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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What Do They Do When I Am Away?

So, today I was given the gift of my monthly temple trip with my family, by my family. I just realized, during the long quiet ride home (the windows down to keep things cool makes it impossible for me to hear much of anything), that in a few more months we'll have been going to the temple monthly for 3 years! I feel a bit shocked... Now I just pray that Father keeps providing the way for us to make our trips. I definitely need it!

Because the weather was tolerable, Jess let me choose how long I spent inside. If it's too hot, I can only be gone about an hour, thus initiatories. If the weather is good, he'll let me choose. Of course, he knows I'll almost always choose an endowment. And I did. The name I had today was Ida Mae Vaughn. I can't help but wonder if she's family of one of my visiting teachers. It was a lovely time for me.

Thankfully, it was a lovely time for my three and their Daddy, too! I walked out after finishing, fully expecting to find them in the parking lot. I didn't see them right away, so I called Jess. He started laughing and told me I was going to find something funny. He proceeded to tell me that they'd found a really great playground and had an awesome time, but that he didn't think he'd payed close enough attention to the way he got there because right at the moment he was completely lost. I did find it funny. He figured his way out of it before too long. Thankfully.

So, they found a good, cool playground. The shade is provided by some live oaks reminiscent of a park in New Orleans, LA that I remember playing at as a child. Neat.

Well, while sitting on a ground lying branch of one of the oaks, Ria and Kat had the chance to watch a squirrel. My kids love to watch squirrels. This is a big difference between my kids and some of their cousins who will answer, when asked what kind of squirrel is good with: a dead one! They do have good reason for such a response, but it was funny to watch my Ria's horrified expression when she heard her cousin answer in such a way! ^_^

Anyway... back to my girls watching a squirrel. Apparently Ria decided to name the squirrel. I think it was because Jess told her that if she could catch it, she could keep it. MAN, I'm glad it was a fast squirrel! So, she named it Lola. Why? NO idea! But then she went a step further and named the playground "Sleepy Lola's Park". Why? Again: No idea. When asked she told me that she named it that just because she thought it sounded funny.

What a funny girl! :)

So, did I tell you Ria is reading the Narnia series? She's on book 4 now. Only 3 more to go. She comments on the Harry Potter books regularly... hinting that she's looking forward to reading them (like she wants me to let her read it next). She's so funny!

Ria is almost done with her first Math U See book. SO exciting!

Also, she's got 3 songs memorized for her piano recital even though she's only supposed to have 2. I had NOTHING to do with her going with 3. I promise. She did that TOTALLY on her own!

Tomorrow is Kat's first dance class and Ria is SO excited. Yes, RIA is so excited! It's been SO sweet and wonderful how encouraging Ria has been over Kat starting dance! :) Kat is also excited, by the way. ^_^

Unfortunately the dance studio will be moving. This is a major bummer for me as it's been within a mile from home since Ria started. BUT if they get a lease on the place they were looking at most recently, at least it will be under 10 miles round trip. I'll be biking it at that mileage, though. I already have my set-up goin' and I've been trying to get out on it to build up my stamina. 10 miles isn't all that bad, but there's a nice high bridge for me to get over to get out of and back in to my town! My legs have become quite weak!!! So, Kat has been riding in the seat behind me and Ria and Tea ride in the trailer behind my bike. It's been working pretty well so far. My main concern has been that I didn't have sunglasses for Kat (since she's right out in the sun). I realized this problem last week. Guess what? With a booster seat my friend Kim asked me if I wanted was a pair of small sunglasses! Perfect for Kat!!!! God is GOOD!

So, Tea is throwing a hissy fit right now. Till later.

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Mindy said...

That is awesome! I do not know how you find the energy to do all you do! Ria is reading the Narnia series - wow! That is awesome. Your family is so cute!

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