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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Should They Have to Use It Too?

I've been learning more about political things since feeling strongly that I must speak up and speak out about the things transpiring among our "PTB" (powers that be). Among the issues I'm learning more about, and greatly worried about, is the Obamacare push.

The whole thing sounds good to me. Superficially. But in my opinion there are way too many problems to be truly good. A big one for me is that Obama refused to promise NOT to seek help beyond the the health care reform he's pushing, if it was a family member of his that was ill. See more on this issue at SnarkyBites (among others).

Along the same lines, the problem that those who will potentially pass the bill will, by virtue of their income, be exempt from use of the plan. That's a huge problem for me. John Fleming, a Congressman from Louisiana, suggested House Resolution 615. It's awesome. If you're interested in supporting a resolution that requires those who vote FOR Obamacare to also USE it. Check it out. On Fleming's site, there is also a petition. If you're for the Resolution, I encourage you to sign. It's still open for signatures.

-If you read my Codex blog post (prior) and tried to watch the videos, I heard there were duplicates. I believe the problems have been remedied. I'm sorry that there were any to begin with, but I didn't check to make sure they were all correct. Thank you for being tolerant!

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vicki said...

Good to know about Fleming's resolution! thanks!

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