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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kat Dances

Today was such a treat for me. Kat's first dance class! She did REALLY well considering she's two and a half and most children don't start until 3+ years old. She was SO happy about it and in it!!!

Ria was excited about Kat taking dance, too. Ria was actually doing a countdown (starting about a week ago) on the number of days till Kat's dance class! Today, I wasn't sure who was more excited: Ria or Kat. Ria kept saying, "You get to dance! I get to watch you dance!" It really warmed my heart.

Kat did really well in ballet. It was obvious to me that she was more excited about Tap because she paid less attention to what she was supposed to be doing. She was just so happy to be able to wear her tap shoes on a floor that enabled her to HEAR them tapping! So she didn't stay with the class as well for tap, but she loved it more. She kept looking over to see that I was watching (which I was able to do for most of the class) and then smiling her biggest smile. Can you heart my heart swell?

I'll probably have to use my allowance to pay for some of the classes (with two taking dance...) as well as the recital costumes, but after today I'm a bit more okay with that because of her reaction to actually dancing.

Kat is still a little confused... before we left for her class she came up to me to 'remind' me that she didn't have her lipstick on yet. I told her she didn't wear lipstick for dance CLASS, but only when she went on stage for RECITAL. She seemed okay with that. Well, when we got home she told me she was excited to go on stage and wear lipstick. I told her she had to go to a LOT more classes before she would go on stage, she responded, "No I don't. I did that. I'm DONE with that!" I hope she is excited about class next week even though she won't get to put on lipstick....


vicki said...

Yippee! Our Kat has started dance.
How funny, her lipstick expectation. It is Understandable since it hasn't been very long she saw big sis with it.
Do we have another Dolly Parton regarding the makeup? The singer, as a girl, had her eye on a particular woman in the community who wore lots of makeup,and wanted to emulate her with it.

Barbara Frank said...

What a great memory for you to treasure!

Thanks again for your kind comment at my blog :)

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