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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some Nice Guidelines

If we know the Word of God and understand it, these 18 points are the ways our Heavenly Father would have us live, phrased in a different way.

At the start of the new millennium, the Dalai Lama issued eighteen rules for living.:

1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
2. When you lose, don't lose the lesson.
3. Follow the three Rs: 1. Respect for self 2. Respect for others 3. Responsibility for all your actions.
4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.
5. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.
6. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.
7. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.
8. Spend some time alone every day.
9. Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values.
10. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
11. Live a good, honourable life. Then when you get older and think back, you'll be able to enjoy it a second time.
12. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life.
13. In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don't bring up the past.
14. Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality.
15. Be gentle with the earth.
16. Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.
17. Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.
18. Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.

Nice, right?  :)

Chapter 3 of The Way We Became

This chapter is the first chapter for which you will pay if you desire to continue to read The Way We Became, which is the title of the story you've been reading parts of for the last couple weeks."How much?" You say.

Merely 10¢.  That's $0.10 for real.  Can you beat that??

Paypal takes a cut, thus the dime instead of a nickel...  I figure 10¢ is pretty inexpensive for a whole Chapter of a pretty cool... slightly strange story that you really want to know what's going to happen next in... right?  ^_^
This is a one-time purchase.  You will not be charged for more than this one Chapter.  That's only ten cents, just in case you missed it above!  ;)  If you desire to continue reading beyond this Chapter, you will have the opportunity to pay for each one as they are released.

In your purchase, you will detail the email address to which you would like to receive Chapter 3.  I will send you an invoice.  Please remember that this material is protected by Copyright Law:
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Thank you, in advance, for being honest, honorable and trustworthy!

A Quote From Elder Holland

“Who is it that whispers so subtly in our ear that a gift given to another somehow diminishes the blessings we have received? Who makes us feel that if God is smiling on another, then He surely must somehow be frowning on us? You and I both know who does this—it is the father of all lies.. I am convinced the commandment not to covet is meant to keep us from hurting ourselves… Brothers and sisters, I testify that no one of us is less treasured or cherished of God than another. I testify that He loves each of us—insecurities, anxieties, self-image, and all. He doesn’t measure our talents or our looks; He doesn’t measure our professions or our possessions. He cheers on every runner, calling out that the race is against sin, not against each other. I know that if we will be faithful, there is a perfectly tailored robe of righteousness ready and waiting for everyone, ‘robes … made … white in the blood of the Lamb.’ May we encourage each other in our effort to win that prize is my earnest prayer..”

Friday, June 29, 2012

CHAPTER 2: part 8 of 8; back to Weebly

back to the BEGINNING


The science of it was a bit foggy, but Weebly knew that it worked because he’d seen it as long as he could remember. For some reason, though, he didn’t feel entirely comfortable about jump stations, wormholes, or speeds approaching that of the speed of light. He’d just rather hop a flight.

They were geared up and ready to go, but Weebly was standing still as stone in his nook. He was worried about leaving what he knew. what was familiar.

Madra came to the port, “Weebly. It’s time to depart immediately. Let us leave.”

“Yes. It is appropriate,” Weebly responded. He knew the right words. He knew the right tone of voice to use. He knew how to manipulate all so that she would not know of his concern. But he was concerened.

The two walked to their jump ports in their own niche’s jump station. Pedre was standing in his circle already. His long fingers were rubbing the sides of his legs the way they did when he was agitated or feeling impatient. Both feelings were supposed to be long forgotten, but were tolerated in Madra and Pedre because they were so useful to the community.

Madra entered her circle immediately. Weebly stood on the verge of entering his for a moment before her took the step that placed him firmly within it.

“Why delay? Should you stay? What is your concern?” Madra was perceptive and detail oriented. Weebly was worried he would not be able to pull off his cover-up much longer if they didn’t jump right away.

“I thought I left one tool in the wrong place and immediately remembered it was correctly placed.”

“Good. We cannot leave things misplaced. They must be perfect.”

"Let us jump. Weebly,” Pedre was speaking now, “do you remember the theory?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“Madra will jump first to be there when you arrive. Then you and I will follow to ensure that you have completed from this end. Madra, go ahead.”

“Gone.” And she immediately disappeared.

“Weebly. It’s your turn. Go ahead.”

“Gone.” But he wasn’t.

“Weebly. Focus. Locate the wormhole you will use. Imagine your mind drawing it to you. Guide it. Lay down a path for it all the way to where you stand. You only need hold it for a split second and then jump into it. You’ll direct it by laying a path for it as you rest in it. It’s simple stuff since you already know the theory. Just do it.”

“Yes. Simple stuff. Just do it.” Weebly muttered to himself.

“Go ahead, Weebly. Do you have a concern you need to communicate?”

“No, Pedre. No concern. I only need a moment to focus as you described. This is my first time.”

“You may use what time you need.”

“Thank you, Pedre.” Moments passed as Weebly focused hard. “Yes. I see it. It is actually moving toward me. Yes. It’s here. I’m GONE.” And he was.

© 2008-2012 Tori Gollihugh All Rights Reserved

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More on Doctrines (some deep-ish) of My Church

Susanne asked some really GREAT questions on a blog belonging to a friendly aquaintance of mine.  I loved the questions so much, especially after the challenge and joy of responding to some questions my friendly aquaintance posed as queries others might have (on her blog), that I decided I just needed to answer Susanne!  I hope you don't mind, Suzanne, assuming you ever read them.  ^_^
Your questions are in italics, unaltered.  I'm totally happy with any comments or questions you may have, too.

"Aren’t we good enough to be in heaven without having to adopt extra gods?"
I'm not really sure why you think we have to adopt extra gods.  Certainly Mormons believe in only God the Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost which three constitute our One God.

"or being sealed forever?"
Being sealed to one's spouse for eternity is not a matter of being good enough.  The sealing ordinance performs the unification of two into one for longer than life.  Marriage under man's law makes the union for life, sealing carries it through death.  So, the sealing ordinance has really nothing to do with being "good enough," except that both parts of the union must be striving to be "good enough" to be exhalted.

"or having to accept Joseph Smith as a prophet?"
I would ask a question in return: Aren't we good enough to not need Moses as a prophet?  Or, weren't the Israelites good enough that they didn't need Moses for a prophet.  I think the answer is both yes and no.  Yes, certainly they could return to Father's presence without Moses.  But no because they could not escape the captivity of their generation.  And for generations afterward (and Jews still today) who practiced the ordinances of the Mosaic Law.  These are performances that are meant to sanctify and bring those who do them unto the Lord.  So too, for the contemporaries of Joseph Smith through the generations to the present day.

"or having to do good works?"
So, would you refute the Bible?  Faith without works is dead, it says in the Holy book.  But you would argue that we are 'good enough' without good works to get into Heaven.  1+1=2 whether we like it that way or not.  :)

"What if we simply want to accept Jesus’ work on the cross as the only thing necessary for salvation and realize our good works stem from abiding in Him not as a means to earn a higher level of heaven?"
Such a desire is perfection.  Our good works DO stem from abiding in Him.  They do not "earn" us a higher degree of heaven.  By abiding in Him (doing good works), we are sanctified and purified and perfected (not made perfect in this life, but moved ever nearer to perfection).  This sanctification and purification and movement toward perfection enable us to endure a potential eternity nearer His presence.  No unclean thing can enter His presence, so surely no unclean thing can abide His presence for eternity.  No one of us will ever attain perfection in this life.  So we must rely upon Grace.  However, let's say there are two people who profess Jesus as their Savior on the same day.  Then one of them spends the rest of life abiding in Christ, performing good works under inspiration of the Holy Ghost, and loves to and years to abide in His presence always, then dies.  While the other falls into lustfull living, doing all manner of evil in the sight of the Lord, and lives in a manner so that this person feels GREAT discomfort at the thought of being among believers and cannot even contemplate entering God's presence for the shame of the life this person led....  Would it be justice for our Father in Heaven to force this second person into the same place as the first?  Would it be justice in God to force the first to endure eternity in the environs that second would feel comfortable in?  This is where the Degrees of Glory come in, you see.

"'Without me you can do nothing,' Jesus tells us. He tells us to abide in Him and He would bring forth good fruit in us. Why do we need to accept LDS doctrines?"
We believe... I believe that the Doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are the fully restored Doctrines Jesus Christ taught when He was in His ministry on earth among the Jews.  We/I believe many plain and simple truths were lost through the Great Apostacy, which Jesus and Paul (I think) prophesied.

"I’m curious why the need for LDS missionaries – is this not a waste of time and resources that could be used to feed the poor or fight sex traffickers or provide clean water or mosquito nets that would save thousands of lives?"
We believe it is the duty of every person who learns truth to share it with their spirit siblings.  We believe we have the most complete truth about the nature of God and His Way for His Children, and desire to share these truths.  Missionaries are full-time sharers of these truths.

"Maybe you believe you are encouraging people to marry and be sealed for all time and that idea is worth going into all the world and preaching to every creature? Is this why Mormons are all over the world?"
Missionaries teach about those things, it is true.  And yes, this is part of the message we are striving to share all over the world.  But it is only a part.  We also teach about the true nature of God, the truth of our Father speaking to and visiting His lost sheep, and more.

"My mom’s family has several missionaries so I try to understand the missionary mindset, but it makes more sense to me when I feel like they want to tell people about Jesus so HE can save them from hell. But if there were no hell (by the way, I’d love for y’all to be right about this!! truly!) then I wouldn’t bother. If most everyone is OK just as they are, why leave family, go to another land and tell people their faith isn’t good enough (which can be insulting if you think about it)? Maybe “going to hell” is a bad reason to share your faith and yours is better? But what is it? You have to be LDS in order to have the BEST heaven? I’d join LDS just because their hell is so small, but what if you are wrong about that and hell is bigger than we think?"
We do teach that Jesus Christ saves us from evil and the result of sin.  If we sin with knowledge, we are exiled from God's presence.  As "nice" as the Tilestial (lowest degree of heaven) is, it's NOT eternity in God's presence.  And I'm pretty sure there is reference in the Bible to the idea that living out of God's presence is no treat, regardless of how nice it is.  The only way to attain eternity in God's presence is in and through and by Jesus Christ.  For, as you know, He is the way, the truth and the light.  And only in and through Him can we be saved.

Being able to attain the Celestial Kingdom (the BEST heaven, as you put it) is determined more by sanctification and whether all of the necessary ordinances to obtain the presence of God have been performed.  Since The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the physical manifestation of the RESTORED fullness of Christ's Gospel, we have the most truth and part of that truth is the ordinances necessary to obtain the Father's presence.

Whether we (Mormons) are right or wrong about the number of folks who may be exiled to outerdarkness (hell) or not should really not be a concern for any good Christian.  For if we, Christians, are leading lives Led of the Lord we don't have to worry about hell... and focusing our attention there avails us less ability to focus where we should be focused.  If we only do good to avoid hell, then we're running away from something, rather than focusing on Christ and being sanctified.

"I always heard Lucifer wanted to be like God and this was what caused his fall. You have to understand why it’s difficult for someone like me to accept the notion that Mormons *want to be like God.* Or be gods…how is that different from Lucifer?"
This is different from the devil because we Mormons do not desire to take our Father's Glory.  We strive and work and live and love (just as all Christians do) to Glorify our Father.  The deceiver wanted to perform a form of the saving work Jesus Christ actually did, but instead of doing it the Lord's way (which Christ did do), the devil wanted to do it his own way AND obtain God's Glory for his own.  Jesus Christ was our exemplar when He said by His life and death, "Thy Will be done, not mine."  I believe that by becoming a god with my eternal mate I will always be a child of my Heavenly Father's and that any Glory I may attain will also be His... so, in the way that my earthly parents are always older than me, God the Father will always be "ahead" of me.

"Or maybe you believe Lucifer isn’t so bad and we have wrongly pegged him when he, too, will really be in that big wonderful heaven. Do you?"
Lucifer is the pre-existence name of him who is now known as the devil.  He is the father of lies.  He is the evil one.  He is the great deceiver.  He is miserable and desires all of us to be miserable as he.  We, Mormons, know these truths, as do you.

"By the way, do you believe Jesus and Paul were married?"
No way.  I've heard a lot of out-there stuff, but that's the most out-there to date.

"Also, how do gay couples figure into Mormon theology?"
Gay marriage, in our belief, is not recognized by God.  He did not organize or intend for a homosexual couple to copulate, much less consider themselves 'married.'

"And divorced people?"
I'm not completely sure.  I believe (that we believe) there will be a great deal of Grace for those divorced during our day.  Perhaps an even greater measure of Grace, given the world in which we live.  I definitely believe (and Mormons do) that divorce is not the goal; whether you are married by man or in the temple.  We DO believe the Bible to be the Word of God, so long as it is translated correctly.  So, Paul had a few words about marriage and the use of it.  I know, at one point, he said that if one were married to an unbeliever the believer should never leave, but if the unbelieving spouse left, to let them go.  Also, I believe he also said that it was important that the believer NOT leave because s/he never could tell if they would be the way and means by which their spouse would be saved.

"And couples unable to conceive?"
They are able to enter the Celestial Kingdom if all else is in accordance to God's Commands and Expectations.  He is the ultimate judge of all, anyway!

"or couples like me and my husband who never wanted children?"
Living childless for selfish reasons is, I believe, not pleasing to the Lord (given His first Commandment in the Garden) and could potentially cause those who make such a choice to suffer more than necessary if they had kept that Commandment.  If they were able, and chose NOT to keep the Commandment (just like any Commanment)... well, there is a blessing and punishment predicated on all obedience or disobedience (respectively).

I did strive to declare what I believe, but I do believe what I believe is according to correct Doctrines of my Church.  :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just For Fun

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Thankful Thursday

I'm going to try to pick this practice back up.  I loved it when I did it before (inspired to it by my amazing Sister from the same Mother) and I'm absolutely certain I can benefit greatly from including this in my life once again!  If you'd like to join me, I'm not going to do a link-up, per se, but if you Blog and want to do a Thankful Thursday posts and would like to share it with me, I'll edit this post (or any future TT post) to list your Blog as a link... more work for me, it's true, but this way I don't have to pay for a linky service this way.  :)

Now, there are a couple ways I can think of, right off the top of my head, to do Thankful Thursday.  I could list each day and come up with something I'm Thankful for/from/about each.  That's what I did before, if you recall.  While I may do that sometimes, I think I may simply choose one thing from the week to focus on and share it.  So my own Thankful Thursday post may be only one word/line (HA! can you imagine!?), or it may be numerous paragraphs (as per my verbose tendancy).  Just want you to know I'm not going to stick to only one format.  Hey... sometime you may even get a pictoral representation of what I'm Thankful for!  Yeah, I know... that would be a surprise since I rarely get pictures up here.  But it could happen!  ^_^

This week of June 21 through June 27, 2012 I'm thankful for my husband.  I'm grateful for trials that show me his devotion and dedication, love and loyalty, and his determination to support and provide for me and our family... and not just in financial ways.  He has really picked up some major slack this week (especially the last few days!) and I am so thankful!

I'm also Thankful that my sister has had another birthday.  How old are you now, Sis?  ;)  I know... somewhere around 7 years younger than me, right?  ^_^

The Ship and The Anchor

I know a ship who dropped its anchor quite a few years ago.  anchor all the way deep down into the bottom of the ocean floor.  The ship, representing the emotional life of someone, stopped progressing.  It just stayed put for a number of years.  And we know, when no forward progress is made, it is unlikely that we are actually holding steady, either.

Anyway... no forward progress... and then, slowly, one chain link at a time, the anchor started to be pulled up.  Slowly.  Slowly.  Ever so slowly until that ship started to be able to make some forward progress - even though its anchor was still draggin out behind it.  Obviously, the anchor impeded progress.  But that ship just kept on trying.

Until one glorious day when the ship realized it could get rid of that anchor.  The ship wasn't exactly sure how to go about it, but the awareness was born, "I can ditch this anchor!  I don't need it, not even a little bit!"  And so the ship kept moving forward as best it could with the anchor holding it back as much as it did.  But the ship didn't feel the drag nearly so much because along with trying to move forward, the ship was also puzzling out how to get rid of the anchor altogether.

And then it happened.

The ship realized that there was this person with it the whole time.  And this person was right there waiting to do the work necessary to release the ship from the anchor.  In fact, though the ship didn't quite understand how it could be, the work had already been done.  And the anchor that created an actual force in the ship's life was, but also was not.  As soon as the ship recognized that person for who and what He was, accepted the truths He represented and decided to dedicate itself (the ship) to that One, the anchor was no more.

Now the ship was FREE!  Not a storm on the horizon and a new and constant Friend with whom to enjoy the journey.

Does this mean life was peachy-keen for the rest of forever.  'Course not.  Oceans have storms.  But since that ship now devoted itself to the One True Friend, it would experience relatively safe passage through all of them.  That doesn't mean it would come out scott-free... it might even need repairs, but it'd all work out in the end.  And so long as the ship remained true, kept trying, and endured to the end, regardless of what the storms might do, there was a promise of eternal reward on the other side of the veil.

CHAPTER 2: part 7 of 8; back to Ziganths (Zig)

back to the BEGINNING


They were passing over Washington D. C. tonight.  Since that July 1952, long ago, they’d had free reign in the skies over D. C.  As long as they followed a very few guidelines, they would be allowed to fly with no questions asked. The only time they could collect individuals without raising suspicion was on nights of no moon.  Washington D. C. was their most successful collection location because of the combination of individuals and energy.  New York City was the best for energy collection.  As a result of the destruction of the twin towers back in 2001, they’d been able to build an energy generator and collector right into the land that was cleared by that destruction.  It was a tremendous score for Zig’s race, but yet another point of dissatisfaction and malcontentment for him with his people.

He clearly saw that they only perpetuated what any other race he'd ever learned about termed as evil.  Yet they, the Annunaki, declared that it was necessary for their survival.  They described what they needed to feed their physical and energetic systems as "good" because it perpetuated their race.  Zig wondered if it could be good at all if it caused only unkindness, pain, fear and negativity in all other sentient life forms.  He felt strongly that it could not actually be good and was, in fact, the evil acknowledged by other races.  Yet even in this awareness, he didn’t know how to do anything about it.  He wanted his people to change, but he didn't know how to make those changes happen.

“Zig, what are you doing?”

So deep in contemplation of the conundrum of his existence, Ziganths didn’t respond because he simply hadn’t heard the voice address him.

“Ziganths!  What are you doing?!?”

“Oh!  I didn’t realize you were there.  Please forgive me, Zidelths.  I was just considering....”

“What were you considering?”  Zidelths’s voice sounded far slipperier than he remembered.

“The problem of my thoughts.”

“Oh.  Zig, were you thinking about the wrong we do?”

“Yes.  How did you know?”

“Because I find myself staring down at the land we pass, wondering about the humans we torture and thinking thoughts that are probably pretty similar to yours.”

“Well, Zidelths, have you drawn any conclusions or come to any resolutions?”

“No.  No, not yet.  But I hope that I may, some day.”

“Hope.  That’s one of those silly ideas the humans speak on…  One of the silly wonderful ideas that makes me wish we were more like them!”

“Yes.  And I with you.”

“Zidelths, I wish we were not from different floors.  We could be great friends.”

“I think we ARE great friends.”

“Yes, of course.  But… what I mean is… well, it would just be really nice to spend more time with you.”

“But we cannot.  Stolen moments to feel camaraderie are our foreseeable future.  We must reach acceptance to achieve peace.”

“How do you hear their philosophies, Zidelths!?  I’m sure what you just said must be theirs!!”

“Well, it certainly helps to be the daughter of Communications' Agents.  My family line has been in communications for many generations, but they are all workers, nothing outstanding about us.  Because of my parents' work, I was able to learn how to manipulate the listening devices without any suspicion.  They were very happy to teach me what our line has done for as long as we have recorded.  Since I learned the process of using the listening devices, I steal away whenever I’m able to and take over one of the listening rooms that other agents don’t care to work in because there is no one of importance to impress.  I manipulate the directors and listen to what I want to hear.  It’s quite good!”

“Good.  I would like to get to know what is ‘good’.”

“Do you want it enough to break rules, Zig?”

“No.  Maybe I will get to that point, but I’m not there yet.  I’m an outcast in my mind.  I don’t think I’m ready to live as one every day.”

“It will be a difficult transition.  You must wait until you are ready to live your truth.  I must away now.  This interaction is very soon to be overlong to the hall-watchers.  I hope to hear from you soon.  You know where you can find me.”

“Yes.  Perhaps we’ll cross paths again soon.”

“That is to be hoped for, Zig.  I will hope.”

 Zidelths walked quickly away without looking back.  She was a strong female.  It was obvious the communications she was listening to were having an impact on her thoughts.  She was walking swiftly, but seemed to be surrounded by a feeling that was totally foreign to Zig… it must be that peace of which she spoke.  Oh, to have such peace!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another One to Which I Can Add Nothing

the changed version
the original song (for comparison purposes)

An older post has another great Obman song.
Enjoy!  ^_^

On Perpetuating the Mythical "Strong Woman"

Yesterday, a good fella with whom I was having a conversation said something like (not a direct quote, but as close as I can remember), "I know you're a strong woman.  You are very strong woman, but in some of your Facebook posts it seems like maybe you're not so strong."  I believe this good guy was rather shocked when I responded (basically), "GOOD!  I'm not a perfectly strong woman!  I'm perfectly human and fully of opposites.  I'm strong AND weak!"  This good fella seemed totally taken aback by this admission of my reality... and, possibly, my calm acceptance of it.

And here's the thing: if I strive to perpetuate the unrealistic and unattainable perspective that he conveyed of one half of me, then I make my own life miserable (because that part is only a part and not perfectly attainable through 100% of my life) as well as the lives of any and all the women that others might try to stand up next to the measure they have created out of the flat "Strong Woman" Tori....  Is that part (strong woman tori) a figment of their imagination?  Well, I can't say FOR SURE because I don't know exactly how they perceive me.  But I can say that I do know I am both a strong woman and a weak woman.  I am a woman of Faith who struggles against fear.  I am a binary; as God created me.  I believe we are all created this way so that we would necessarily struggle in this fallen world and, hopefully, in the midst of those stuggles (and potentially because of them), come to Him and become God's Girl (or Guy) ever more completely.

Let's de-stress my sistahs (and brothers) and be real.  Set goals for improvement, but reject the ideas and perceptions of perfection in all things.  We can improve and even reach perfection in small areas.  But this life is for progress, not BEing perfect.  It's for becoming perfectED in Him who made and saved us; if we would but accept His saving and our crosses.

So, all this brings me to another mythological creature.  I'm thinking specifically of the unicorn.  Did you know that there are nine seperate verses that mention the "unicorn" in the Bible?  It's true.  If you are not a man or woman of Faith, I hope that you would at least acknoweldge the Bible as a pretty apt representation of much of History.  So, what... is a unicorn completely fake?  I mean, it's mentioned in the record of the Bible, for crying out loud.  So, what has happened??

Interpretations, my friends.  Interpretation has happened.  Yes, of course, interpretation in the way we interpret one language to another - obviously that has happened.  But what I'm referring to is the loss of information from a past generation to a present one and then interpretation by current understanding of the past, has happened.  And so, a modern-day reader could easily read the nine verses that mention "unicorn" and chalk it up to another example of how the Bible really cannot be absolutely true because "everyone" knows there is no such thing as a unicorn.

So, let's say, for the purpose of this conversation, that the fact of "unicorn," as mentioned in the Bible, is absolutely real and actually IS, in fact, a fact.  Let's say that through interpreting the Bible from one language to another and then another the word to describe one animal (like a family relation of an ox, let's say) has become something else (namely a unicorn, which name implies a one-horned animal of some sort).  So, because of word choice, perceptions have been drastically influenced so that people believe that what was described in the Bible as unicorn is super far from what was intended by the interpreters of languages in the translation and inherent description.  Maybe the interpreters meant uni to refer to the unique position of this animal as almost extinct (maybe there was only one left alive when that particular translation began).  And corn was actually referring to the food the animal preferred.  Anyway... it could be whatever, really.  Doesn't matter.

What matters is that the reality has been skewed.  There was a specific intent which has been mis-shaped by time and interpretation.

What is my point?  My point is that there is another imaginary creature, like unto the unicorn of the Bible.  She actually exists, but not as described and (aparently, from my conversation with that good guy) not as expected.  Now, I'm going to begin a description of this creature, but I would REALLY like some help.  If I miss anything, or my description is not outlandish or extreme enough, please correct me and add to my description with anything you have encountered as a part of this mythical creature who does not and cannot exist.

The Strong Woman Mythical Creature

The Strong Woman  is able to deep clean her home while dressed to the nines, looking shower fresh even though the temperature in her UNairconditioned home in well above the 90's of outside temps.

She is able to keep her 200 sqaure foot garden and 5 acre lawn well-manicured, her 3500 square-foot home immaculate, while also making sure to sit with each of her 12 homeschooled children for at least 45 minutes each, each and every day.

She prepares three made-from-scratch meals and at least two snacks and two desserts and makes sure her children enjoy all of their food.

She is concerned that her children are well-nourished, so she purchases and/or barters to provide only biodynamic or organic (if necessary she will compromise and use organic) foods.  She avoids all GMOs, pesticides, BPAs, and anything else potentially detrimental to the well-being of her family.

She makes all cookies, pies, bread, pizza crusts, et al FROM SCRATCH on an as-needed basis.  Yes, frequently this DOES mean daily.

She excercises five days per week and maintains a svelt size 6 pants size, but she only ever wears skirts and dresses (size 5).

She gave up chocolate during her first pregnancy on the off chance that it could make things more difficult for her and/or her baby, and hasn't purposefully had a bite of it since (that was 15 years ago, and she doesn't think about it daily, either).

She never has a laundry back-up because her system is infallible: she washes clothes daily and folds them immediately after they have finished drying.  She never fails.

She irons her husband's work clothes.  He works as a mechanic.  The clothes come home greasey and grungy, but when he puts them on, they look brand-new.  Every. day. no. matter. what.

When trials come knocking on her door, she sinks gracefully to her knees (every single time), and rises renewed and able to face everythat that comes at her (still dressed to the nines, looking shower-fresh, and with a angelic smile on her face through it all).

When she cries, her mascara never smears, her nose never EVER runs, she magically has a spotless white linen hankerchief in her hand with which she delicately daps at the corner of her eye - for that is the only part of her that leaks as she cries, doncha know.


Okay, so... I'm starting to feel ill.  I mean... seriously.  SERIOUSLY!?!?

But this is what the "Strong Woman" is and does and just generally WHO she is... isn't it?  This is definitely the kind of pressure I have felt from others who look at me as if I am this mythical creature.  Here's a news flash for ya:

I am NOT anywhere NEAR the above described mythical creatre: "Strong Woman!"
I AM HUMAN.  I am FALLIBLE.  I am a mixture of dark and light, good and bad, strong and weak, faith and fear.  I strive to feed only the good, light, strong parts of me, but I fail regularly.  I am not a failure... I simply fail regularly... I am Tori.  Tori I am.

And so, for comparison purposes, I'm going to illustrate who I believe a real strong woman is... by describing who I believe I am.  Because a REAL strong woman is one who has both sides of reality contained in herself.  If you have some input you would like me to add to this list, I will happily do so.  AND if you want, I'll put your name in parenthesis with a link to YOUR blog so you can expound upon this subject there (or just get more traffic), if you so desire.  Just let me know!  ^_^

WHO I AM and/or HAVE been:

I know I am first (and foremost) a daughter of Heavenly Parents.  So, I have divine potential, a divine birthright, and a life of purpose to live.

I was born a daughter... I was rather disobedient and very mouthy at an early age.  I have always been head-strong and usually an independent thinker (read between the lines to find again: disobedient and mouthy).

I became a sister before I was two-years-old.  I don't know what kind of sister I was, generally, to that brother at such a tender age... but I know sometime soon after he was born my Mom was on the phone in another room, he was crying and (knowing who I became as an older sister) I probably got pretty peeved at the thing that wouldn't stop making loud noises... so I picked him up (HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT I SHOULD not PICK HIM UP AROUND HIS NECK!!?  I was TWO for cryin' out loud) and brought him to my Mom.  So, I believe one should interpret from this that I have always been service minded.  I knew the crying thing wanted Mama - so I made it happen.  HA!  ^_^

As an older sister I was in charge, sure of myself, and continued to be head-strong.  To interpret: I was bossy, mouthy, disobedient and pretty unkind.

When I became a student, these traits continued, though I put them in the trunk and locked it while at school (for the most part).  Took 'em right back out to shove in the faces of my parents and siblings when I got home, though, I tell ya.

Oh, and did I mention: my room was a MESS when I was a kid!??  yes.  YES IT WAS.

Fast Forward

I became a Wife and soon thereafter a Mother.  Didn't know much about these roles - except for what I saw... and so I did that - interpreted, of course.

I kept stuff (still do).  And not always in an orderly fashion.

I try to keep EVERYthing super clean and end up with most things somewhat clean.

I want to make fresh bread as needed (and have done so when I feel together and with it), but mostly we buy pre-made bread at the cheapest price I can.

I cannot stand make-up.  I think it's nasty vile stuff - almost all of it.  And i feel like wearing it is somehow saying that I'm just NOT enough as myself.  I'm not cute enough... I'm not pretty enough... I'm just NOT enough.  And I just frankly prefer to avoid sending that message about me to myself (or anyone around me, for that matter).  So, I don't wear that chemical laden crap... as a result, I never look like I'm dressed to the nines... even if my clothes are nicer than what I normally wear.

I normally wear clothing that is functional and (most importantly) comfortable.  I refuse to be identified by my outward characteristics (HA!) and especially those that are added to the form I have created of myself.

I am NO WHERE NEAR a size 5 OR 6.  I'm somewhere closer to a 22, actually... truth be told.  I do not excercise daily.  Actually, the last time I did that was... oh... about 6 months ago.  I want to.  I mean to.  But focusing on other things (like this blog post), which are more do-able to and for me is much more appealing.  And who doesn't like to feel successful!?  (Actually, to be completely honest, I would REALLY like to start exercising RIGHT NOW, but I'm having a specific physical problem that requires that I do not... so I'm put on the bench for a lil' while longer because of circumstances out of my control.)

I don't think I've ever successfully deep cleaned my whole home at once.  I do bits and pieces... well, I try.

Now, my laundry is often completely... washed.  I often have a couple baskets that need to be folded... but at least is is usually not piled up on the dirty end of the task!  :)

I do try to prepare nourishing meals.  Cannot afford organic everything... don't even know where to source biodynamic stuff  'round here... I'm sure I couldn't afford it if I COULD find it.

I do try to avoid GMOs, pesticides, BPAs, and anything else potentially detrimental to the well-being of my family - but given our financial restrictions, it just isn't always possible to avoid all the bad stuff I know about.

I do actually live in an UNair conditioned home.  But I sweat.  "Never let 'em see you sweat" is a drug pusher's motto.  They want you to believe that to be a lady your body should do other than it is designed to do... they want you to believe that you need that crud full of aluminum under your arms so that you'll get sick faster: Alzheimers, anyone?   I refuse to put that crud under my arms (do you KNOW how much stuff your skin absorbs into your blood stream!???!).

I avoid ironing.  Rarely break the iron and board out.  Cannot remember ever ironing anything Jessie wears.  See... by comparison to the mythical creature, I'm a horrible wife and mother already!

My garden and lawn (much smaller than the above woman's) is NOT well-manicured and my home is never immaculate. Though I do homeschool, I only have three "doing" school and I don't usually have to sit with them.  Tea: yes, the others, not so much.

I heard whispers and directions of the Holy Spirit from as far back as my first pregnancy that I should give up chocolate.  I did not.  It took me until January 2011 to do so.  I have not purposefully eaten chocolate since... but I have wanted to on a regular (if not daily) basis.

When trials come a-knockin' on my door I have only successfully fallen in a lump on my knees immediately a few times.  Even when I have done this correct behavior, I have arisen still feeling wounded, tired, broken, battered, and unsure of myself and (sometimes) the constitution of my life (read: wondering if I would've just made better choices ___ many years ago, would I be in a much better place now, sort of thinking).  When I am beset by the more troubling trials (like problems with Jessie or the really tough physical problems), I count myself successful to GET dressed, TAKE a shower, and get my hair brushed (no necessarily in that order).  I rarely smile convicingly when dealing with the more troubling trials.  I'm not the epitomy of Ms. Wilcox's poem: "Worthwhile."  I'm just not.  Wanna be, but not there.  I am sorry for this lack.  But I'm....  wait for it... HUMAN!

And as for crying.  Well, I can sometimes get away with crying in a sort of acceptible manner.  But I promise you, you simply do not ever want to see me cry a full-on ugly-tori-cry.  You just don't.  All illusions of me as any sort of Strong Woman would simply vanish.  So, I guess, if you'd like to really know me, be there to see my ugly-cry.  You'll reveal yourself, too... I promise.  :)


CHAPTER 2: part 6 of 8; back to Yilandria (Yiddy)

back to the BEGINNING


The preparations for their departure were completed in an efficient and calm manner.  Although no one would have been able to tell it by simple observation, her parents' movements were the kind of flurry that conveyed that they knew that she did not.  She felt agitated that they would not reveal what they knew, but she didn’t want to disrupt the process of their packing project to ask them what they knew.  She was certain they would tell her when they were less focused on the job at hand.  As she observed them carefully, it seemed to her that her Mother was ever-so-slightly aggitated and wondered what could upset her to such a degree that she might outwardly seem slightly aggitated to a careful observer.
They told her to pack only her two travel suits.  Because of the manner of production of those suits, they would need infrequent cleaning (if any cleaning at all) and would be comfortable no matter what they encountered.  She knew her parents were thinking logically and that the travel suits were completely appropriate and the only clothing she needed, but she wanted to have some variety.  When it came right to it, she packed only what she was told to pack.  She knew their passage would be impeded by excess weight.
Thankfully her parents had figured on her bringing her tottle bug.  It was the closest thing she had to a pet and she didn’t want to leave it behind.  The added benefit to them was that Squidgy, her tottle bug, could copy all of her textbooks, non-fiction resources, and novels into her little brain and recite them back to Yiddy while also showing the text in a projection on any small flat monochromatic surface.  Yiddy was glad Squidgy would enable her to read, but not as excited about all of the content her parents required Squidgy to retain.

Her parents were moving swiftly around their dwelling.  It was obvious to Yiddy that they were trying to make sure that they had all the resources they might need saved into their own bugs.  Each of them were already wearing the one travel suit they would use for the journey and they were not bringing any backups.  They’d made this trip before and said they knew what they needed and refused to take more than they needed.  They told Yiddy that the more she tried to take, the more difficult the journey would be for her.

While she waited, Yiddy listened to the waves.  She wanted to hear the one that would tell her about the most up-to-date current events, right down to the moment of hearing, but because she was so excited, she couldn’t focus enough to tune into that wave.  So, she settled for listening to a classical music wave.  It was soothing.  As she sat almost free of thought, she found herself hoping that the relaxation she was feeling would last into and through the upcoming journey.

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CHAPTER 2: part 5 of 8; back to Emem

back to the BEGINNING


“Celestia, you are required in room 25 FMR immediately.” The loudspeaker blared this message to his mother just as they passed over the threshhold to enter the Observatory.  Emem knew she would probably have to take care of something in the huge building when they got there, but was frustrated that it would be THE first things she would have to do today.  She smiled at him a little questioningly.  He shrugged his shoulders and released her hand and tried to smile.  She leaned over and kissed him just a little above the point between his eyebrows.  He smiled more genuinely and grabbed her hand and shook a couple times before he let her go again.

Although she was walking away, she walked backwards until she had to turn a corner.  Once around the corner, she popped back a couple times to see if he was waiting.  Then, she threw him her love sign and disappeared around the corner.  He knew she wouldn’t pop back again because she’d given him her love to hold until she saw him again.  That was one of their special games.  She was full of wonderful ways to show him she loved him more than all the other things she sometimes had to do instead of spend time with him.  She was just wonderful!

Emem turned away from the hall she’d disappeared down and decided to go to his favorite observation deck to view ea-Arth.  His favorite observation deck was the tallest point on the base and it was the one that was programmed to constantly watch the North American continent.  He wanted to check on Florida today.  He loved thinking about those funny words the skin dwellers used to name their places.

On the Observation Deck:

Because he was where he was when he was, Em saw Dio explode from the water off the coast of Flagler Beach, Florida.  He was excited to watch one of the hidden ones make his way into the outworld.  Upon closer observation, Em realized that Dio was on a training journey and decided to sit down for a long watch.  It was unlikely to be very interesting, but he wanted to watch anyway.

He felt complete shock as he watched Dio losing altitude.  Emem, already interested, moved to adjust the focus of one of the screens.  Then he walked backward to his seat so as to be able to watch everything with all of his attention.  He was worried when the boy on the bird’s back came out of the cocoon and shifted into another sort of bird.  He was relieved to see that the bird the boy became was quite large, but worried, too, because even though he was large for a Junior, he couldn’t possibly carry his mentor very far.

The relief Emem felt when the two birds disappeared inside of the huge boulder cave in Halo’s Valley could've been felt if anyone else had been present on the Observation Deck.  He looked around and relaxed as he realized that there was no one else there with him.  He almost hoped the business his mother had to attend to would take a while longer than he’d normally ever wish.

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CHAPTER 2: part 4 of 8; back to Tru-Kru, Tru

back to the BEGINNING


Tru’s Mother raced back to him and trilled her concern.  He knew she was worried.  He knew she would think there was something wrong with his frail limbs because his swim was even slower than normal.  He tried to communicate via sounds and body position the experience he’d just had, but she became agitated and even more concerned.  She misunderstood and believed he’d just avoided a predator of some sort.  She began to frantically search the waters for such a predator with her calls.

Immediately Tru began to soothe her and communicate peace through his energy as he gave up the effort to describe his experience.  His dolphin mother had adopted him as a toddler when both of his Dabsoner parents disappeared around the time a killer whale hunted their pod.  She swam very slowly to stay near him as they returned to the pod.  She stayed close for the rest of the day and Tru did feel comforted by her presence.  He wished, though, that there would be a gathering of the others like him sooner than the one he knew would come to pass with the full moon in another couple of weeks.

The rest of his pod became agitated as his mother shared a bit of what she thought she understood from what Tru had tried to convey.  This newest source of concern would not benefit him.  It was already difficult for many to accept him because he strayed from the pod so often to observe the humans.  He had done it enough times and for long enough periods of time that he was able to speak their language.  His pod didn’t know it for sure, but they felt certain he wasn’t trying as hard as he should to be a member of their family.  When he heard what his mother said to the others was completely wrong, Tru had to spend the next few hours sending them all peace and trying to convey comfort and safety in his sounds.  It was impossible to make them understand some things.  This newest experience as well as his desire to understand how he fit among those who looked more like him.

The family finally calmed.  Skwee approached and Tru wondered what she would say to him this time.  “Can you tell what you say, Tru?”

“You want to know it?”

“Yes.  Understand you better than your mother.  We same.”

Unfortunately, Skwee was right in too many ways.  Regardless of his distaste for her, he began to tell her of his experience.  She was quiet while he tried to convey the enormity of what he didn’t quite understand.

“The bird was not hurt or trying to bite?”  Skwee asked Tru.

“No.  It was rising to the sky to fly.”

“Did it seem to know others around?”

“I have seen this.  It was two dark moons ago.  Another like bird rising, but this had no lump on back.”
“So you understand!?”

“Yes.  Of course.  We are the same.”

Tru knew she wanted them to be the same.  He knew she was a female of his kind, but she was not his kind.  He did not prefer her.  He had tried, but it did not work the way he saw it worked with the rest of the pod.  He could not help her in the way she wanted him to help her.  He was sorry.  She never got angry with him over anything.  He almost wished she would.  Then it would be easier to feel the lack of interest and distaste he felt for her.

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On Some Deep-ish Doctrine of My Church

I know a sweet, lovely lady who writes beautifully.  Recently she wrote a post which contained questions she proposed that others might have about our Heavenly Mother.  I'm LDS (plain to see by lots of things in the sidebars).  If you didn't know we believe in a Heavenly Mother, like unto our Heavenly Father, then I encourage you to learn more about my religion.  And if you'd like a great blog to read about this and other topics pertaining to the LDS Faith, I'm happy to share!

So, I'm not the final word, or anything, of course, but I feel like I have something to say about this quote I found in this amazing lady's blog.  She wrote, "If we worship our  Father, what could be inappropriate about worshiping our Mother? Is there something inherent about being female that makes Her unworthy of worship? Is She a lesser being, not quite as divine as the Father, a sort of demi-goddess? Or not divine at all? Is She perhaps just some lucky woman who ended up married to God?"

Good questions, right?  Well, I hope you think my answers are somewhat acceptable!  ^_^  I'm not the final word, but I feel like I've been Led pretty strongly to some great points of understanding... I feel great clarity about this subject... I only hope, by The Holy Spirit, I'm able to communicate it here to you!!!  ^_^

One answer I'd always heard is that Heavenly Father loves his wife so much that He cannot stand for her to be profaned.  This could (did to me!) seem like a bit of a cop out.  "Yeah, right.  SURE!  What-ev!" I thought and felt!!!  Truly.  I did!  Don't you!?!

But I've had some experiences in my own horribly human marriage (which is not eligible for sealing by the Holy Spirit of Promise as yet since my husband is not LDS and so, of course, we have not been sealed in the temple).  Notwithstanding our marriages cyclic horrible and numerous problems, Jessie is a good guy.  A really good guy, when he's on that side of the line!  There have been quite a few instances, a few distant and one all too recent, when others in the world have been on "attack Tori" mode.  To my great surprise and pleasure, Jessie has put on some mighty spiffy armor and gone in sword raise to defend me.   Then there are some instances in which our children have shown more than the normal disrespectful behavior toward me with my husband present and his armor appeared out of thin air.  The point?  The point is that his outward show of protective love for me is a mere smidgey, practically insignificant relatively speaking, show compared to how Heavenly Father loves His woman.  A smidgey... insignificant... (NOT to ME... but in comparison!)

Can you imagine how much our Heavenly Father would want to do harm to those who would malign our Heavenly Mother (His Wife)?  I mean, think about the peeps at Noah's time... that was for, what?  Because they didn't worship Him, right?  I mean... it wasn't like he gave them a day and said, "If you don't shape up, you're all going to die!"  He gave them more than 600 years worth of days.  Right.  But reason the whole earth was depopulated was for lack of devotion and worship of their creator... not necessarily constant maligning of Him... just disobedience.  ("Just"  HA!  I know that's silly... but I use it to make a point.)  I don't think it's a stretch of the imagination to think that, among the other bad choices made, there were plenty enough of those who didn't get on the boat who were worshipping Gaia (or some such heavenly mother of all (including any and all gods)).  I guess I can just see so much more now how that really could be a BIG part of the direction to focus on worshipping God, rather than trying to split worship.  And as I wrote those last few words of that last sentence there comes to my mind a scripture that references serving two masters.  I'm sure you know the one.  I'm not going to look it up right now.  The meaning is written on my heart, if you need the book, chapter, and verse, I'll leave you to that.  ;)

I also feel like Heavenly Mother doesn't care for the attention.  Now, this could come from observation of some really amazing women (and some men), but the most amazing servants I have observed are usually those who don't want anyone to know they are serving.  They feel uncomfortable when others speak to them of their service.  I think this is a trait born of our Heavenly Mother.  She is the origination point (from the Whole) of that feeling... at least, this is what I feel and believe!  :)

Also, I think it becomes difficult for humans to differentiate between God worship, God AND Godess worship versus exclusive worship of a godess.  I think that the way I just wrote that may not be very clear....  To explain differently: if we, as the LDS church, were to try to promote worship by addressing the pair as a whole, too many Mormons AND non-members alike would be unable to focus on the two and would turn to only one or the other.  (go back to the book, chapter and verse I know you totally had to look up... and we find a potential key to the problem?)  Yes, Mormons (mostly) know that the Heavenly Couple are United - a whole, incomplete without the other.  However, the very nature of your (our) questions, reveal how much we truly do NOT understand the totality of the wholeness and unity which IS Them.  Ya know?

I think, also, that our egos are way more of a problem than we realize.  We, as humans, but perhaps especially women (because we live in a Patriarchal world (for the most part)) are put in a position in which we "must" be humble... maybe even more humble, generally speaking than men?  I mean, what man could deal with constantly being told he was (whether purposefully or not, whether by word or deed) "less than" his wife.  Admittedly, those men who do this (whether in leadership or simply in the home are exibiting the epidomy of unrighteous dominion, but that's basically a whole other subject, isn't it??)  Okay, well, the current mainstream culture is being excluded from my consideration for the sake of the position I'm presenting (particularly because the whole man-hate thing is really NEW in the scheme of things - at least in the last hundred + year)... Guys just couldn't deal/cope/function and still stay faithful and attend church regularly and feel good about themselves generally.  Feel free to tell me if you think I'm wrong about that.  I am NOT male bashing here.  I'm just suggesting that men cannot cope with being in women's shoes (just as I could not and DO NOT want to be in a man's!!!!).  Not most guys, anway!  But as a woman, we must do as most men could not because human males are, well... HUMAN!  They (general assumption, I DO know there are exceptions!) just don't GET the unity thing and, instead, buy into the easier: "I'm the man, so what I say goes," malarky.  Which means they are discounting or completely ignoring  other aspects of how Father God has told them to be toward their Wife (even in only the Holy Bible, for crying out loud)!

To answer the above quoted questions more directly (for my own clarity of thought):

"If we worship our Father, what could be inappropriate about worshiping our Mother?"

My DIRECT answer:
Taking the two apart is a bit of sacrilidge, maybe?  I mean, they twain shall become ONE is so much more complete than I think we can possibly understand.  So, trying to take them apart and address them seperately is #1 beside the point, #2 disobedient to what we have heard from our Prophet, and #3 see number one.  Right?

"Is there something inherent about being female that makes Her unworthy of worship?"

My DIRECT answer:
ABSOLUTELY positively and without a shadow of a doubt: NO!  It is, I believe, truly the opposite of this.  It is desire to protect, shield, shelter, defend that our Father God would have us not address her.  For to address her respectfully puts Her in the light of awareness to all and thus sort of paints a target on her for those who would DISrespect her....  I mean, there must needs be opposition in all things.  So if there are 10 folks (like you) who desire to worship Her openly, there must needs be 10+ folks who would malign, disrespect, abuse, and otherwise negatively treat Her to the best of their ability.
"Is She a lesser being, not quite as divine as the Father, a sort of demi-goddess? Or not divine at all?"
My DIRECT answer:
No way.  See above.  Not just the direct answers.  :)

"Is She perhaps just some lucky woman who ended up married to God?"

My DIRECT answer:
Certainly you know this is a rather silly question as soon as it is re-read.  Don't you??  We learn and must know, on some level, that Godhood (of male or female) is UNachievable without the Other.  So, the Other is a key "ingredient" or a key Member of the whole that achieves.

If one (lone male) cannot achieve that Celestial degree of Glory, then the contributions of the Other will necessarily CONTRIBUTE to the achievement.  Right?  Thus, she is not the lucky "one," but, in fact, they are the "lucky" pair to have found and worked hard enough together to stay together and stridently enough to achieve unity.

I'm thinking of a climbing analogy.  I don't climb, but tried it.  I wasn't good at it.  I slipped a LOT.  I dislike holding others down or back!  Anyway... the analogy:  A couple meet in the midst of their climb.  They get married.  By their married (sealed or civil) they accept bindings to each other.  A temple sealed marriage has a sort of binding that is more complete than a civilly married couple.  The two look ahead and plan the point to which they desire to climb and agree on a course to achieve it (hopefully).  So, they set out.  Sometimes they each climb really well and they are both happy with each other.  Other times one slips and the other has to try to not slip.  This is frustrating for the one who did not slip and can result in some negative returns.  If there are too many slips on the climb to Celestial Glory from either (or, heaven forbid both) partner(s), the pair will not reach the pinnacle in any sort of timely fashion... if ever.  Only when there is constant thought, desire (emotion for my analogy), spiritual commitment, and temporal effort made from both spouses will the pair achieve the topmost point/goal of their climb.  Once sealed, two are tether together by almost unbreakable chords.  Discord, malcontentment, anger, hate, etc. can break them, it is true, but only after long sawing at the bindings.  Those who reach the top have achieved a point of Unity which is Sealed by the Holy Ghost, which makes their binding truly Eternal, more complete than we can understand in our finite condition.

The point?  She didn't just luck out in finding a good climber.  They were either both good climbers.  OR the better climber taught the other, in a way that the other could receive, how to climb so that they could achieve their goals.  Is one luckier than the other?  I think not!  For even if one started out a better climber, s/he could not have achieved the top unless the other made equal efforts.

So, too, with our Heavenly Mother.  She did not dangle on the end of her bindings.  The Holy Spirit would not Seal such.  Don't you think so?

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CHAPTER 2: part 3 of 8; back to Keera

back to the BEGINNING


There were three manatee mothers who had lost babies and were still in milk, so they were each hoping to save a human baby.  Keera was sad that they had lost their own babies, but thankful that they desired to rear others like her.  She loved all the manatees and wanted to do whatever she could to help them.

Ingo, an enormous manatee-looking mabsoner male, arrived from checking on other manatee gatherings to see if there were any other mothers who desired to try to save a human child.  Ingo was alone, so apparently he hadn’t found anyone.

“Why aren’t you eating Keera?”  Ingo asked in a combination of manatee-like sounds and body postures.  He seemed angry, as he always did when he communicated with Keera about food.

“Watching over these mothers.  They are sad.  Not hungry.”

“You look hungry.  You need to eat.  You will become too cold and no longer be able to help these sad ones.”

“Yes, you could be right." Keera said, "Eat soon.  Yes, soon.”

“No.  Eat now.  Need to see eat.”

“Why, Ingo?  No need concern the food this body or cold around it."  Keera knew she didn't look healthy compared to other mabsoners.  She was far too thin to look like she could stay warm and healthy.  But she defied expectation.  Addressing Ingo, she finished her effort to soothe him, "Be well.  All is well.”

“No concern?  Aly may not understand concern, but Aly is young.”

Keera wondered what Ingo could possibly mean, but didn’t care enough to puzzle over it long.  She went back to her intense observation and efforts with the bereaved mothers.

“Eat. Eat now.”  Ingo had her favorite foods in his big hands.  She smiled at him and delicately took some of them.  He plopped the rest on a stone near her.  Keera shrugged and began to daintily eat from those plants she’d chosen among all that Ingo had presented.  She knew well this dance and once again refused to follow his direction.  He was perturbed, but left calmly enough.

Keera put the food she'd held down near the rest and swam over to one of the most sorrowing mothers and put her arms around her.  The mother was almost not moving – even with breath.  Keera felt great concern rise inside like waves with the rising tide.  After a few moments of trying to share her grief, Keera changed tactics.  She started to direct her feelings and thoughts to love and hope and push them out of her own body and into the body of this sorrowing young mother.  The mother shifted and sighed and began to move in the slow, easy way manatees moved to get from one feeding area to another or from one near place to another.  The less sorrowful manatee mother smiled at Keera as she passed her.

Fatigue swept over Keera as the mother swam away.  She felt like she needed to eat right now, but couldn’t get herself to move toward the stone on which she’d left the gift Ingo had given.  Almost as if he knew what she was experiencing, Ingo was next to her.  His large hands at her waist and supporting her head as he moved her back to the stone.  He held her up as she weakly reached for some of the food there.  “This why.  Aly need eat more.  Cannot help sad mothers with nothing on Aly body.  Must be more so help them.  They are more.  Aly must grow more body to help their spirits.”

Keera wondered if Ingo just might be onto something.  He was a wise one.  He was one of those born in these waters of parents born among the Madsoners for generations.  He was a very big man and fit right in with the manatees, though he had significantly more hair.  Keera did not belong, if belonging were only defined by physical appearances.  Even though she’d never felt and sense of misplacement or different-ness about herself before, just this moment she did feel, in a profound way, that she needed to be healthier to contribute in her family and this world.

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CHAPTER 2: part 2 of 8; back to Annalynn (Aly)

back to the BEGINNING

The summer break would end, depending on who went where, between tomorrow or within the next couple of weeks for most of Aly's friends.  They would return to their daily activities in an old building previously used for public school.  So, Aly wanted to spend time with one of her favorites friends today.

Looking at her watch, she considered which of her friends might have some time to spend with her.  It was almost 8:30am.  Aly leaned toward the only 'new-glass' surface in her parents’ home and pressed the whole of her hand against it while speaking, “Sandra, are you available?”  Aly waited all of two minutes.  She knew two minutes was a ridiculous amount of time to wait, but she wanted to give her friend plenty of time to answer.  Aly tried again, “Elly, are you all booked up for the day?”  Almost immediately Elly’s face appeared in the glass in front of Aly.

“Not a bit, girlie.  What’s on your mind?”

 “Oh, I just thought it’d be nice to spend some time with you, if you’re not too busy, before you go back to The Grind.”

“Sure.  That sounds phenomenal.  I'd love to spend time with you.  Where would you like to meet?”

 “Oh, somewhere West of where I am… closer to you.  Where do you think would be nice?”

 “Aly, I don’t have a thing to do today, but I did have somewhere I wanted to go.  Why don’t you come along with me and we’ll spend some time in nature today?”

“Oh!  That sounds wonderful!  Where?”

“What do you think about Halo’s Valley.  Do you know that one?”

“No.  Halo’s Valley.  Is there a jump point there?”

“Definitely not!  Which, of course, is why we should go!  We’ll have to jump to Trees Twining and hike to Halo’s Valley.  Are you up for it?”

Tentatively Aly said, “Yes… but how long is the hike?” she never knew exactly what was going to happen when she spent time with Elly.  Elly usually taught her about the old ways.  Tthere were definite themes to their ities, Aly never knew exactly what Elly would want to show and tell her about from one visit to another.  That was much of the fun of spending time with a woman who had lived so many more years than Aly.

“Oh, it’s an easy one for you, girlie girl!  It’ll be harder for me!  Don’t you worry about a thing, though, girlie.  We’re going to have a grand ol’ time!”

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When a Partner Refuses Children

I don't have all that much experience with this subject, but felt like I must write something about it.  I'm really not sure why because I don't think there are all that many people (other than my fam) who read here, but here goes!  ^_^

So, I know of some folks who are not in agreement.  It's so very difficult to be in a place of not agreeing with your spouse.  I DO know a LOT about THAT, unfortunately.

Anyway... I know a couple ladies... good Christian ladies, strong in the LDS Faith (at least, seems to me they are) who refuse to have any more children even though their husband desires more and feels strongly that they should have more.  I know, for sure, that at least two of the ladies I know of  are afraid of having more children.  One of them is afraid because of health reasons.  The other is afraid because of a combination of health and financial reasons.

I love all the people I know who refuse more children.  I'm not standing in judgement of them.  I simply do not understand their refusal.  I used to feel angry about this lack of understanding on my part and I'm sure others may have misunderstood and thought I was angry at them...  But, you see, I think I'm pretty okay in the intelligence arena.  I'm not the cream of the crop, or anything, but I can wrap my mind around some pretty interesting and possibly even dificult subjects.  But I simply cannot wrap my little brain around refusing more children.  I mean, I understand the words these folks speak, but I just don't get how those words jive with their Faith.

Don't get me wrong.  I have my own issues where Faith and trust mash and don't mesh.  I have begun to remember something from my childhood and it has caused some seismic shocks unlike any of the transformational psychic shifts I've experienced in the last 8 years.  And the shock waves issuing forth from the partial memory remembrance have, combined with other experiences (a plethora, actually), created the circumstances in which I have made certain choices about trust.  To trust or not to trust, that is the question.  And I've chosen to cut way back on trusting as a result of my experiences.  There are those who would say that this is counter to having Faith and I would simply respond that they don't have enough information... and, sorry to say, but I'm not sharing the pertinent data.  In fact, I would say that I have been Led (of our Father God) to cut way back on trusting.  He is teaching me to be other than my nature.  Makes perfect sense, really.  The natural (wo)man is an enemy to God.  My nature just happens to be a bit too open as far as God is concerned.

However, when I ask whether the decision (among those I have ventured to probe this deeply) to refuse children was inspired of the Lord, I have yet to receive an affirmative answer.  The responses rest heavily on the understanding of men... the philosophies of men, if you will.  I know of one couple who recently had their final child.  I never asked, because it came up in the course of conversations, but this family truly believes that Heavenly Father has approved their family size.  And to the extent that I understand this family, it seems likely that they are absolutely correct.  I understand that.  I feel sorta sad that they are so young (younger than me and not having more children just seems young... silly, but still!),

CHAPTER 2: part 1 of 8; back to Matthiel

back to the BEGINNING

It seemed to take much longer than he expected, to rise from his home within the earth to the surface of the water.  He was more grateful than he would’ve imagined for the cocoon he was contained within because, though they were protected by a pocket of air, as they were rising from their home he could feel the cold seeping into the air around them from the deep waters through which they were rising.

Dio was very still.  He dared not move for fear of puncturing their pocket of air before the correct time.  As they continued their journey upward, Matt realized he had no idea how to determine when it was time to begin upward navigation.  He’d never been taught the timing of the journey.  He paused a moment to prepare the question and then sent it directly to Dio’s mind.

“This is one of the reasons you are mentored, my friend.  You must travel with me or another experienced spotter for many journey’s before you will have the timing correct and sense the changes which occur in the propulsion and environment around us just before surface is reached.  The surface of these large waters change based on moon position and weather, to name only two considerations.”

Matt was silenced by the awe he felt.  How did he not realize there was so much more to these expeditions than he thought?  Why hadn’t anyone told him there was so much more to learn?  After a few moments reflection, he realized he had been told!  His mother, father, Dio, and all the other mentors had communicated regularly that the training they went through on the learning field and in the theory school.  In fact, they had declared that their training was only beginning when they teamed with a specific mentor to make surface journeys.  He simply hadn't consciously remembered those conversations because he simply discounted them.  Matt realized how big-headed and overconfident he’d been in thinking he could handle these journeys himself just because he was able to shift more quickly and with greater ease than his peers.

Dio’s thought was jumbled.  Matt could not determine what Dio was trying to say.  “Emergency.  Mon….” Dio was losing altitude.  Matt knew that if they lost too much air, Dio would be spotted by the surface dwellers and the results for both of them would almost certainly be horrific.  Not able to calm his mind sufficiently to attempt communication, Matt made a spur of the moment decision.  Dio was still losing altitude, and fast, so Matt quickly climbed out of his cocoon and smoothly shifted.  He immediately began flapping while holding firmly to Dio’s wings nearest his body.  Dio was almost completely asleep, it seemed.  Matt knew  he was a strong flyer, but he also knew he would not be able to carry Dio to their planned observation point.  Thankfully all of the youth in training were taught how to locate the emergency hide-stations that dotted the surface.

Matt calmed himself as much as possible and quieted his mind.  He began to search his senses so that he could locate the point on the surface from which he would feel a greater sense of Peace to which he might orient himself.  The internal guidance system had been one of his weaker areas in practice, even though he’d been practicing it with his parents since his earliest years – long before he began his official training time.  He knew how to feel the points of greater Peace, which would guide him to the hide-station nearest where he was, but it took far longer than he expected.  He was sure the additional focus time was, at least in part, due to the intense focus he had to maintain to hold somewhere near the correct altitude while also trying not to feel too worried about the whole situation.
Just when Matt was beginning to feel fear almost overwhelm him, he began to sing the seeking song.  Without even thinking about beginning to sing, he found himself singing it.  It came from his beak and he immediately felt the nearest hide-station.  Matt immediately re-oriented himself to the location and as he did so a map with areal pictures seemed to appeared before his eyes until he knew he would recognize the spot from his current height.  Thankfully the direction he'd originally been flying was almost exactly the correct one.  Matt felt a heart surge of gratitude and allowed it to explode from his true-self into the world.

In less time than he thought it require, Matt saw the key identifiers on the land below him and began to dive toward his destination.  All signs indicated that Dio was still sleeping.  Matt was so relieved at their imminent arrival that he almost lost his balance in the air.  He righted himself and felt Dio’s mind still closed in sleep.  Matt knew there must be something terribly wrong with his mentor for sleep to have overcome him this way.

Once he was almost nearly directly above his destination, about 6 feet from the ground, Matt fell the rest of the way into what looked like a solid rock.  He let go of Dio just before he, himself, tumbled and rolled into the rock and fell through the ground onto the smooth ground of the hidden cave.  Dio fell and rolled and stopped in a horribly uncomfortable-looking position a few feet from Matt.

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