).  During that time, Jessie went on a 6-month cruise and I went to Australia as an exchange student.  It was also during that period of time that September 11th happened (while I was in Australia).  You can read a tiny bit about that here.

It's interesting to remember how long it seemed to take to get to our wedding day!  It seemed interminable.  It definitely wasn't, of course, but it sure seemed that way.

We planned everything for our wedding.  I'll tell you all about that next, probably.  We scheduled everything together.  I thought it was a great experience of increasing unity and our ability to work together.  I am very decisive most of the time and some folks don't like that much.  Thankfully Jessie did.

Before we were married, we spend all the time together that we could.  Of course we did.  We believed we were deeply in love.  It's interesting how perspective is altered after 10+ years of marriage.  Very interesting.

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