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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Codex Alimentarius

Heaven help us if the Codex is implemented as intended. Currently, things are in place and lined up to do just that. We CAN do something about it, though. Please take the time to inform yourself. And if you don't much care about the specific issue, I hope you will realize that it needs standing against, otherwise this thing could be one of the many holes in the dike that cause the whole structure of our freedoms to break.

Part One of Five
This series is old (2005), but necessary information to understand the issue.

Part Two of Five

Part Three of Five

Part Four of Five

Part Five of Five

Sign the petition!

To contact your House representaives. Click HERE.

To contact your Senate representatives. Click HERE.


vicki said...

THanks for giving me the name so I can research it. gotta get to work so I won't view the videos or research til later. Argh!

vicki said...

I just viewed the videos. There is duplication here. The 1st 2 videos are duplicates, as are videos 3 & 4, I think.
Your blog visitors may give up on getting the info within if they get discouraged/frustrated with the duplicity.
This is good info. I had been, JUST recently, hearing tidbits here n there but nothing as thorough as what I got here. I will embark on some research now....tomorrow.

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