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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Soliloquy #31: Our Wedding

December 31, 2002 at midnight

Masquerade Ball (reception first), then ceremony, and a little bit of the reception at the end.

In the same hotel, there was a murder mystery dinner going on.  Our wedding was famous there... we kept having visitors from it come to see our cake!  That was a little disconcerting, but also quite cool.

Jessie had long dreamed of dressing up in an orange tux with a friend wearing a blue tux as the "Dumb and Dumber" characters.  So, that's what he and his best man wore.

I wore a blue gown reminiscent of a long-ago time... Renaissance-ish.  I love it still.

The rest of our colors continued the blue and orange theme including orange roses in vases, my bouquet, and other places throughout.  They are still "our" colors.  The children refer to them often, even.

My Dad helped us exchange the vows Jessie wrote.  My Mom was my matron of honor.  My parents were dressed as Santa and Mrs. Clause.

Our favors (decorating the tables and expected to be used by guests) were masks.  All sorts of masks!  We still have some.

The whole thing was really fun and, in many ways, very representative of us.

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