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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

next part of CHAPTER 1: Annalynn

FIRST part of Chapter 1

Annalynn [pronounced as it looks]

She gazed dreamily out at the Atlantic Ocean.  Annalynn love the sweet little viewing room in which she was sitting almost at the top of the wonderful yellow, Victorian-style home.  This house was certainly a stand-out in the sleepy little surf town of Flagler Beach, Florida.  She hadn't been happy to leave her friends and the world she knew when her parents felt the need to move, way back when she was three years old.  But now that she was 13, it wasn't such a bad place.  In fact, she'd grown to love it.  She barely remembered living close enough to her Mother's large family to visit daily.  Although she missed them, she realized that her life was good where she was.  She still loved the times when she was able to see them, but didn't feel angry at missing out on all the family events they celebrated together.  Her Dad's family was small and they didn't talk much.  For whatever reason, even though communication was as easy as touching glass, they did not communicate either in person or long-distance.  Not much.  So, although she wanted to see them, she didn't feel as though she missed them very much because she really knew them a lot less than she knew her Mother's family.

It really wasn't the right season for whales, but she hoped she'd see a dolphin or a porpoise or two.  The sun would be peeking over the horizon soon and then, if they were out there, she would be able to see them more easily, highlighted for a while against the light at the horizon.  She loved to watch them frolic in the waves.  In her little bird's eye room, she could see quite a ways out into the distance.  The water was murky today.  The waves were tumbling, but not too rough.  Aly was glad when she was up here away from the water.  She enjoyed watching it and could handle almost any degree of turbulence, but she had a fear of and abiding distaste for the depths.  When in them, the waves caused her stomach to clench with fear.  Yes, it was much nicer to sit in the deep cushions of the round wicker chair - so very much like a nest.  And the breeze coming through the room was just wonderful.

As she dreamily gazed at the water's surface in the distance, Aly suddenly saw something burst from the water.  She was sure she hadn't see a bird dive for a fish anywhere near where the jet of water burst.  Was that a bird she saw emerge from the spray?  Surely it couldn't be.  But yes.  It must be some sort of bird because whatever it was kept rising as the water fell back to it's home.  Aly had already been sitting straight, though more relaxed than when around anyone else.  But now she was sitting straight like a tightly pulled guitar string about to pop.  She felt enlivened and full of energy, too.  She realized she was holding herself the way she'd been taught to do in ballet.  Relaxed energy, erect and poised, straight and graceful.  As she studied and watched the bird continue to rise, she giggled at herself and realized, with some pleasure, her dance studies really had some impact.

There was something strange about that bird, other than its unusual size.  Aly thought it looked a bit deformed.  She couldn't be sure because she wasn't even sure what kind of bird it was.  But it looked as though it had some sort of growth or tumor on its back.  Aly felt a pang of compassion in her gut for the pain that creature must feel with a growth of that size always present.  She sent a prayer that the bird would arrive at its destination in safety no matter what.

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Next Installment: TOMORROW!  ^_^

1 comment:

vicki said...

I'm interested and drawn in.
unless you are creating words as well as names and creatures, you may wanna proofread for misspellings. Did you want "run" here: "The run would be peeking", and what about "sleepy little suft town ", did you want 'surf' there?
I think a saw a few in the 1st chapter.
did I just read the 2nd chapter in its entirety?

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