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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Same and Always Different

I continue to think and ponder much on Unity and Oneness with our God and each other (including all Mommy's battling in the Mommy wars... working and homemaker alike!).  I just keep realizing anew how totally the same (and always different) we are!  This isn't always a pleasant re-realization for me, but, for the most part, even when unpleasant it is somehow comforting.

So, we are one with each other because we are all part of God.  If you don't believe that, then this post (and probably much of what I think) will likely be uninteresting to you.  And that's okay.  It would've been totally uninteresting to me not too many years ago.  I have not always understood as I do now.

Like, for instance, my views and practices regarding attire.  If someone would've told me 10 years ago (or, heck, even when I was preggie and even 4 weeks postpartum with Jmy) that I would lose all desire to wear pants and that by June 2012 I would've been wearing skirts exclusively for more than a year, I would've laughed them to scorn.  You see, I knew who I was!  And that just simply did not fit into the person I knew myself to be.  Then God stepped in... some thoughts happened... and here I am!  Seriously changed.  I was just thinking about wearing pants again (a particular pair of size 10 jeans, which I do not fit in currently) and I just felt an absolute absence of desire to actually wear them... try them on, YES!  But no desire whatsoever to wear them.

And so I'm now two people.  My past self who would never have believed I could be one of "those" women... and now, one of "those women".  And I'm happy with both parts of me.  You see, I know that who I was helped me become who I am and I'm REALLY striving to stay in a place of acceptance, peace and love of and for me.  (NOT always an easy task, for sure!)  This person I am, even more than the person I used to be knows that even though this is part of my path, maybe it's not for every woman.  Maybe it is and others are simply in a different place.  Maybe it never will be.  Either way is a-okay.  Seriously.  Because regardless of what is right for me, I truly believe that if it right for someone else and they are trying to be God's, He will bring them to it in His own Way and time.  This is MUCH easier to say and feel and know and believe about everyone in the world outside of my little nuclear family.  It is true of EVERYONE in the world.  I'm just not as good at extending Charity and many/most of the good character quality traits/virtues to those closest to me.  (REVEAL!  I'm a TOTALLY imperfect, fallible, and sin ridden woman... I bet you never woulda guessed it!!  HA!)

Anyway... I completed following back in February.  It is representative of this subject, I believe.  It is also meant to be a representation of The Mandlebrot Set... in a limited way.  :)  Its title is in words on the painting itself.

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