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Thursday, June 14, 2012

next part of CHAPTER 1: meet Tru-Kru

If you've missed the beginning, START HERE and you'll be guided through each section until you're right back here!  :)

Tru-Kru [pronounced True-Crew]

Dabsoners came into existence in exactly the same way and at almost exactly the same time as the Mabsoners.  The only difference in their races is that the Mabsoners were found and raised by Manatees, while the Dabsoners were rescued and adopted by Dolphins and/or Porpoises.

Tru-Kru, a strong 13 year-old Dabsoner, was swimming with his pod near the shore of Flagler Beach, Florida.  He was swimming at record-breaking speeds for a human, but always lagging far behind his dolphin family.  His body, which was long and lean, was completely hairless from swimming at high speeds constantly.  He was shocked by the surging bubbles that leapt at him from below.  He was buffeted by them, unable to control his flight through the water and further seperated from his pod.  He was tossed by the bubbles and struggled to reach the surface.  As he did, the same strange bird Aly had seen exploded from, what seemed to Tru, an enormous bubble surrounded by a fountain of water that pushed and moved the bird up through the water to explode into the sky.

Tru watched as the bird, flung by the air bubble and water fountain, kept going up and up almost until Tru could only see what looked like a normal-sized bird that soon disappeared into the clouds.  Before the bird disappeared from view, though, Tru spotted movement in a strange sack attached to the bird's back.  Tru almost completely motionless, moving only enough to stay afloat, as he contemplated the oddity.  He'd never seen a bird so large, or any bird for that matter, come from the depths of the waters.  And he'd certainly never seen a bird with a thing attached to its back like the one he'd just observed.

As he was pondering on the strangeness, he heard his Mother's call for him.  He knew she would be breaking the surface momentarily, so after waiting a few heartbeats, he called back and then slowly moved toward her.  He knew she would be back to him far more quickly than he could reach her, so he didn't rush because he was still puzzling over the strangeness.  His efforts were not focused and he was feeling lazy as a result of the curiousity... it was like there was something in the air that caused him to move even more slowly than his normal slow pace.

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next installment: the June 15th, 10am

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