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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Smiling Sweetly

From two days old
she has smiled sweetly.
Her eyes so bold
squinching up so completely.

Her giggles came later.
They were surely worth the wait.
She laughed as her sisters ate.
Please, don't be a cute baby hater! ;)

She avidly watches all goings on.
It's easy to see
she yeans to be
among her big sisters from dusk till dawn.

She's a big one, this baby.
Five months old and seventeen pounds.
And in every bit, love abounds.
She'll one day be a beautiful lady.

You can almost watch the gears turn
as she watches them do.
She has the thirst to learn;
she'll be a young reader, too!

I didn't get to write yesterday (Sunday) because I felt so overwhelmed with the long Conference day plus early Sister Missionaries for Dinner. I love timeliness, but earliness is rather difficult to take! :-o So, I'm dating this as if I wrote it when I should have rather than now, Monday at 4:30pm. The one for today will follow shortly, I hope. :) (In case you're looking forward to my goofy poems, that is. ^_^)

1 comment:

vicki said...

Yep, lookin' forward to your 'goofy poems', and enjoyin' them.
In an earlier verse:
"It's easy to see
She years to be..."
Do you mean 'yearns'?
Great description of our Tea`.

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