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Monday, September 2, 2013

Meditation Monday #38

So, I am not a month into my current 40 day Meditation Challenge.  I'm doing my regular Kirtan Kriya (Kundalini Yoga) and added in (for the 40 days, at least) a Prosperity Meditation.

I have to tell you... I think it's helping.  Now, my goal for including this form in my practice is to change my brain - to make me able to accept all the best that God has for me.  I have been rejecting a lot (I'm coming to understand this) because of preconceived ideas that are based in my own lack of understanding or misunderstanding.  So, I'm working, by using this technology of Kundalini Yoga, to change my brain and i REALLY think it's working!  Why?

Well, VERY early on I was given at more than 4 large bags full of linens, blanket, and clothing.  Then, another bag of clothing.  About a week later, a huge box of clothing.  The clothing is for the girls and has been VERY helpful and happily received.  This sort of thing does happen pretty regularly.  It's ALWAYS wonderful and I feel amazingly blessed.  I just wasn't all that surprised.  IF you know what I mean.  I hope you do!

Well, about a week later someone I know contacted me to tell me that they wanted to invest in one of our family businesses.  This was a total surprise as I did not ask for such.  It was 'out of thin air' as it were!

Last week, on Monday, a lady gave me five dollars and told me to buy something for the children.  I was not expecting the gift and was really surprised and happy to receive it.  Then, on Friday, another lady, at a completely different store, gave me a twenty dollar bill and told me to buy lunch for the children... and then told me to get whatever I wanted with the money.  How cool is that!?!!??

The money thing is REALLY new to me.  It's a BIG deal, too, because money has long been a bit of a problem for me... my stewardship of it, mostly.  Anyway... I'm hoping and praying that Heavenly Father is pleased with my uses of the gifts He has provided (all of them, but specifically the cash) and will see fit to provide more of them.  I'm still working to change my brain to accept them, too.  ^_^

I would say my Prosperity Meditation is working pretty well, don't you think so?


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