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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

next part of CHAPTER 1: meet Weebly

FIRST part of Chapter 1
WEEBLY [pronounced WEE-blee]

Memories among the Greys extend into the preHistory of earth's solar system.  The death of their own planet, which was caused by the lifePath they, as a race, chose was marked by the change that began their new form of existence.  Weebly, while changed in the same way as the rest, was also unchanged in specific and important ways.

Weebly was the equivalent of a 12 year old human when his planet died.  His parents put him to sleep by chemical means before the planet's final death throes because they didn't want him to witness and experience the death of their planet.  They knew what their race had done in destroying the planet and wanted to shelter Weebly from the cosmic rip each person who was also part of the planet would experience upon it's death.  Scientists predicted the rip and how it could dramatically impact each individual during the final death throes of their planet.  They had no way to comprehend the true magnitude of the results.  It was theorized that those who experienced the planet's death would experience a change in their nature unlike anything they could comprehend.  The fact that they suggested that no one would be able to comprehend it did not prevent many from trying to explain or predict.  As a result, many fell into complacence and regarded the whole experience as something that was simply necessary in their evolution.  They were determined to simply move on to another planet and continue their civilazation as before.

Weebly was already slumbering in his chemical rest in his parents' spacecraft, which was given to them as a perk of being among the planet's ruling members, when his parents decided to put Weebly into the processing chamber that would alter his DNA sufficiently to make him immortal.  The changing chamber would not begin his change immediately.  The machine would only begin to process an adult body.  So Weebly's body was grown at an excellerated rate while he slept as he was sustained by intravenous foods, muscles stimulation pulses, and altered to become immortal when his body achieved adulthood.  Many of those who escaped the planet entered the changing chambers.  However, there were no other children among those who were changed.  Weebly’s parents had gone through the change immediately after the death of their planet and while Weebly slept, was processed to adulthood and became an immortal adult, though otherwise 12 years old.  Weebly was the only child-minded grey.

Going through the change removed from the greys their procreative capabilities. The various Grays who survived in their changing chambers reunited and built a fantastic society of space dwellers. They were able to create almost anything since they had all the time they needed to figure out how to do whatever they wanted to do. But they yearned to be able to multiply and bring up young of their own again. And so they searched through innumerable galaxies within the universe for intelligent life so that they could regain their lost procreative powers by way of unification with a lifeform that retained their ability to procreate.

After eons of searching, finding and rejecting numerous lifeforms with which they might join, the Greys stumbled, as it were, upon earth and the humans inhabiting it.  In all fairness, they felt they were signaled by humanity when nuclear weapons were being used.  The Greys were specifically impressed with the smoke signal-like attention-attracting clouds produced in Japan.  And so they came.

They found humans to be remarkable compatible with their own genetic sequence and desired to unite with them after very little testing.  And so they regularly ventured into earth's atmosphere to collect specimens for testing and tissue collection.

It was after decades of such specimen collection and hybrid creating that Madra and Pedre, Weebly's parents before the change, decided it was time for Weebly to view the specimen collection center: earth.  Weebly was excited to make the journey.  He didn't understand why he'd never been welcome to make the trips before, but he was glad he was being included this time around.  Madra and Pedre were significantly more experienced in all in-world traveling and especially in specimen collecting, so being assigned to make his first journey with them was special and meant as an honor.  He definitely felt the significance of it.

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next installment: June 21st, 10am

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