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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Excited About My Creations

So, maybe it's 'no big thang' to some out there, but I'm getting increasingly excited about my photo creations through picmonkey.  It's FUN.  I don't think much that most folks consider fun is actually fun.  For instance: Disney... so NO fun!  Water parks: NOT fun.  Shopping for stuff: yep, you guessed it, I don't consider that fun.

Fun, to me, is something that is enjoyably productive.  I need to change my thinking so that the things I must do are also FUN.  I recognise this as one of my weaknesses and know I need to work on it.  :)

The picture collage creations I've composed lately are for my Lilla Rose business... so this is also a plug for that effort of mine.  ^_^  I love my job!  It is stressful to now be a work-at-home Homeschooling Mama, truth-be-told.  It would certainly be easier to work away from my children.  Yet, even knowing that, I'm grateful that I'm able to do this work.  I'm grateful that they are able to see me work hard and consistently (even when sick as I currently am).  I'm grateful that they are able to go to work with me (my vendor shows, Home Parties, and Farmer's Market days).  How many other jobs are Mamas able to take their children to work AND at which the children might be a help!??

Yes, believe it or not, my children are sometimes helpful at my shows and events.  Kat is definitely a little saleswoman!  I want to record her in action one of these days and post it for you to see.  She's surprisingly wonderful at sharing information about Lilla Rose!  Ria is able to demonstrate (quite well) how to use the Flexi in her own hair.  Tea is a good little attention getter (she's gotten a few people interested by showing them her hair).  Jmy... well, he and EmJ are just so dang cute that people want to stop and talk and interact with them.  Jmy and Tea came the first Farmer's Market day and not since.  I've had people asking about them each week since!

Without further ado:
This is the one I just created yesterday.

For comparison sake:

This is my first effort with picmonkey and the photo program on my computer.

They are both pretty basic and I do have some other more fun and exciting creations.  I'm hoping, actually, to enter a few into the County Fair.  I'll share those when that is finished (assuming I accomplish my goal).

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vicki said...

I can see why you like picmonkey--an outlet for your creativity.
Very nice work!
love, mom

Tori said...

Yes. It's definitely enjoyable for that reason! :) Thank you!!! ^_^

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