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Friday, July 31, 2009

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Do you think there's a difference between Organic and Genetically Modified crops? I know there is. This is a subject about which I began to learn about 4 years ago. At the time they predicted that there would come a time when governments of the world would work toward making genetic modified organisms THE way to grow foods... even to the point of making back yard gardening illegal. I thought it would never happen in my lifetime. I was wrong. There are bills in the House with language that could be interpreted in just such a way! Science fiction? I'm afraid not. It's all in preparation for the Codex deadline at the end of the year.

I want to share some GMO info with you. I hope you find it as enlightening as I do.
"There have been studies on various GE foods. In May, the American Academy
of Environmental Medicine (AAEM), a US-based international association of
physicians, called for an immediate moratorium on genetically modified foods,
saying they pose a "serious health risk"."

Why haven't we heard about that?

"Multiple animal studies have shown that GM foods cause damage to various organ
systems in the body. With this mounting evidence, it is imperative to have a
moratorium on GM foods for the safety of our patients' and the public's health,"
said Dr Amy Dean, a board member of AAEM."
Are you disturbed? I hope so. Monsanto and other big businesses in the GM race have more money than we can think of and lobby ALL the time. We need to do our part to fight the onslaught of unconstitutional laws on the docket in the House (with committees in the Senate).

If you think these laws will be just things that are passed, but then nothing comes of them, beware. In the short-run, not much may happen, but having these sorts of things "on the books" is creating a VERY dangerous world for our children. I want to leave this place better than it was when I came, not worse!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't Stand Idly Looking On...

Yesterday was a vote on HR (House of Resolutions) bill 2749, which would give the FDA permission to declare marshal law! My Congressman voted against it! Did yours? You need to know and make sure your voice is known and counted. THIS BILL IS CODEX RELATED. And the aids don't even know what Codex is. Do you think our Representatives do?? I'm not sure about most of them. While that is disappointing, it's also understandable. They have SO much to learn and not nearly enough time or staff to read/do it all. However, if they know their employers (you and me!) care about it, they will do their part to make our voices heard. I know they will because who wants to lose their job??

So, about HR 2749... it could well come up for vote again today or soon. Make sure you know your Congressperson's mind and make your voice heard!

Why is HR 2749 important? Well, if it passed, it would give the FDA permission to declare Marshall Law!!! How is that right? CODEX.

Also, Rusty Roberts was so kind and helpful to me today when I called my Congressperson's DC office. He helped me by telling me the reference names of the bills I am against. (I know the content, just didn't know the lingo!) He told me that HR 875 is referred to as The Food Safety Modernization bill (CODEX!) and HR 759 is referred to as The Food and Drug Administration Globalization bill (CODEX!) I was so glad to hear that my Congressman will vote them down. Will yours??

This morning I came to my blog planning to write just a few words, but more have come. Here are the words I was initially planning to write:
The title + more=
"Don't stand idly looking on; The fight with sin is real. It will be long, but must go on... work and watch and fight and pray With all your might and zeal. Push every worthy work along Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel!" If you're LDS, you probably know that song. It's from the Hymnal for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Are you doing your civic duty? Do you recall a talk in our last conference that encouraged us to be active politically? I do. I felt those words like a megaphone! So, here I am doing my part.

If ever there is something you would like to use that I have written regarding all this political stuff, PLEASE FEEL FREE. I don't need credit. That would be nice, but may not be good for me... pride and all that. So, use your discernment. :) If what you would like to share is a story, poem, or something about my family, I'd like you to share your source just because I do hope to make writing a sort of lucrative pursuit... eventually.

Gotta go. More phone calls to make. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Call For Help with CODEX related Bills in the House, Petitions, and Something Interesting

A petition for you to sign. Also, I hope
you will make the time
to make phone calls to your Congressman
and/or Senators about these issues!

This is an excerpt of one petition: (CODEX related)
"We oppose all deceptive attempts to industrialize the food supply under the guise of "food safety." Current bills before Congress such as HR 2749, HR875, S425, HR759, etc., lack any producer protective language patterned after Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 USCsec 203(s)(2) and DSHEA protective language of the 2007 FDA act, Section 1011."

The RIGHT to Self-Shield (rather than be forced or jailed for refusing a vaccination that is not adequately tested).

ANOTHER: (CODEX related)
Letter asking our representatives to be co-sponsors and Support the Kucinich Bills. These Bills require labeling of Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs). This is important because GMOs are permanent: once their genes are allowed to mix with ours, with those of the bacteria in the soil and in our gut, with the DNA of our children, butterflies and weeds, other species of crops, and just about anything else in the food web, they cannot be put back.

In the second paragraph I changed some fuzzy wording that you might also want to address. In the original it said "The Precautionary Principle, in essence, hold agencies and countries to the standard that if something has not been shown to be safe, it cannot be used, grown, offered or sold." I changed the red word to: "a genetic alteration".

Quote from the letter:
Congressman Dennis Kuchinch has introduced three important bills to comprehensively regulate GMO products since they are virtually unregulated now. These bills are:

• H.R. 6636, The Genetically Engineered Food Right To Know Act, which would require mandatory labeling of all foods that contain or are produced with GM material. No such labeling is permitted at this time in the US.

• H.R. 6635, The Genetically Engineered Safety Act, which would require that GE foods follow a food safety review process to prevent contamination of food supplies by pharmaceutical and industrial crops. This Act would also require that the FDA screen all GE foods to ensure they are safe for human consumption. No such safety review is permitted at this time in the US.

• H.R. 6637, The Genetically Engineered Technology Farmer Protection Act, places liability from the impacts of GM crops on the biotechnology companies that created the GMOs, and protects farmers from lawsuits by biotechnology companies. No such liability exists at this time for pharmaceutical plants and animals once approval is granted by the acting agencies for the organism and the same is true for non drug modifications as well.

If you are AGAINST Obamacare, join me in signing THIS petition. Stand and be counted.

ANOTHER: (CODEX related)
Ask your Congressperson to support HR 2117. This is also known as The Health Freedom Protection Act!!!
"H. R. 2117 allows reasonable health claims, with proper disclosure language, "unless the Secretary determines that -- `(i) there is no scientific evidence that supports the claim; and `(ii) the claim is inherently misleading and incapable of being rendered non misleading through the addition of a disclaimer." Thus, even "a scintilla" of scientific evidence would allow the making of claims that Dietary Supplements may be of benefit to individuals. The requirements of the bill are consistent with the law that already governs the agency's position, announced in 2004, "FDA intends to apply a standard for substantiating claims for dietary supplements that is consistent with the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC's) standard for dietary supplements and other health related products of 'competent and reliable scientific evidence'."

(CODEX related)
Citizen's Petition:
Please read this petition and determine if you are as firmly against the PRO CODEX position our government has taken. I definitely AM. I am for the right to choose to buy food that is NOT irradiated. I am for the right to choose to buy milk that has NO bovine growth hormone in it. Those are just two rights that will be removed by enforcing CODEX regulations as they are.

Contact your Congressperson(s). Just put your zip code in the top left to find the contact info you need.
Contact your Senator(s). Go to the pull down menu at the top right and find your state and their contact info.

the "Something Interesting"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Should They Have to Use It Too?

I've been learning more about political things since feeling strongly that I must speak up and speak out about the things transpiring among our "PTB" (powers that be). Among the issues I'm learning more about, and greatly worried about, is the Obamacare push.

The whole thing sounds good to me. Superficially. But in my opinion there are way too many problems to be truly good. A big one for me is that Obama refused to promise NOT to seek help beyond the the health care reform he's pushing, if it was a family member of his that was ill. See more on this issue at SnarkyBites (among others).

Along the same lines, the problem that those who will potentially pass the bill will, by virtue of their income, be exempt from use of the plan. That's a huge problem for me. John Fleming, a Congressman from Louisiana, suggested House Resolution 615. It's awesome. If you're interested in supporting a resolution that requires those who vote FOR Obamacare to also USE it. Check it out. On Fleming's site, there is also a petition. If you're for the Resolution, I encourage you to sign. It's still open for signatures.

-If you read my Codex blog post (prior) and tried to watch the videos, I heard there were duplicates. I believe the problems have been remedied. I'm sorry that there were any to begin with, but I didn't check to make sure they were all correct. Thank you for being tolerant!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Codex Alimentarius

Heaven help us if the Codex is implemented as intended. Currently, things are in place and lined up to do just that. We CAN do something about it, though. Please take the time to inform yourself. And if you don't much care about the specific issue, I hope you will realize that it needs standing against, otherwise this thing could be one of the many holes in the dike that cause the whole structure of our freedoms to break.

Part One of Five
This series is old (2005), but necessary information to understand the issue.

Part Two of Five

Part Three of Five

Part Four of Five

Part Five of Five

Sign the petition!

To contact your House representaives. Click HERE.

To contact your Senate representatives. Click HERE.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a...


It's the funniest thing. I want to get a picture, but my batteries died and they are currently recharging.... Anyway, Tea's been doing this funny little thing with her arms. She'll sit and play with something and then crawl a bit, and then sit again. Thus far I haven't been able to observe any aparent rhyme or reason for what follows, but she'll raise her arms up, like she's doing a bit of backstroke (swiming) in a sitting position. Both arms move up and back at the same time... so it's also like she's trying to fly through the air backwards. Every time I get lucky enough to see her do this it makes me smile and even giggle to myself because she just looks SO funny. I really am going to try to get a picture/video of it.

About pictures...

I have lots I want to upload. Video, too. But we've been having some technical difficulties. :( I'm worried that our only online capeable computer is on the fritz. It's okay, I suppose, in one way... I'm spending more time reading books I need to read (as well as some I don't NEED to read - like finishing the last TWO Potter books in 5 days - two of which Jess was home and I was totally engrossed in the world of You-Know-Who!) and studying information I feel Father wants me to know. But the bad part is that I've been feeling an ever increasing need and desire for communion with other homeschooling Mom's. For my situation, the internet is an absolute must for me to be able to connect to other Mom's in similar circumstance to mine. So, if you feel it worth your time, it would mean a lot to me if you would say a prayer for my computer! I know, maybe that sounds silly, but I know the power of prayer is mighty, even to the right-ing of electronic blunders!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some Kitty Loves You

My girls love to receive mail. When they learn that an envelope contains mail for them they beam ever so brightly and Ria often jumps up and down, which is followed quickly by Kat doing the same. Well, my girls received letters from Mimi a couple days ago. Ria raced through reading hers to herself, then read Kat's, then re-read her own out loud for Kat to hear. Obviously, Ria loves letters.

While perhaps not obvious in the same way, Kat loves letters, too. Please keep in mind this is a case specific story, but it is generally true for each piece of mail she receives.

Okay, so I handed Kat her letter. I asked if I could read it to her. She refused vociferously (and LOUDLY). She snatched the letter away from my waiting hands (I had assumed wrongly that she would like me to read it, of course). She proceeded to hold it to her chest many minutes. Then she looked down at it and unfolded it. She continued to look at it, once open. Ria was interested in what Mimi might say to Kat, so it was while Kat was looking at the opened letter that Ria offered to read Kat's letter out loud. I guess the time between my offer and Ria's was a sufficient length of time for Kat to admire her letter without knowing what was IN it because she happily handed it over to Ria. I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with how much Ria is just the "IT" for Kat. ;) Ria read it for Kat who promptly took it back.

Kat carried the letter around a bit. She fanned herself with it. She opened it, looked, admired, closed it. Eventually she left it on the ground in her room (having tried to take it to bed with her).

This evening she found it again. She picked it up. Over a period of about an hour she spent time writing on it, holding it, "reading" it, opening and closing it, clutching it to her chest, and eventually she spent a good deal of time holding it in bed while I cuddled with Ria. The conclusion of the time with her letter today ended with her crumpling it up and tossing it to the floor. Do not mistake this for lack of interest or devotion, this is (unfortunately) just the way Kat let's things go when she's done for the day and/or that moment in time.

I will be surprised if, at some point tomorrow, I do not see her holding, "reading", hugging, and many other loving/attentive behaviors with her letter from Mimi. This sort of loving a letter in place of her Mimi happens with each new piece of mail she receives and usually lasts between 3 and 7+ days.

Thus the title of today's post. Some Kitty loves you, Mimi! Of course, there are three other gals and a guy that love you, too. But I thought Kat's behavior deserved documentation. I hope you've enjoyed this true tale of Mimi love! ^_^

Since it's mostly about Kat...

I wanted to share some neat news and my great pleasure in my 2.5 year old middle daughter. Kat and I have been "doing school" for a few months now with a good bit of regularity. Our three classes consist of Bible Character Study (with Ria sometimes), Math, and Reading. We have (in case you're wondering) begun using How To Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It was rough going in the beginning and lessons lasted about 5 minutes (if I was lucky!). But MAN has Kat progressed! We're about to start lesson 7 and she is recognizing/reading all the sounds introduced thus far with no mistakes the first time we run through them. She gets bored during the second time around and doesn't pay close attention, so she misses some, but self-corrects when I let her know her first answer was wrong. Additionally, she's reading two sound "words" correctly (including ME and AT). I'm just so pleased and impressed with her and wanted to share. I'm sure she'll finish within a year from now. So, I'll have a 3.5 year old reader! Isn't that awesome!? Of course, if life happens and she isn't finished by the time I have in my head, I'll still be pleased that she desires to learn how to read and makes efforts toward that ability!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are You An Indentured Servant or a Slave?

The "swine flu" was actually man made. That seems pretty clear. And the hype... and now the WHO declaring a level 6 pandemic. Did you know? I just learned. Would you like to be forced to take a vaccine that has not been tested appropriately? Or see your child be subjected to the shot that could kill... because, as the government has said, "there may be some human wastage". Is that acceptable to you? If not, I urge you to notify your representatives. You can read more about this subject AND send/change a prepared email by CLICKING.

Even if you vaccinate and believe in using them, this is a completely different sort of thing! As the laws exist currently, someone who refuses the untried and untested swine flu vaccine to be released this fall, should it be released as mandatory (likely to happen) would be a felon, taken away and quarantined against their will! That is unacceptable to me. Is it to you?


We were getting ready to depart for our first activity for the day and I didn't have things planned as well as I thought, so we were running behind schedule. Ria was helping Kat get dressed and muttering quietly. Because I was concerned about what she might be saying, I paid extra close attention. And what to my wondering ears should I hear? "This is so hard. I don't like doing this. It's really difficult. But, you know Kat, like Henry Ford said, 'If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.' So, I think I can. So even though it's hard, I'm going to do it, you just have to give me a couple more minutes." Yes. Seriously. Ria said the previously quoted series of words almost a word for word! Our efforts at teaching this principle are paying off! YEAY!!! And... drum roll... it's only taken 5.5 years! ;) heeheehee

Seriously, though, I'm really pleased with that first miracle of my day.

Father provided two weather miracles for this bike riding Mama. We went to the playground to meet some friends and stayed for a couple hours. About 5 minutes after we arrived home it started pouring down rain. And it didn't even look like there was going to be a storm!

Fast forward.

Yesterday was Kat's second dance class. The storm of earlier in the day seemed to still be lingering even though the rain had ceased for a while. The sky seemed to get more forbidding. I said a little prayer asking that we might have a dry ride to and from dance. It was dry on the way, just had to avoid a big puddle on the side of the road. Totally do-able. I put the rain guard down on our trailer just in case it rained while we were in the building. What do you think I found when we got out? If you answered LOTS of rain drops and a still-wet-looking-pavement, then you're RIGHT!

In addition to those wonderful miracles (three), Ria's GOOD attitude carried through the whole day.

Yesterday was a GOOD good GOOD day!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kat Dances

Today was such a treat for me. Kat's first dance class! She did REALLY well considering she's two and a half and most children don't start until 3+ years old. She was SO happy about it and in it!!!

Ria was excited about Kat taking dance, too. Ria was actually doing a countdown (starting about a week ago) on the number of days till Kat's dance class! Today, I wasn't sure who was more excited: Ria or Kat. Ria kept saying, "You get to dance! I get to watch you dance!" It really warmed my heart.

Kat did really well in ballet. It was obvious to me that she was more excited about Tap because she paid less attention to what she was supposed to be doing. She was just so happy to be able to wear her tap shoes on a floor that enabled her to HEAR them tapping! So she didn't stay with the class as well for tap, but she loved it more. She kept looking over to see that I was watching (which I was able to do for most of the class) and then smiling her biggest smile. Can you heart my heart swell?

I'll probably have to use my allowance to pay for some of the classes (with two taking dance...) as well as the recital costumes, but after today I'm a bit more okay with that because of her reaction to actually dancing.

Kat is still a little confused... before we left for her class she came up to me to 'remind' me that she didn't have her lipstick on yet. I told her she didn't wear lipstick for dance CLASS, but only when she went on stage for RECITAL. She seemed okay with that. Well, when we got home she told me she was excited to go on stage and wear lipstick. I told her she had to go to a LOT more classes before she would go on stage, she responded, "No I don't. I did that. I'm DONE with that!" I hope she is excited about class next week even though she won't get to put on lipstick....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What Do They Do When I Am Away?

So, today I was given the gift of my monthly temple trip with my family, by my family. I just realized, during the long quiet ride home (the windows down to keep things cool makes it impossible for me to hear much of anything), that in a few more months we'll have been going to the temple monthly for 3 years! I feel a bit shocked... Now I just pray that Father keeps providing the way for us to make our trips. I definitely need it!

Because the weather was tolerable, Jess let me choose how long I spent inside. If it's too hot, I can only be gone about an hour, thus initiatories. If the weather is good, he'll let me choose. Of course, he knows I'll almost always choose an endowment. And I did. The name I had today was Ida Mae Vaughn. I can't help but wonder if she's family of one of my visiting teachers. It was a lovely time for me.

Thankfully, it was a lovely time for my three and their Daddy, too! I walked out after finishing, fully expecting to find them in the parking lot. I didn't see them right away, so I called Jess. He started laughing and told me I was going to find something funny. He proceeded to tell me that they'd found a really great playground and had an awesome time, but that he didn't think he'd payed close enough attention to the way he got there because right at the moment he was completely lost. I did find it funny. He figured his way out of it before too long. Thankfully.

So, they found a good, cool playground. The shade is provided by some live oaks reminiscent of a park in New Orleans, LA that I remember playing at as a child. Neat.

Well, while sitting on a ground lying branch of one of the oaks, Ria and Kat had the chance to watch a squirrel. My kids love to watch squirrels. This is a big difference between my kids and some of their cousins who will answer, when asked what kind of squirrel is good with: a dead one! They do have good reason for such a response, but it was funny to watch my Ria's horrified expression when she heard her cousin answer in such a way! ^_^

Anyway... back to my girls watching a squirrel. Apparently Ria decided to name the squirrel. I think it was because Jess told her that if she could catch it, she could keep it. MAN, I'm glad it was a fast squirrel! So, she named it Lola. Why? NO idea! But then she went a step further and named the playground "Sleepy Lola's Park". Why? Again: No idea. When asked she told me that she named it that just because she thought it sounded funny.

What a funny girl! :)

So, did I tell you Ria is reading the Narnia series? She's on book 4 now. Only 3 more to go. She comments on the Harry Potter books regularly... hinting that she's looking forward to reading them (like she wants me to let her read it next). She's so funny!

Ria is almost done with her first Math U See book. SO exciting!

Also, she's got 3 songs memorized for her piano recital even though she's only supposed to have 2. I had NOTHING to do with her going with 3. I promise. She did that TOTALLY on her own!

Tomorrow is Kat's first dance class and Ria is SO excited. Yes, RIA is so excited! It's been SO sweet and wonderful how encouraging Ria has been over Kat starting dance! :) Kat is also excited, by the way. ^_^

Unfortunately the dance studio will be moving. This is a major bummer for me as it's been within a mile from home since Ria started. BUT if they get a lease on the place they were looking at most recently, at least it will be under 10 miles round trip. I'll be biking it at that mileage, though. I already have my set-up goin' and I've been trying to get out on it to build up my stamina. 10 miles isn't all that bad, but there's a nice high bridge for me to get over to get out of and back in to my town! My legs have become quite weak!!! So, Kat has been riding in the seat behind me and Ria and Tea ride in the trailer behind my bike. It's been working pretty well so far. My main concern has been that I didn't have sunglasses for Kat (since she's right out in the sun). I realized this problem last week. Guess what? With a booster seat my friend Kim asked me if I wanted was a pair of small sunglasses! Perfect for Kat!!!! God is GOOD!

So, Tea is throwing a hissy fit right now. Till later.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Will Tea Answer To When Called?

Do you think she'll answer when her sisters say, "Tea, where are you?" Or, do you wonder, as I do, if she'll be more likely to respond when they say something more like, "Here Muffie... here Muffie, Muffie, Muffie!" If you have deduced that Tea's older sisters like to pretend that she is their puppy, named Muffie, then you have solved the puzzle. Congratulations Sherlock! ^_^

Isn't it funny? I mean, lately they have been on a big, "We want a dog!" trip, but MAN... pretending your baby sister is the dog? Oh... uhhh... A-Hem... ... ... I guess I did that. (sheepish) Actually, and especially on Sundays, if I recall correctly, my sibs and I pretended we were ALL dogs. VERY loud dogs! Very rambunctious dogs! hehehe ^_^ Those were the days!

Of course, now my days are those that my parents lived (less 3 children) and MAN, I'm sure glad I had fun... but I totally deserved being yelled at for being too loud! ;)

Seriously, though. It's fun, funny, silly, and causes me many-a-headache lately how much these girls love to pretend "DOG things" in general. Kat is the loudest (but generally is, not just limited to DOG). Tea just loves to be among her sisters (also true generally). Ria likes to tell everyone what to do (who can blamer her... she's the eldest...).

RIA SAID Monday Night
Monday night Ria could not find her PJ bottoms to match a certain top. Jess was trying to help her locate new PJs. So, he asked, "Why don't you just wear these together?" Ria responded, "No Daddy I can't wear those together, they don't match." Jess, "Why?" Ria, "Because that's the rule." Jess, "What rule?" Ria, "The "Rule of Clothes"." Jessie's final comment, "And in the end she wore two things that did not go together (not a matching top and bottom). She wore them because they were pretty."


Was busy and nice. We had friends over! The Mama is leaving white refined sugars (as I did a few months ago) and transitioning to whole grains (as I have in the past). Because of what I've shared with her about my current preparations (and some I've done in the past), she asked me if I would teach her how to make a few things. In particular she was interested in learning how to make almond milk. So, that's a big part of what we did today. We also visited, of course. It was wonderful to spend time with another Mama. And, in addition to going off the sugars path (!), she's also a homeschool Mama! What a wonder and a joy, eh? Well, you see, I say that because it's difficult to find parents who make many of the same choices we make (alternative/non-mainstream/whatever) and it feels SO nice when we do! Additionally, she's FL teacher certified AND working as one of the homeschool reviewers... so, should I choose that route, I can request her! Neat, eh?

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