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Monday, September 16, 2013

Meditation Monday #39

Prosperity meditation seems to be doing some good.  I'm more willing and able to accept the good that is coming toward us... maybe particularly in the form of currency.  Another $19 gift to us in Goodwill the other day.  That's a total of $44 given to us while out shopping.  Crazy cool, right?

Additionally, my husband has been offered (and fulfilled) some extra work for money opportunities.  That's to a total of a couple hundred dollars.  AND I've been blessed with good business in my Lilla Rose work.  Some sales at the Farmer's Market and some online from my website and a few parties set up.  I'm so excited!!

If you'd like be a Hostess, I'm happy to do Facebook/Google Hangout Parties for anyone who would like to work with me.  They can be as fun as home parties with me present physically. If we did a Google Hangout Party and you had a bunch of guests in your home, it would be like we were having a regular Home Party!  :)

Also, I'm seeing more ways of earning money.  Yeay!

I'm grateful for the changes to my brain the Lord is bringing about by way of the technology of the Prosperity Meditation!  Praise the Lord!!!!


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