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Thursday, April 9, 2009

WHY: We Keep Choosing Us?

So why would someone name their blog: We Keep Choosing Us?

Well, it all goes back to the first couple weeks... or, maybe month, that Jessie and I were dating.  He knew the night he met me that he would marry me.  It took me two weeks to catch up.  Sorta characteristic of our whole relationshi thus far, as I reflect.  Anyway...

During those first blushes of our relationship, I felt that I wanted us to have a theme.  I asked Jess if he was keen on such an idea and he said it would be fine with him for me to come up with something.  So, I put myself to thinking on it.  I came up with something and brought it to Jess for approval.  He liked it and so we've used it ever since.  That's almost 10 years ago (given that I'm writing this April 2011 and have back dated this post for mine own purposes ;) hehe).

What did I come up with?  ICU

I explained to Jess that ICU meant two things for us.  First, and foremost, as an acronym it meant: I Choose You.  But equally important is what the letters sound like when you say them out loud: I See You.  To me that meant and still means, I See YOU for who you are and I Choose You just the way you are... and I commit to Choosing to See YOU as you progress and I'll Keep right on Chooing you all the way.

We were already married a while when I began this blog.  So, after thinking about it, I decided to entitle it: We Keep Choosing Us because at the time I started it we were just beginning to see the light in a very dark tunnel portion of our relationship.  And I knew that we DID keep choosing each other and I felt confident that we would keep right on choosing to be together.  Thus, We Keep Choosing Us seemed a sort of progression from ICU.  We still use ICU in writing to one another sometimes... but I like the title of the blog, too.

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