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Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a...


It's the funniest thing. I want to get a picture, but my batteries died and they are currently recharging.... Anyway, Tea's been doing this funny little thing with her arms. She'll sit and play with something and then crawl a bit, and then sit again. Thus far I haven't been able to observe any aparent rhyme or reason for what follows, but she'll raise her arms up, like she's doing a bit of backstroke (swiming) in a sitting position. Both arms move up and back at the same time... so it's also like she's trying to fly through the air backwards. Every time I get lucky enough to see her do this it makes me smile and even giggle to myself because she just looks SO funny. I really am going to try to get a picture/video of it.

About pictures...

I have lots I want to upload. Video, too. But we've been having some technical difficulties. :( I'm worried that our only online capeable computer is on the fritz. It's okay, I suppose, in one way... I'm spending more time reading books I need to read (as well as some I don't NEED to read - like finishing the last TWO Potter books in 5 days - two of which Jess was home and I was totally engrossed in the world of You-Know-Who!) and studying information I feel Father wants me to know. But the bad part is that I've been feeling an ever increasing need and desire for communion with other homeschooling Mom's. For my situation, the internet is an absolute must for me to be able to connect to other Mom's in similar circumstance to mine. So, if you feel it worth your time, it would mean a lot to me if you would say a prayer for my computer! I know, maybe that sounds silly, but I know the power of prayer is mighty, even to the right-ing of electronic blunders!!


vicki said...

Oh, my! don't want the computer to go down! I will say a prayer.
Please capture that airplane! er, uh...Tea.
love, mom

vicki said...

last comment was before work. now, after work. Dad wants you to describe the problem.
About the flying...
maybe she is trying to fly like angels.

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