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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CHAPTER 2: part 6 of 8; back to Yilandria (Yiddy)

back to the BEGINNING


The preparations for their departure were completed in an efficient and calm manner.  Although no one would have been able to tell it by simple observation, her parents' movements were the kind of flurry that conveyed that they knew that she did not.  She felt agitated that they would not reveal what they knew, but she didn’t want to disrupt the process of their packing project to ask them what they knew.  She was certain they would tell her when they were less focused on the job at hand.  As she observed them carefully, it seemed to her that her Mother was ever-so-slightly aggitated and wondered what could upset her to such a degree that she might outwardly seem slightly aggitated to a careful observer.
They told her to pack only her two travel suits.  Because of the manner of production of those suits, they would need infrequent cleaning (if any cleaning at all) and would be comfortable no matter what they encountered.  She knew her parents were thinking logically and that the travel suits were completely appropriate and the only clothing she needed, but she wanted to have some variety.  When it came right to it, she packed only what she was told to pack.  She knew their passage would be impeded by excess weight.
Thankfully her parents had figured on her bringing her tottle bug.  It was the closest thing she had to a pet and she didn’t want to leave it behind.  The added benefit to them was that Squidgy, her tottle bug, could copy all of her textbooks, non-fiction resources, and novels into her little brain and recite them back to Yiddy while also showing the text in a projection on any small flat monochromatic surface.  Yiddy was glad Squidgy would enable her to read, but not as excited about all of the content her parents required Squidgy to retain.

Her parents were moving swiftly around their dwelling.  It was obvious to Yiddy that they were trying to make sure that they had all the resources they might need saved into their own bugs.  Each of them were already wearing the one travel suit they would use for the journey and they were not bringing any backups.  They’d made this trip before and said they knew what they needed and refused to take more than they needed.  They told Yiddy that the more she tried to take, the more difficult the journey would be for her.

While she waited, Yiddy listened to the waves.  She wanted to hear the one that would tell her about the most up-to-date current events, right down to the moment of hearing, but because she was so excited, she couldn’t focus enough to tune into that wave.  So, she settled for listening to a classical music wave.  It was soothing.  As she sat almost free of thought, she found herself hoping that the relaxation she was feeling would last into and through the upcoming journey.

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