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Monday, June 11, 2012

First Part of CHAPTER 1: Matt

MATTHIEL [pronounced Matt-high-EL]

Matthiel was excited about his first flight into the out-world.  He had been training to be a sign spotter since he was 9 years old.  He'd loved the training in the beginning, but after the first couple of years of it, he'd wanted to fly out and find signs himself.  Now, at 14, he was a Junior on his first flight.  He was far more excited than he'd expected he would feel.

Dio waited patiently as Matthiel climbed onto his back.  The wandering albatross (Diomedea Exulans), Matt's acting patrol senior, was able to shape-shift into an albatross much larger than those typically seen in the out-world.  But because they flew so high, Dio's size wasn't noticed much, if at all.  A scrawny 14 year old harnessed and camouflaged on Dio's back would be barely noticeable from the ground.  Once day in a few more years, Matt knew he would be allowed to use his shape-shifting ability to fly out and spot signs on his own.  Until he was given leave and advanced to that station, he would simply have to accept his Junior position on his mentor's back.  He was frustrated that he wasn't allowed to go out on his own now even though he'd been smoothly shifting for more than a year.  It was almost unheard of to have such a strong gift at his age, but given his parentage, Matt thought his shifting ability should have been expected and plans for his education made accordingly.  That's not how the Elders saw it, though.

As Matt waited for last-minute arrangements to be made, he shifted in his cocoon.  The sack he was lying in was firmly attached to Dio's back and they'd made numerous test flights around the training house, but Matt just knew it was going to be different on his first trip into the out-world.  Dio and other Spotters had told him stories about their journeys.  Matt was excited and nervous all at once.  He felt the moments move by as slowly as the flying snails flew.  Yet, when the signal came to Matt and Dio that all was clear for takeoff, Matt felt as if he'd only been in the sack for a split second.

His parents were watching from the training grounds.  He didn't know if they'd be able to see much since it was still pretty dark.  The center sun wouldn't light thier land for another hour or more.  Matt knew his classmates were anxious to hear about his first flight.  They were especially excited because he was the first among them to begin training as a Spotter.  As Matt felt Dio shift and move under him, Matt heard Dio in his heart-mind, "All snug?"  Matt calmed his mind for reply, "Yes.  Assuredly."  Dio, with a smirk in his vibrations said to Matt's heart-mind, "No reason to get all formal, Matt of the Heel!  We'll have a grand ol' time!"

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