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Saturday, June 16, 2012

next part of CHAPTER 1: meet Yilandria

FIRST part of CHAPTER 1, if you haven't already read it... and you can move forward from there.

YILANDRIA [pronounced yil-AN-dree-uh]
Yiddy [pronounced yi-DEE]

The time was coming.  Mum and Daddy said so.  Surely they would know.  The prophecy was specific and easy to the understanding f had the right combination of Gifts.  It was clear that her parents were two of the few who could understand readily.  During all of the time she could remember of her 15 years, Mum and Daddy had always known things others didn't know.  Sometimes Mum knew them more clearly, but when Daddy tried, he knew immediately as well.  Yilandria thought that's the way it was for everyone, but had learned otherwise in a training mod when she was 11, which had become very confusing and frustrating because of her lack of understanding.  It was bad enough that her co-mods had looked at her oddly on a regular basis, but it became even more pronounced when she had spoken her assumption that everyone understood as she and her parents did.  She has explained a very very short portion of one of the most simple prophecies, read by everyone almost daily.  When asked how she knew what she was talking about, she had shrugged and asked, "Doesn't everyone?"  Some had wrinkled their brows with anger, while others looked worried and even a little scared.  They knew they would be severely reprimanded if they were unkind to Yiddy for her inappropriate revelation, but she'd felt seperate and unaccepted during the remaining cycles of that mod.

It was rare that anyone left the colony to make checks, but her family had been asked to do just that.  She was pretty sure it was because of her parents' Gifts. She wondered why she was so specifically asked to accompany them.  They would've taken her anyway, but the Captain had spoken directly to her and asked her to journey with her folks to make the distance jump to the Moon Post.  The fact that he'd asked her so specifically worried her enough that when she thought on it too long, her bgelly felt all clenchy and upset.

Yiddy looked up from her page and back down again without seeing.  She hadn't written a single thing toward completing her assingment for the day.  Mum would be disappointed.  Yiddy felt disappointed with herself.  She knew her education was of treme.  Mum and Daddy had told her innumerable times that no matter what they did, they could  It was up to her to learn the material they provided for her learning.  She really did love to learn!  It just felt impossible to focus after the meeting with the Captain earlier in the morning in which he specifically requested her to make the journey with her parents.

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next installment: the June 18th, 10am

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