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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Loving Life

I love my life.
Even when it's down.
It's harder to feel the love really clear,
in those moments when things are in a fog.
I keep trying to hold to the rod.
I DO love my life
with my precious little ones
growing ever so fast.
I'm so lucky to have them
on loan
and be their Mama!
And me
to a good man
who loves me;
come what may.
How could I be so lucky?
Extended family,
here and there.
Church family.
Friends so dear!
DAYS and nights!
for my life is overflowing.
I'm so blessed.


vicki said...

I peer over the fence and see good going on. with love.

Future Mama said...

Beautiful poem!

Oh, by the way, I just gave you an award on my blog! check it out!

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