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Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm Going to Begin Sharing

So, I've decided I'm going to begin sharing the story I've been working on for years.  I'm only going to share a limited portion of it for free in hopes of getting you so interested that you'll want to buy installments... sorta like the old days when, say, Dickens was published however often he was published in the nickel (or penny?) magazines of the day.
The difference is, of course, my blog is the "magazine."  I'm hoping to publish a Chapter each week, which will run (assuming I get to choose how much to charge on the sites through which I would market my story) 5¢.  I think that's a SUPER good deal now-a-days, don't you??

Why a nickel?  Nostalia maybe...  Not that I was alive that long ago.  BUT I do remember the day of under $1.00 for a gallon of gas.  Doesn't THAT seem like ages ago??  ^_^  Anyway, I just think it would be neat to have it cost so little and (creating what I hope is a self-fulfilling prophecy now:) SUPER awesome to make money even though charging so little!  ^_^  Wouldn't that just be so wonderful!??!!

Watch for it.  First installment (FREE) coming SOON**!!!

**soon like tomorrow  :)

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