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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't Stand Idly Looking On...

Yesterday was a vote on HR (House of Resolutions) bill 2749, which would give the FDA permission to declare marshal law! My Congressman voted against it! Did yours? You need to know and make sure your voice is known and counted. THIS BILL IS CODEX RELATED. And the aids don't even know what Codex is. Do you think our Representatives do?? I'm not sure about most of them. While that is disappointing, it's also understandable. They have SO much to learn and not nearly enough time or staff to read/do it all. However, if they know their employers (you and me!) care about it, they will do their part to make our voices heard. I know they will because who wants to lose their job??

So, about HR 2749... it could well come up for vote again today or soon. Make sure you know your Congressperson's mind and make your voice heard!

Why is HR 2749 important? Well, if it passed, it would give the FDA permission to declare Marshall Law!!! How is that right? CODEX.

Also, Rusty Roberts was so kind and helpful to me today when I called my Congressperson's DC office. He helped me by telling me the reference names of the bills I am against. (I know the content, just didn't know the lingo!) He told me that HR 875 is referred to as The Food Safety Modernization bill (CODEX!) and HR 759 is referred to as The Food and Drug Administration Globalization bill (CODEX!) I was so glad to hear that my Congressman will vote them down. Will yours??

This morning I came to my blog planning to write just a few words, but more have come. Here are the words I was initially planning to write:
The title + more=
"Don't stand idly looking on; The fight with sin is real. It will be long, but must go on... work and watch and fight and pray With all your might and zeal. Push every worthy work along Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel!" If you're LDS, you probably know that song. It's from the Hymnal for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Are you doing your civic duty? Do you recall a talk in our last conference that encouraged us to be active politically? I do. I felt those words like a megaphone! So, here I am doing my part.

If ever there is something you would like to use that I have written regarding all this political stuff, PLEASE FEEL FREE. I don't need credit. That would be nice, but may not be good for me... pride and all that. So, use your discernment. :) If what you would like to share is a story, poem, or something about my family, I'd like you to share your source just because I do hope to make writing a sort of lucrative pursuit... eventually.

Gotta go. More phone calls to make. :)


Barbara Frank said...

There's a lot of strange stuff going on lately....thank you for your vigilence!

vicki said...

Dear Tori, Thank you for your work and sharing your knowledge. It makes my efforts easier, fer sher!
The events of this day interfered with any efforts on my part to make calls. I should be able to do it tomorrow during breaks at work.
That video I want to share...wouldn't work on facebook. Gonna try to post on my blog.
love, mom

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