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Thursday, April 30, 2009


We'll be staying home today.
Can you believe it's nearly May!?

Even if Ria's no longer sick,
I think we need a break - and I get to pick!

A break from people and all those germs.
Mama needs some time to, with her fears, come to terms.

I'm not (or at least I wasn't) a germ-a-phobe.
But I can totally see how some might wear that psychic robe!!!

So easy to slip on and wrap ones self up in.
The trouble is keeping it off when around someone coughin'.

Still, even with Ria feeling better (as I expect she will),
there's no harm in giving her time to completely heal.

So, we'll miss out on our busiest day.
But we'll be right back in next week, without delay.

Who Do You Write To?

When you write in your blog. Who do you write to?

As for me? Mostly I write to my Mom and my sister Eves. They are both far from me and difficult to converse with personally (one more so than the other, but still). So, when I write, I most often think of them.

There are other times when I write just to write. I may also write to record something since I find it difficult (because of kiddos who don't like to see me do it for some reason!!) to write on paper - like in my journal. So, this is sort of a fill-in for that, which I miss doing very much.

Anyway. I was just thinking about this a lot lately.

So, who do you write to? Anyone?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Pray for us, if you could.
I hope and ask that you would.

Ria's had headaches, fever, and a sore throat.
Kat and Mama aches and the feeling of needing a coat.

With all the news regarding an impending pandemic,
I think I may be developing a nervous tick.

Okay, so that last bit was just cause I needed a rhyme.
My actual problem is that my fears, too fast, do climb.

And from the heights of really tall fear
I shed many, oh many, a tear.

But the height doesn't help with perspective.
And good advice flows right out of my mind like a sieve.

So, I'm praying for greater Faith and Trust.
For I know that, in my life, the Lord's Will is a must.

It's better by far than my own plan.
Just as with anything, God's way is better than any ways of man.

Still fear nibbled on my mind.
A way I am, to myself, unkind.

If you chance to, or think to, for us, pray,
acceptance and peace would be nice, if you could send 'em on their way.

I'm really REALLY trying to do my part.
For I do believe that's where it must start.

I also believe additional prayers certainly can't hurt.
Perhaps there'll be some from KZ, maybe in a yurt. (heeheehee)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Mama's got an ache.
In the head. Same as Ria.
No fever yet. Yay!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Quiet cooking day.
Jess home. Ria a bit sick.
Kat frustrated, some.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Last April Sunday.
Good day. Friend to play. Quiet.
Reading. Early sleep.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quiet Saturday

Quiet day after
Friday's Ward Activity.
Reading. Playing. Quiet.

(lame haiku, I know)
Posting on Monday for Saturday.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Again today, off to work with Dad.
I really didn't want this particular fad.

Saturday will be a break.
But Friday was a bit of messy cake.

Not as busy as yesterday, for sure.
(Perhaps we're on our way to a cure.)

We dropped Daddy off at work.
Then to the grocery store to lurk.

Loading up on loss leaders, I had a list prepared.
I saved more than forty dollars, if anyone cared.

Canned veggies, fifty cents a piece,
spaghetti sauce, and mac-n-cheese.

Beginning again to gather our pantry three-month supply.
It's always a process, but this time I think it'll fly.

Having more money with which to devote,
it's a good feeling, but I don't mean to gloat.

It's certainly not boasting in and of ourselves.
But to God all praise for filling our shelves!!!!!!

Gratitude constantly fills my heart
that His Love is so big and He's SO smart!

I don't think I would've been this focused
without past experience, and all the ways we've been hocus-pocused.

Written Saturday the 25th.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Too Much Thursday

Today was the first of a couple BUSY days.
If you know me, my busy-ness may amaze.

I really prefer, as much as I can,
to stay in my home putting paper with pen.

Actually, I don't get to do that much
but I would do, if I could do such!

We departed with Daddy at 7:30am, quite early!
To get him to work when the sky was still all pearly.

Mama needed the van to get to a meeting late in the day.
So, early to drop Daddy we rose and went away.

We returned and baby was SLEEPY.
So Mama laid down to calm "little weepy".

An hour later the time arrived for another departure.
This time off to the playground, my children to lure.

It's easy when the treat is play
and then a story at the libra-ray.

10am, I was almost on time.
Though lateness isn't a crime.

11am Story Time came.
We dashed over and I felt quite lame.

I thought we were completely timely.
We were welcomed in, as always, kindly.

Story Time finished, we made our way home.
With Mama's poor head feeling all full of foam.

Sleepy, SO sleepy, we all took a nap.
And wakened in hopes of a visitor's hand flap. (knock on the door)

When Kelly came the girls were so excited.
She came with us to Dance, they were delighted.

Directly after dance we rushed
Mama was sure we were late, I was totally flushed.

According to the clock on the wall
I had 2 minutes to spare, good call!

Out after 9pm and then off to get Dad.
I hope NOT to make this sort of day a personal fad.

But then, perhaps I should not think such a thing.
Death will bring rest from cares, of truth that does ring.

But cares does not refer to WORK.
Even in Heaven we will not be able to shirk.

So, while here, part of our myriad duties
is to learn to love work as well as our cuties.

Written on Saturday the 25th.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quietly Reading

I'm trying to read ahead.
It's been happening often while abed.

Ria's reading so very fast.
I'm trying to find a new good cast.

Since she seems to really enjoy series of books.
I'm reading The Circle Opens, which requires many looks.

They are significantly longer.
And will require her focus to get stronger.

I'm sure she'll love that there's magic throughout.
But I'm afraid the thickness will cause her to pout.

However a mean Mom I may seem,
I encourage her so strongly because we're a bit of a team.

So Wednesday afternoon I spent a lot of time reading.
And took breaks when my girls were pleading.

The morning we were busy with a short beach trip.
To play in the waves and have a picnic, the girls did "flip"!

They were so happy for such a rare pleasure.
And the company of friends was an added treasure.

Mixed in with afternoon reading time
I spent some moments just being, which isn't a crime!

Kat yearns for cuddles galore.
And I always want to hold her more.

So a little time was spent
trying to, in our need, put a dent.

Tea has become a little selfish of Mama's lap.
She fussed and tried to get Kat away with, from her hands, a tap.

I'm not having any of that.
I learned my lesson with her sister Kat!

Ria, able to read the way she is,
sees me doing and then she does.

So Wednesday was a nice quiet day.
Good in many many a way.

The rest of the week was a bit of a riot of busy!
You'll wonder how I kept from having a tizzy.

At least, I wonder a bit in my mind.
It's ALL the Lord, for He is SO kind.

This was written on Saturday morning at 2:39am; trying to catch up again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Homeschooling "Others"

This day was quite busy.
Mama was all a tizzy.

We actually spent a good few hours
spending time with other homeschooled flowers.

It was lovely for Ria to meet more "others".
And for me to meet more Mothers.

A good moment came
that enabled me to reduce public school's fame.

Ria didn't want to play volleyball any more.
And I allowed her to take a break, it was no chore.

But then I was able to point out.
That if she'd been elsewhere, she couldn't thus pout.

She'd have to participate regardless of her feeling.
And no matter how others might be, with her, dealing.

Kat really just wanted to swing.
But she did chase the big kids around the whole thing. (the playground)

The other Mothers were most impressed
with how Kat fell, but her play did not arrest!

I shared that I hoped to raise tough chicks.
Girls who could be cute, but also take some licks.

Joking, on that last part.
The Mothers thought I had a good start.

Tea was, of course, a sweet baby.
Sitting in my sling like a little lady.

She only complained a few times when she wanted to eat.
And she was easily soothed and went back to her special retreat.

So our morning was a special pleasure.
Next week will be another one to treasure!

Later we had piano class as we usually do on this day.
Mary Kay told me she was interviewed in an odd sort of way.

She had the older boy, who'd been taking lessons a few years, play for her.
If she hadn't been told of his years taking lessons, she wouldn't have been sure.

For she thought Ria was playing as well as he.
And she wondered how that could possibly be.

More than likely his parents don't press him.
His time pushed to practice is likely quite slim.

I don't have to push her so much as of late.
But there was a while that I felt that would always be my fate.

She usually sits down to practice and play
without a word from me, or little delay.

It's lovely to hear
that she's doing so well in less than a year!

Now caught up!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Run Day

Okay, so running is exaggerating just a bit.
Can you imagine my fluff doing much more than a sit?

Well, I did go for a walk.
ALONE! No one with whom I had to talk!

What a gift.
My spirits did lift.

I wish for some more.
But I'd have to wake EARLY to score.

The sacrifice is a bit much as yet.
But I'll make it before long, I bet.

For the time alone was such a pleasure.
I believe I may value it more than sleep, my current treasure.

Back dating this for yesterday. Almost caught up.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Fun Day

Well, perhaps not all fun.
But we with Daddy, some time won.

So all day he was around.
Rarely is he so easily found.

I'm happy, for certain, though.
For he's making significantly more dough.

Not that money is the end all, of course.
But you'll have to agree it is a might strong force.

We'll be using it for good, me thinks.
To build up food storage and take care of debt, it STINKS!

And then we'll figure out what other good we can do.
But that won't happen for a while, which I do rue.

Still thing are looking brighter.
I guess it pays to be a fighter.

Certainly there's no doubt in my mind
that's our circumstances are a miracle from our Father, kind!

Back posted for Sunday on Tuesday. A little less behind now.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Service

We went to the Washington Oaks Park.
We, me and my three, worked and had a lark.

It was a wonderful time
and didn't cost us a dime.

The normal fee
is really rather wee.

Only eight dollars per car
and the park is near, rather than far.

The only difficult part
was driving Daddy to work, an early start.

Normally Mama doesn't fully get going
until a bit later in the morning.

The reason for the effort
was of the worthy sort.

So energy was high.
But I did need a nap later, I cannot lie.

Ria worked at any task.
She was happy, and it was no mask.

Kat got tired of the work we were doing
after only an hour she began stewing.

But we finished our little three.
And then enjoyed the sights to see.

Ria and Kat had their faces painted.
Rainbows for the two. Cute, ain't it?

I only have one picture, but can't post it.
I left my camera at home. I could, now, have a fit.

Then we moved on to some painting time.
On a big board, their globs and squiggles were not a crime.

They did some plant potting at a plant potting station.
A must have for any Earth Day celebration.

From there we moved on to a bird house painting table.
And we left them to dry without so much as a label.

No need for their works were one of a kind.
No one else would try to, theirs, find.

Finally, we ended at the splatter painting spot.
The girls started with a paint dot.

But the surface on which the paper was sitting
was spinning. So the dot became more of a round blot.

Their creations all completely unique.
I'm so lucky so have been present to, into their process, peak.

We finished with a special treat.
Prepared foods that we bought right there to eat.

The girls were just thrilled.
And their little bellies were nicely filled.

The money was an awesome and
unexpected gift from a far off land.

Thanks to Josefine and Keefe
for sending it, I have NO beef!

Such friends I have, so sweet.
I wish I could them, in person, greet.

Perhaps someday.
That's hope. A small ray.

Back posted on Tuesday for Saturday. I'm a bit behind.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Mamas flub, too.
It's not something to rue.
At least not too much.
It makes us more true,
like someone you can really touch!

So my flub of the day
was not remembering to stay
at home instead of going to dance.
So off to class we did prance.
Only to find the door locked
and you should've seen Ria's glance!
I could well tell she was shocked.

To be totally frank
I felt a bit blank.
And then SPRING BREAK sprang
into my head, really rang.
I felt a bit mentally over cuddled
and shared the bit of Mama-mind-muddled.
Ria, shaming me in every word,
chastised me for being befuddled.
And I did feel like a big fat turd.

But then I felt it important to remind
my eldest daughter to be more kind.
And took a moment or two
to remind her, "This effort is for you!"
I expressed the need
for her to take heed
and help her Mama, so forgetful,
of HER dance schedule!
She seemed to realize
that she really did have a part to help Mama not look a fool.
This daughter of mine, what a prize!

Not always, of course.
We have plenty of days of remorse.
When she doesn't mind
and is often unkind.
But more and more often,
she does, my heart soften,
with her sweet gentle ways.
She makes the best of her days.
And to top it all to me
she is smart as smart can be.
She read and loves to learn
and helps as much as she can see
a way to help and take a turn.

A wonderful life.
Even when full of strife.
Hope is my haven.
I'm the new hope Maven!
Only through Father's sweet Grace
and Mercy can I say such with a mostly straight face.
I took it as a challenge to have Hope
when it seems like the world is trying to hang itself with a rope.
And Father has blessed me beyond measure.
With peace and joy and His love to treasure.
You should try it too
I'm sure you will find treasures, not a few.
And what could it hurt
to feel hope when there's so much to rue?
It's a way to, with Heaven, flirt!

So, the missing dance class (heeheehee) was actually on Thursday the 16th,
but I wanted to make sure I had a poem for Friday. (I'd rather not get behind!)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Book Basket; not a poem

Mine is actually a Book Bag. I have to be able to transport the books we borrow from the library in my babyjogger (basically my vehicle). With the addition to my calling it's going to be more important for us to look into purchasing Jess his "ached for" Honda moped thingy. I'm anxious about adding another bill, but it's really REALLY difficult to drive Jess to work (leaving around 7:30am) and picking him up, which involves waking the girls and putting them to bed AGAIN. *sigh*

Today was library day (Story Time), which is why I won't have reviews for more of the books.

Here are Ria's books (she'll finish them by Wednesday, assuming everyone stays healthy):
Junie B Jones Is Captain Field Day by Barbara Park
Junie B Jones Smells Something Fishy-I think it was funny. I thought it was a little fishy to me because Junie B was walking a fish with a dog collar. Keep in mind she is 5, so her reviews are not detailed as yet. ^_^
Junie B Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket

(Capital Mysteries) #7 Trouble at the Treasury by Ron Roy
(Capital Mysteries) #8 Mystery at the Washington Monument
(Capital Mysteries) #9 A Thief at the National Zoo
Ria has already finished the rest of the A to Z Mysteries AND Capital Mysteries, so she'll be reading the rest of the Junie B books and then she'll be moving into something else... not sure what yet!

I'm reading a series I'll probably move her into before too long. Each book will likely take her a week to 10 days to complete (unless she LOVES them like I do). I've already read 3 of the books and they are very good:
Circle of Magic; Briar's Book by Tamora Pierce (I've read Tris's and Daja's Books, but haven't yet read Sandry's of this group of 4.)
The Circle Opens #2 Street Magic
The Circle Opens #3 Cold Fire (I DID read #1 in this group.)

I'm reading ON THE BANKS OF PLUM CREEK to the girls at night before bed.

And these are the books I'll read to Kat:
Mama Tiger, Baby Tiger by Juli Mahr (Ria has been interested in the big animals, so Kat enjoys them too. ^_^)
Bumble Bees by Fran Howard - Kat is interested in learning more about flowers, plants, and seeds. So, perfect to go with more about the pollinators, too. ^_^
The Paperbag Prince by Colin Thompson - I got it just because it looked cool; cool title!
I'd Choose You! Giving the Blessing to Your Child by John Trent, Ph.D. - I chose it because it looked like it would have a good message. Ria said, "I loved it. I've always loved it." I don't remember it.
Humpphrey The Lost Whale a True Story by Wendy Tokuda and Richard Hall - Ria and Kat (because of Ria) are very interested in water creatures. ^_^

Join the group of peeps sharing their library borrowing habits and efforts at The Happy Housewife. I'm doing it... but you don't have to, if you don't want to.

My First

"What is this?" you say.
A little something that helped make my day.
It's the Attitude of Gratitude Award.
Given by a lady who, the pre-baby life she does ford.
Baby Makin(g) Machine is her blog name.
A blog of pre-baby-life fame.
She's a neat chica.
Why don't you go take a "peek-a". ^_^

And now to pay it forward:
Barbara Frank Online
The Monteith Family
Couldn't Ask for More
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The Happy Housewife
Jane 4 Girls $800 Annual Budget
Mama Is...
Large Family Mothering
Bake at 350
(I'm passing it on to only 10
because that's how many my
awarder passed it along to.)

Loving Life

I love my life.
Even when it's down.
It's harder to feel the love really clear,
in those moments when things are in a fog.
I keep trying to hold to the rod.
I DO love my life
with my precious little ones
growing ever so fast.
I'm so lucky to have them
on loan
and be their Mama!
And me
to a good man
who loves me;
come what may.
How could I be so lucky?
Extended family,
here and there.
Church family.
Friends so dear!
DAYS and nights!
for my life is overflowing.
I'm so blessed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Up too late.
Perhaps it's my fate.

I try to go to sleep when normal people do.
But Tea is uncooperative, and then, my efforts, I rue.

I've never been an easy early morning riser.
When I was up on my own, I think I did surprise her. (my Mom when I was a teen)

It could be hormones or genes.
Can you tell me what it all means?

Just tonight I decided to own it.
Working with what does, already, fit.

I recently read in a really great blog
from another lady writing about coming out of a fog.

She expressed her belief,
it was, for me, such a relief.

A new context for an old thought.
It felt like something for which I'd long sought.

Putting it simply is not easy here.
This rhyme is a little difficult, dear.

But basically it had something to do
with the fact that Father made us each; a little clue.

We are each different, a bit unique.
And perhaps we're not all made with the same daily peak.

Some people rise super early in the morn.
While others wish to, but are constantly put to scorn.

And then there are those like me,
Who rise as necessary.


I still wish I could rise early.
But I also wish my hair was curly!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Decadent Day

TUESDAYS poem (I am backdating)

A Temple trip, mostly for me.
Fast food lunch, RARE as can be!

A long nap with my sleeping Tea.
Daddy spent time with Kat and Ria.

Baby woke up at a normal one's bedtime. (9:45pm)
So Mama went on a LONE walk, SUBLIME!!!

Yes it was night and very dark.
But I wore white and had a lark.

Even at my hefty weight
I ran two blocks, hoping loss is my fate. (loss of weight!)

Then a shower, again all alone.
Such time is something I cannot bemoan.

A quiet shower is hard to come by;
for my baby doesn't like 'em and the whole time does cry!

Such time alone and unfettered is rare.
It was pleasant, but would get old, I do declare.

If it happened too often
loneliness would be hard to soften.

So, I cherish the decadent day.
But my little burdens are blessings in every way.

For aren't we to joy and express gratitude,
amid the trials and difficulties, if we are of the right attitude?

I'm trying to better take care of me.
And so I'll fit it in as best as can be.

But if I sacrifice me now,
though I may look like a cow...

I will praise my Lord and King
for sending me such a family; blessing!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Brief Glimpse

Monday's Poem (actually written on Monday!)

We'll make our monthly temple trip tomorrow.
And none too soon, I need a lift of recent sorrow.

A new development with my calling, I just learned about:
I'm a Stake Activity's Committee member, definitely not the reason for today's pout.

"So what's troubling you?" I feel you say.
Not a thing. Everything. It was just a really rough day.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Christ my Savior.
For Him, I monitor my behavior!

He died so I might live.
What an awesome and amazing gift to give!!

My personal Messiah, Jesus Christ.
Of this testimony, there can be no heist.

Gratitude fills my soul
when I think of His Divine role.

To fulfill the law
and save me from Death's Eternal maw.

He provided the link
between Justice and me.

So I can have Hope,
without which I could not cope.

What a tremendous gift is this day.
I praise my Lord and Savior for paying the debt; mine, he DID pay!

Funny Hubby and SUCH a Hardworker

Jessie is obsessed with growing pineapples lately. I know. Interesting, huh? Apparently, this guy who used to work at the Club (the old full-time job that is now the part-time job) was able to grow 17 (or more) pineapple plants from the tops of pineapples being discarded at the Club. He has also had fruit from them. At least, that was Jessie's understanding.

So, now Jessie is on a mission to grow fruit-bearing pineapple plants. It's amazing difficult from the reading we've done (just this night, actually). Jessie's tops are in step 3 right now.

I think Jess is interested in this NOW because we're getting a garden going again. (Like that alliteration? ^_^) The sort of funny thing (to me) about the plants he's focused on growing is that they require at least 20 months growth (in Hawaii) before they will flower to produce a SINGLE fruit. All of the other things we are growing will bear fruit this year for consumption and/or preservation. Jessie's efforts will require much more EFFORTS! And I guess we'll be living here for at least 2 more years (assuming he wants to get some fruit from his efforts).

At least, the pineapple tops are totally free even if we do have to leave them. ^_^

His Hard Work
Jess has just finished a week of working at the Grille (the new job down South) and the Club (up North). Thursday he worked from 8 to about 10am at the Club, drove to the Grille and worked until about 10pm. Friday was the same at the Club, just later at the Grille and then he went to WalMart for some groceries. Saturday was the same as Friday except that he came straight home from work.

He had ALL of today off!!!!

Tomorrow (Monday) he'll work only in the morning at the Club. Tuesday he's off all day.

Wednesday through Saturday he'll be working at the Grille from 8am until sometime around (or after) 10pm. While this is long and hard, it'll actually be a little easier (Jess anticipates) because he won't have to worry about getting from one job to another on time. It's also quite good for our family because he'll end up with overtime.

The amazing part of all this is that he'll be making more $ during this time of working overtime than when he's on salary. The thing about salary, though is that it's stable. If he were to continue to be paid hourly, his hours would be cut during the off season and we'd either have a hard time or (hopefully) have savings. So far the savings thing hasn't worked out because the income was just covering needs. So, all in all the whole salary thing is good for us. I just hope he won't have to work 14 hour days in general! His boss has told him that during Bike Week, Race Week, and another week (can't remember when) he just sends his wife up North (to family?) because he's basically never home. He has gone so far as to say that Jessie should be prepared to basically just sleep at home during that time. Hmmm... well, that won't be too different from what we've just done 3 days of and will be doing another 4 days of.... I think we'll manage.

I've commented to Jessie a few times that this new job is really another amazing miracle in our lives. I asked him if he could see the truth of it (the first time I mentioned it to him). He didn't really respond, which, in Jessie speak, is an unwillingness to agree, which actually almost always means he DOESN'T agree. So, I went on to explain my supposition. And here's how: This IS a miracle and gift from God because Jessie has tried to improve our financial situation on his own,in his own strength, basically, since we arrived here. (Moving here was an effort to that end as well.) It has worked a bit, but not generally and not over-all. Remember, we've been on Food Assistance from my Church very recently! It's only at this time when things are SO bad in the economy at large (our unemployment here in Flagler County is almost FIFTEEN percent!!!!) that we get a lift up... or a pull up. It's not a lift or pull of our own doing or in our own power. It's as obvious as the nose on my face, to me!

And I keep thinking things like: Heavenly Father sure is making it clear that we are not doing these things in and of ourselves. He's making sure to make it difficult for either of us to have any pride in the improvement of our situation. Father definitely wants to make pride in our situation far from the realm of possibility. I'm grateful... knowing as I do my issues with feeling pride.

My girls and I were watching the Ruth Living Scriptures movie the other day. In it Boaz is near kin to Naomi and her hubby (odd/long name I can't remember). Before they leave to live among the Moabites (in the movie) Boaz offers to help them financially and says, "I don't know why the Lord has blessed me when so many other are losing everything, let me help you!" Though the words probably are not word-for-word from the movie, the idea is captured and it is EXACTLY how I feel!!!! It's a miracle! And I'm so beyond-words grateful!!!

Our God is a MIGHTY God.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

She Stood

She stood, she STOOD!
I didn't know she could.

It all began
as she sat in her basket, tan.

I washed my hands
and my baby girl stands!

Okay, so maybe it was actually a squat
but that detail doesn't change the plot.

My baby of five and a half months old
pulled herself up, no waver, no weakness to fold.

She held on to the edge the whole time
but, PLEASE, for her age, that's certainly no crime!

As yet her effort at a full crawl
has ended in a face-first sprawl.

But she moves backwards quite well.
That's how she's, from our bed, fell.

She rocks back and forth on her hands and knees.
And smiles SO big when you compliment her improvement by degrees.

A few times she's even lifted her hands in effort to move.
But her knees have been frozen; she'll yet get in her groove.

So, though her crawl is not yet full on,
I'm sure you'll agree she'll soon be running on the lawn.

Her desire is certainly there,
it just takes a while to prepare.

There seems to be an ache I see in her eyes.
To be with her sisters is her yearned for prize.

And she's on her way.
It really could be any day!

I just HAD to share my great pleasure
in my baby who is our family's treasure.

I hope you will feel my desire to share
more than any effort to compare.

The only competition, I try to tell my daughter,
is with ourselves... to be better and better... or, at least, it otter. ;)

Friday, April 10, 2009


Wouldn't it be fun to win?
Click on over and give it a spin.

Friday's Poem

my little blog,
won't you say hi?
I cannot lie:
a comment,
a note,
the perfect antidote
for the strange
found here.
We could be friends, dear!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


loading laundry looked

A moment
too long.
For she fell.

she leans
full forward.

full side today.

God's Grace
sweet Mercy
to me!

WHY: We Keep Choosing Us?

So why would someone name their blog: We Keep Choosing Us?

Well, it all goes back to the first couple weeks... or, maybe month, that Jessie and I were dating.  He knew the night he met me that he would marry me.  It took me two weeks to catch up.  Sorta characteristic of our whole relationshi thus far, as I reflect.  Anyway...

During those first blushes of our relationship, I felt that I wanted us to have a theme.  I asked Jess if he was keen on such an idea and he said it would be fine with him for me to come up with something.  So, I put myself to thinking on it.  I came up with something and brought it to Jess for approval.  He liked it and so we've used it ever since.  That's almost 10 years ago (given that I'm writing this April 2011 and have back dated this post for mine own purposes ;) hehe).

What did I come up with?  ICU

I explained to Jess that ICU meant two things for us.  First, and foremost, as an acronym it meant: I Choose You.  But equally important is what the letters sound like when you say them out loud: I See You.  To me that meant and still means, I See YOU for who you are and I Choose You just the way you are... and I commit to Choosing to See YOU as you progress and I'll Keep right on Chooing you all the way.

We were already married a while when I began this blog.  So, after thinking about it, I decided to entitle it: We Keep Choosing Us because at the time I started it we were just beginning to see the light in a very dark tunnel portion of our relationship.  And I knew that we DID keep choosing each other and I felt confident that we would keep right on choosing to be together.  Thus, We Keep Choosing Us seemed a sort of progression from ICU.  We still use ICU in writing to one another sometimes... but I like the title of the blog, too.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Time He Needs

Wednesday Jessie started
his new job!
But early departed.

Home for the nite
a very unusual
and pleasan delight.

Wednesday nights some guys from our church
gather and, on seats, do perch.

They play guitar and Jam
each thinking of a star
then saying, "I am!"

I thought it might be nice
for Jess to go
and add, to his life, some spice.

Perhaps, also, a little break
'Cause it'd be a while before
another he could take.

After my pleasure at seeing him off
a place in my head did stir and scoff.

"How is it that he
never seems to think of me!?"

My brain circles and I did wonder
but then my heart joined
and I felt my blunder.

He should think of me.
That's truth.
Plan as can be.

But if I am like a vulture
in my heart
no excuse is enough; not even our culture!

No malice can linger
if I'm a Christian, as I think I am.
I have no place to point a finger.

And say, "What about you?"
I have to focus on me
and to my own battle be true.

Oh, how I wish such knowledge
was as easy to feel as know.
It's not, though, no matter how my heart does pledge.

So, as the caretaker I feel I must be
I also have to be sure to take care of me.

Once again, so easy to say.
Yet hard, so hard, to put into play!

Although I am dating this for Wednesday, I didn't actually get it written OR posted until today (Thursday the 9th). Yesterday was SUCH a strange night with Jess in and out and then I cut his hair... very busy. And then I was actually SUPER tired after his hair was cut and I had to get to bed since Tea seemed to be sleeping quite deeply. She slept on!!!! I actually went to bed AND slept at around 11:30pm or a little later. THAT is basically unheard of for me in the last 9+months now. Oh, how I want to be back to a bit more NORMAL a schedule. We'll see.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


A stack of books to read.
One: Seed to Seed.
Two: helps for homeschool;
I'll use them as support & tool.
Two: discipline resources,
to help me fight the world's unruly forces.
Another: Heaven at Home
for I'd rather we all not roam.

Worthy reads, these books.
They'll find their way into some nooks
when I finish them with a sigh.
Yet this stack feels a mile high.

I've already begun,
with the rising of the sun,
to read a couple of them
(suggests a personal problem).

In one: A Mother Just Like You
I've found cause to rejoice, more than a few!
Father has put it in my way.
How can you be sure? I hear you say.

I'm sure as sure can be
for, you see,
it has helped me
so tremendously!

My struggle of late
I shared with you on a recent past date.
To feel peace and trust
In Father's Will, I must.
I want it more than I can say
and now I feel it, no more delay!
What peace and joy.
No more fear to destroy.

Monday, April 6, 2009

We've Been...

I was just working through our nite nite routine with Ria and Kat. When Ria, off to get her PJs on, returned to me upset to say, "My pajamas were in my room. I know they were. But now they aren't!"

Me "Oh."

Ria "We've been ROBBED!!!"

Me "Ooooohh..." (read: trying not to giggle out loud while turning away from her so she doesn't see me smiling)

She disappeared again. I went to my room to turn off the light and passed her room. She was putting on her PJs.

Me "Oh, you found your pajamas, huh? Where were they?"

Ria a little sheepishly, "Yeah. I really thought someone robbed us! They were right here (indicating the floor where they are NOT supposed to be)."

This was just too good to pass on sharing. Another indication of my little detective in training, eh? ^_^ What fun!!!

Getting It Up

Getting It Up

It's ready
and set.
But steady,
it's bare!

My gardens are up,
but empty, so empty!
'Cept for some prints,
perhaps a small pup?

No, no
oh, contraire.
A feline
with flair.

Only prints
in my soil.
No trinkets
or smelly hints

I prefer to take care.
So, up went our sonic deterrents.
No cat, now, will dare!

At least, that's my hope.
For I really don't like
to find left bits
that makes me run for the soap!


I'm waiting.
For my special
sweet seeds.

real quality
can't rush
the gold!

While I wait for my seeds
I feel some gardening joy:
in buds of new leaves
on raspberry canes I just set!

Oh, how exciting.
Can I dare hope?
Will my hardiness zone
enable a strong harvest?

According to the site,
a big YES.
According to the book,
a depressing NO.

But books don't know it all.
So, I'll hold on to hope.
It hasn't done me harm,
at least, not yet!

And I bet you're wondering how you EVER got so lucky as to have the opportunity to read not one, but TWO of Tori's lovely poems! Well, I got lazy in the middle. Had more to convey, but didn't want to stick to my original formatting. hehehe Hope you enjoy them, anyway.

THANK YOU for the lovely comments on the previous poems. What a joy to KNOW you're reading along with me as I stumble into poetry again. ^_^

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Smiling Sweetly

From two days old
she has smiled sweetly.
Her eyes so bold
squinching up so completely.

Her giggles came later.
They were surely worth the wait.
She laughed as her sisters ate.
Please, don't be a cute baby hater! ;)

She avidly watches all goings on.
It's easy to see
she yeans to be
among her big sisters from dusk till dawn.

She's a big one, this baby.
Five months old and seventeen pounds.
And in every bit, love abounds.
She'll one day be a beautiful lady.

You can almost watch the gears turn
as she watches them do.
She has the thirst to learn;
she'll be a young reader, too!

I didn't get to write yesterday (Sunday) because I felt so overwhelmed with the long Conference day plus early Sister Missionaries for Dinner. I love timeliness, but earliness is rather difficult to take! :-o So, I'm dating this as if I wrote it when I should have rather than now, Monday at 4:30pm. The one for today will follow shortly, I hope. :) (In case you're looking forward to my goofy poems, that is. ^_^)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Change

Wed. approaches fast.
The time to work
2 jobs will, hopefully
soon, be past!

Hooray for hard work.
Hallelujah for blessings from the Lord!
And a sweet man for my hubby,
WHAT a perk!

Still working hard.
Even when working fewer hours for money.
He has not complained.
His work, of late: in our yard!

And even when he's home,
He spends the mornings with our girls.
Cuddling, reading, makeup, and feeding.
Rarely does he roam.

On top of it all
He's a handsome man.
Willing to serve.
And accept any call.
even though he can't technically
be given one in our ward, officially.

I'm a lucky gal.
Three beautiful daughters
Blessings galore and
Such an one for my pal.

Friday, April 3, 2009


She cut her hair
Over there.

On the kitchen floor
near the cabinet door.

She sneaked some scissors from a pack
In the cabinet, way in back.

Mama's reaction was a bit extreme
But perhaps not as much as it does, to me, seem.

Sent to her room to think about her behavior
And Mama needs more meditation on our Savior.

Called her out
She did pout.

Scissors from my cosmetology bag,
And snipping I did almost gag.

Her hair was touching the top of her back
Up to her chin is where I did hack.

No bun in her hair
And she doesn't care!

No pictures yet.
You'll like them, though, I bet.

Jess, and everyone else, says it's cute.
But I really don't give a toot.

I love my girls to have long tresses.
They look so sweet in their church dresses.

It's much easier for dance, too.
Short hair on my active girl is easy to rue.

I'll come around, you'll see.
It's impossible to stay upset at my busy little bee.

She's an apple of my eye.
A Star in my night sky.

She actually cut her hair the night before last, but I couldn't even think about it yesterday. It's been upsetting for me, to say the least. *sigh*

I AM trying for the poem a day here in my blog. In case you couldn't tell. To participate officially, I would have to write my poems in the official form and allow them to be accessible to all the other writers participating. I haven't written poetry in AGES (before the ones in here this month!). And I know it's quite embarrassing, what I'm writing here. It's not good and I wouldn't want to put it out there for real poets to read and deride. Yall will love me no matter how horrible my poetry and prose. ... At least, I hope you will!! ^_^

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Found Flower

Isn't it pretty, Mama
she said.
A fake flower in her hand.

Agreement was easy,
clarification difficult.

Pretty but fake
I huffed as I walked.

What does that mean:

Something that isn't
really real.

Well, why would someone
put a fake flower
in their yard?

Maybe they wanted something pretty there.
They might have wanted to fool others.. Who knows!

They want to trick people
... ... OR maybe it's a clue!

A clue?
What kind of clue?

Maybe they are trying to leave
a clue.

And now I need
to find
the next one.

Well, we're almost home.

Oh, Mama!
The next one
...will be in our HOUSE!

Newly, my little detective.
Her latest series: A to Z Mysteries. She's on Q! ^_^

I wonder
the next clue will be!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Poetry Month

I'd never
ever wondered
what an Ant tasted like.

The surprising tickle
and tingle
totally caught me off guard.

I was only trying
to drink
my water.

Neglecting to look first
is obviously
a mistake.

Saliva sopping
decrepit ant,
I pulled from my mouth.

Heebie jeebies
running up
and down my back.

A fighter,
it wiggled
and squirmed.

And then stopped.

I tried to drop it
into the trash.

It wouldn't slip.

So, I pushed it
onto the desk.

Left it.

Later checked it.

Lithely crawling away.

So glad my efforts
at euthanasia
were unsuccessful.

What an

I wonder
if it will carry
someone's contact*

What do you think? It's been a VERY long while since I wrote any poetry. But, stick around and you may just get one a day this month! Wouldn't you LOVE that?!!?? ^_^



Love 'em. Just be kind. (Or try when you say my writing is total refuse.)

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