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Monday, July 29, 2013

Gears Goin' but Not Much Happenin'

My life feels like the title a lot lately.  It's not the truth of the situation, but it sure does feel like it more often than not.  Such is the case when a new Mama has a new nursling.  And no matter whether it's #1 baby or #8, Mama is new every time!

One thing i've re-realized anew is how much i must die to myself with each new arrival.  It's AMAZING how much i get used to having an older "baby" who is really independent and then to have a newborn who is completely dependent... it's a HUGE change.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to learn the new ways i've become selfish and have to relinquish them and die to self all over again.

Jessie has taken the girls to a nearby Farm Swap a couple times.  We have been able to sell some livestock, but not nearly as much as i'd like... so that's another way it feels like the gears are turning and nothing is transpiring.  NO!  It's not nothing.  It's just not as much as i'd like.

I'm working to purge lots of things from our store of "stuff" and that is going very slowly indeed.  It's nearly impossible to do while holding baby girl who is only seven weeks as of today... so i have to try to sneak away when she's sleeping and that doesn't last long at all.  So, it's a tiny bit of work and a LOT of trying to work things out in my head so that i can work REALLY efficeintly when i get to do what i need to do!

I'm walking every morning except Sunday again.  Today began my third week back to it.  It's WONDERFUL to be back.  I was really nervous because i started walked before i should've and went out 3 times and felt BLAH about it.  I was worried that i wouldn't love it like i did when i was preggie.  I've been SO glad to realize i only felt that blah way because i was still run down and my body was not ready for that kind of exertion.  Praise the Lord for that!!!

I've begun working as a Distributor of Tower Gardens and Young Living Essential Oils.  More people tend to be familiar with Young Living than Tower Gardens, which is really interesting to me.  When I started learning about essential oils no one i knew really knew about them.  Now it's become quite common for people to be at least a little familiar with the term: essential oils... even if they don't actively use them for themselves.

Tower Gardens are awesome!  They are aeroponic and very modern looking!  The footprint is a total of about 3 feet by 3 feet and it can be short or a bit tall (a bit more than 6 feet tall) depending on whether you get the basic or an addition.  It's as good or better than organic food and can be as little as $45 a month for a year to pay for the Tower itself.  My Tower is brand new with little seedlings, but i've been watching a member of my upline with her Towers for at least the last 2 years and she has harvested SO much better-than-organic produce off her Tower.  I'm sure she has spent far less on food than i do relatively speaking.  So, i hope to begin saving money on our food bill in the next month!  I hope you'll check it out: http://gollihugh.towergarden.com/  IF you order from me on or before July 31, you will get a coupon code for FREE SEEDLINGS (that includes shipping)!  You can order right through my website and i'll be in touch with you.  Oh... if you'd like to Distribute, you'll need to contact me first so we can get you signed up, pay $50, then you buy the Tower from yourself ($49 Retail Commission), so that you'll end up paying only $1 to be able to Distribute Towers, too!  How great is THAT!!??  It's what i did and i'm just tickled about it!!!

If you'd like to order Young Living oils from me, let me know in a comment and i'll get in touch with you to share my member number so you can either set up an account through which you can order any time or you can become a distributor and buy wholesale whenever you want!

My Tower with FREE seedlings installed.

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