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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Homeschooling "Others"

This day was quite busy.
Mama was all a tizzy.

We actually spent a good few hours
spending time with other homeschooled flowers.

It was lovely for Ria to meet more "others".
And for me to meet more Mothers.

A good moment came
that enabled me to reduce public school's fame.

Ria didn't want to play volleyball any more.
And I allowed her to take a break, it was no chore.

But then I was able to point out.
That if she'd been elsewhere, she couldn't thus pout.

She'd have to participate regardless of her feeling.
And no matter how others might be, with her, dealing.

Kat really just wanted to swing.
But she did chase the big kids around the whole thing. (the playground)

The other Mothers were most impressed
with how Kat fell, but her play did not arrest!

I shared that I hoped to raise tough chicks.
Girls who could be cute, but also take some licks.

Joking, on that last part.
The Mothers thought I had a good start.

Tea was, of course, a sweet baby.
Sitting in my sling like a little lady.

She only complained a few times when she wanted to eat.
And she was easily soothed and went back to her special retreat.

So our morning was a special pleasure.
Next week will be another one to treasure!

Later we had piano class as we usually do on this day.
Mary Kay told me she was interviewed in an odd sort of way.

She had the older boy, who'd been taking lessons a few years, play for her.
If she hadn't been told of his years taking lessons, she wouldn't have been sure.

For she thought Ria was playing as well as he.
And she wondered how that could possibly be.

More than likely his parents don't press him.
His time pushed to practice is likely quite slim.

I don't have to push her so much as of late.
But there was a while that I felt that would always be my fate.

She usually sits down to practice and play
without a word from me, or little delay.

It's lovely to hear
that she's doing so well in less than a year!

Now caught up!

1 comment:

vicki said...

It is such a pleasure reading your poetry and the words used to express so many different things. Kat not arresting her play, your tough chicks taking some licks, so on.
Hooray! She's a little pianist, practicing on her own! neat. love, mom/mimi

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