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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CHAPTER 2: part 5 of 8; back to Emem

back to the BEGINNING


“Celestia, you are required in room 25 FMR immediately.” The loudspeaker blared this message to his mother just as they passed over the threshhold to enter the Observatory.  Emem knew she would probably have to take care of something in the huge building when they got there, but was frustrated that it would be THE first things she would have to do today.  She smiled at him a little questioningly.  He shrugged his shoulders and released her hand and tried to smile.  She leaned over and kissed him just a little above the point between his eyebrows.  He smiled more genuinely and grabbed her hand and shook a couple times before he let her go again.

Although she was walking away, she walked backwards until she had to turn a corner.  Once around the corner, she popped back a couple times to see if he was waiting.  Then, she threw him her love sign and disappeared around the corner.  He knew she wouldn’t pop back again because she’d given him her love to hold until she saw him again.  That was one of their special games.  She was full of wonderful ways to show him she loved him more than all the other things she sometimes had to do instead of spend time with him.  She was just wonderful!

Emem turned away from the hall she’d disappeared down and decided to go to his favorite observation deck to view ea-Arth.  His favorite observation deck was the tallest point on the base and it was the one that was programmed to constantly watch the North American continent.  He wanted to check on Florida today.  He loved thinking about those funny words the skin dwellers used to name their places.

On the Observation Deck:

Because he was where he was when he was, Em saw Dio explode from the water off the coast of Flagler Beach, Florida.  He was excited to watch one of the hidden ones make his way into the outworld.  Upon closer observation, Em realized that Dio was on a training journey and decided to sit down for a long watch.  It was unlikely to be very interesting, but he wanted to watch anyway.

He felt complete shock as he watched Dio losing altitude.  Emem, already interested, moved to adjust the focus of one of the screens.  Then he walked backward to his seat so as to be able to watch everything with all of his attention.  He was worried when the boy on the bird’s back came out of the cocoon and shifted into another sort of bird.  He was relieved to see that the bird the boy became was quite large, but worried, too, because even though he was large for a Junior, he couldn’t possibly carry his mentor very far.

The relief Emem felt when the two birds disappeared inside of the huge boulder cave in Halo’s Valley could've been felt if anyone else had been present on the Observation Deck.  He looked around and relaxed as he realized that there was no one else there with him.  He almost hoped the business his mother had to attend to would take a while longer than he’d normally ever wish.

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