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Monday, September 30, 2013

Meditation Monday #41

I keep on keepin' on!  I don't know how long I've been meditating now, but it's nigh on a year and a half, for sure.  Meditating and the fact that I've totally lost track of how long I've been going is awesome and wonderful and I pray I will be able to continue consistently in using this technology to change my brain!  :)

So, I was wondering last week when my 40 day meditation challenge would be accomplished.  I figured up and realized I was at day 56.  I'm now at or over 60 days!  I believe I will continue to use the Prosperity Meditation I added in for my "challenge" indefinitely.  It's amazing and I'm SO thankful for it!  I've had at least one amazing sort of break-through using that form of meditation.  It's way more amazing to me than it would likely be to anyone else... a pearl, of sorts.  I know that everyone who meditates will have these wonderful experiences.

I believe this pearl, of which I speak, is a pretty huge movement into breaking a generational curse and I praise the Lord for it!  Even just for the hope that it is what I HOPE it is.  :)  How awesome is that?  Super awesome to me!!!

I'll begin a new meditation challenge at the end of this week.  I might share about it... check back, just in case!  :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Excited About My Creations

So, maybe it's 'no big thang' to some out there, but I'm getting increasingly excited about my photo creations through picmonkey.  It's FUN.  I don't think much that most folks consider fun is actually fun.  For instance: Disney... so NO fun!  Water parks: NOT fun.  Shopping for stuff: yep, you guessed it, I don't consider that fun.

Fun, to me, is something that is enjoyably productive.  I need to change my thinking so that the things I must do are also FUN.  I recognise this as one of my weaknesses and know I need to work on it.  :)

The picture collage creations I've composed lately are for my Lilla Rose business... so this is also a plug for that effort of mine.  ^_^  I love my job!  It is stressful to now be a work-at-home Homeschooling Mama, truth-be-told.  It would certainly be easier to work away from my children.  Yet, even knowing that, I'm grateful that I'm able to do this work.  I'm grateful that they are able to see me work hard and consistently (even when sick as I currently am).  I'm grateful that they are able to go to work with me (my vendor shows, Home Parties, and Farmer's Market days).  How many other jobs are Mamas able to take their children to work AND at which the children might be a help!??

Yes, believe it or not, my children are sometimes helpful at my shows and events.  Kat is definitely a little saleswoman!  I want to record her in action one of these days and post it for you to see.  She's surprisingly wonderful at sharing information about Lilla Rose!  Ria is able to demonstrate (quite well) how to use the Flexi in her own hair.  Tea is a good little attention getter (she's gotten a few people interested by showing them her hair).  Jmy... well, he and EmJ are just so dang cute that people want to stop and talk and interact with them.  Jmy and Tea came the first Farmer's Market day and not since.  I've had people asking about them each week since!

Without further ado:
This is the one I just created yesterday.

For comparison sake:

This is my first effort with picmonkey and the photo program on my computer.

They are both pretty basic and I do have some other more fun and exciting creations.  I'm hoping, actually, to enter a few into the County Fair.  I'll share those when that is finished (assuming I accomplish my goal).

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Monday, September 23, 2013

A Contest for My Group

I participated in my first photo contest for my Lilla Rose upline group.  There are many other great photographers in my group and some really great pictures submitted to the contest.  I love the contest because it provides a bunch of new pictures that all of us can use to share these wonderful products.  I use the shareable photos mostly on my Facebook business page (find it by searching TNJNT in Facebook), but hope to do more with them in the future.  I just LOVE how generous, kind and helpful the women in my line are!!  And the majority of those who help and share are NOT in my direct upline... so it's not like they are being so kind and helpful because of any self-interest.  They are just sweet, kind, helpful ladies!!!

I think mine may be the only collage with treated photos.  I'm pretty pleased with it and "winning the contest" doesn't even matter because I felt like a winner when I finished my collage.  I'm so very pleased with my work... especially considering I only started using picmonkey less than a month ago!!!

What do YOU think of my collage??

linked to Mosaic Monday

This next one is something I whipped up on inspiration from Mojo Monday.  It's pretty cool, I think.  To use it on my Facebook page, I'd probably put some more information (like my website) on the ribbon to the right of the picture.  What do you think?

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Meditation Monday #40

Another week has passed.  I continue to succeed at meditating every day.  I'm still using the Prosperity Meditation as well as daily Kirtan Kriya (with open and close).  The prosperity meditation really does help me.  Praise the Lord for this awesome technology to change our own brains!  He is changing my brain and making me truly new in so many ways.

Prosperity comes in many forms.  For me, as I've shared, since I've added the Prosperity form to my practice, I've been given money by strangers, told that my business at the Farmer's Market is doing better than most given how slow things have been, and I have been blessed with a number of booked parties... some of them unexpected.

It looks like my first Lilla Rose Home Party will close well above what I think the Hostess expected (that's prosperity!), but maybe what she hoped.  I also had two buying customers at the Farmer's Market last Wednesday (a slow day).  My Facebook business page continues to grow, which is a great gift and blessing - especially when I don't know some of those who "LIKE" me there.  ^_^  That's more than I thought I could expect.  The Lord is merciful and so kind!  I know He desires to give me every good gift and I'm working to change my brain so that I can accept whatever He has in mind with gratitude and thanksgiving.

Prosperity is possible!  Love is expansive.  There is always enough and more.  These are relatively new concepts to me.  And not only do I know them theoretically, but I am coming to understand them deeply.  Meditation truly is a wonderful technology.  I must be honest in relating that I do find Kundalini Yoga to be the most seamless and least bumpy of those meditation forms I've tried!  :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for challenging people and, generally, challenges in my life.  I'm thankful (more easily and readily so) for the joys and peaceful times!

My lil babygirl is SUCH a joy!  I'm especially thankful for her continuously!

I'm thankful for the Home Party I'm demonstrating at tonight!  I'm thankful for customers and return customers both in real life and via internet friendships.  I'm thankful for this business (Lilla Rose) and the wonderful women it has brought in to my life.  I'm thankful for the amazing line of which I am a part.  The ladies in my Lilla Rose group (upline and horizontal line) are truly LOVELY!  I'm thankful for walking and the other parts of my emotional, mental and spiritual self-care that are helping me stay sane through this very stressful and trying time of my life.

I'm thankful for my life and all that comes with it.  No matter the difficulties, I am truly blessed of the Lord and for any and all good that comes into my life the praise is His!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Meditation Monday #39

Prosperity meditation seems to be doing some good.  I'm more willing and able to accept the good that is coming toward us... maybe particularly in the form of currency.  Another $19 gift to us in Goodwill the other day.  That's a total of $44 given to us while out shopping.  Crazy cool, right?

Additionally, my husband has been offered (and fulfilled) some extra work for money opportunities.  That's to a total of a couple hundred dollars.  AND I've been blessed with good business in my Lilla Rose work.  Some sales at the Farmer's Market and some online from my website and a few parties set up.  I'm so excited!!

If you'd like be a Hostess, I'm happy to do Facebook/Google Hangout Parties for anyone who would like to work with me.  They can be as fun as home parties with me present physically. If we did a Google Hangout Party and you had a bunch of guests in your home, it would be like we were having a regular Home Party!  :)

Also, I'm seeing more ways of earning money.  Yeay!

I'm grateful for the changes to my brain the Lord is bringing about by way of the technology of the Prosperity Meditation!  Praise the Lord!!!!


Friday, September 6, 2013

A Little Experimenting

I've been playing with my hair a lot lately.  It's been a LOT of fun.  I've learned a couple things about myself.  1: I actually LOVE to style hair.  I just don't love cutting it and dealing with chemicals.  2: I really do love doing hair (it's that big a realizatio that I must repeat it!) and REALLY long hair is pretty difficult to work with!

I'm going to keep playing... I even wake up early to do a couple styles while it's still too dark out for me to leave for my walk.  Yes, I really REALLY enjoy playing with hair!  I guess I forgot after working in a salon all those years ago... I did NOT like that experience, so I think I just figured I didn't really enjoy hair, generally.  ahwell

What do you think?  :)
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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I'm THANKFUL for opportunities to help others.

I'm thankful for others who help us!

I'm thankful for my first in-real-life Flexi sale. It was awesome to meet and get to know a neat lady at the Farmer's Market. And she bought a flexi clip!   ^_^   YEAY!

I'm thankful for HOPE, Faith and Love.


playing with the final gift from Grampa Bruce

 Jmy wearing 2 of the 4 sunglasses gifts

my silly children (Jmy was trying to avoid the camera)
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Monday, September 2, 2013

Meditation Monday #38

So, I am not a month into my current 40 day Meditation Challenge.  I'm doing my regular Kirtan Kriya (Kundalini Yoga) and added in (for the 40 days, at least) a Prosperity Meditation.

I have to tell you... I think it's helping.  Now, my goal for including this form in my practice is to change my brain - to make me able to accept all the best that God has for me.  I have been rejecting a lot (I'm coming to understand this) because of preconceived ideas that are based in my own lack of understanding or misunderstanding.  So, I'm working, by using this technology of Kundalini Yoga, to change my brain and i REALLY think it's working!  Why?

Well, VERY early on I was given at more than 4 large bags full of linens, blanket, and clothing.  Then, another bag of clothing.  About a week later, a huge box of clothing.  The clothing is for the girls and has been VERY helpful and happily received.  This sort of thing does happen pretty regularly.  It's ALWAYS wonderful and I feel amazingly blessed.  I just wasn't all that surprised.  IF you know what I mean.  I hope you do!

Well, about a week later someone I know contacted me to tell me that they wanted to invest in one of our family businesses.  This was a total surprise as I did not ask for such.  It was 'out of thin air' as it were!

Last week, on Monday, a lady gave me five dollars and told me to buy something for the children.  I was not expecting the gift and was really surprised and happy to receive it.  Then, on Friday, another lady, at a completely different store, gave me a twenty dollar bill and told me to buy lunch for the children... and then told me to get whatever I wanted with the money.  How cool is that!?!!??

The money thing is REALLY new to me.  It's a BIG deal, too, because money has long been a bit of a problem for me... my stewardship of it, mostly.  Anyway... I'm hoping and praying that Heavenly Father is pleased with my uses of the gifts He has provided (all of them, but specifically the cash) and will see fit to provide more of them.  I'm still working to change my brain to accept them, too.  ^_^

I would say my Prosperity Meditation is working pretty well, don't you think so?


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