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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Service

We went to the Washington Oaks Park.
We, me and my three, worked and had a lark.

It was a wonderful time
and didn't cost us a dime.

The normal fee
is really rather wee.

Only eight dollars per car
and the park is near, rather than far.

The only difficult part
was driving Daddy to work, an early start.

Normally Mama doesn't fully get going
until a bit later in the morning.

The reason for the effort
was of the worthy sort.

So energy was high.
But I did need a nap later, I cannot lie.

Ria worked at any task.
She was happy, and it was no mask.

Kat got tired of the work we were doing
after only an hour she began stewing.

But we finished our little three.
And then enjoyed the sights to see.

Ria and Kat had their faces painted.
Rainbows for the two. Cute, ain't it?

I only have one picture, but can't post it.
I left my camera at home. I could, now, have a fit.

Then we moved on to some painting time.
On a big board, their globs and squiggles were not a crime.

They did some plant potting at a plant potting station.
A must have for any Earth Day celebration.

From there we moved on to a bird house painting table.
And we left them to dry without so much as a label.

No need for their works were one of a kind.
No one else would try to, theirs, find.

Finally, we ended at the splatter painting spot.
The girls started with a paint dot.

But the surface on which the paper was sitting
was spinning. So the dot became more of a round blot.

Their creations all completely unique.
I'm so lucky so have been present to, into their process, peak.

We finished with a special treat.
Prepared foods that we bought right there to eat.

The girls were just thrilled.
And their little bellies were nicely filled.

The money was an awesome and
unexpected gift from a far off land.

Thanks to Josefine and Keefe
for sending it, I have NO beef!

Such friends I have, so sweet.
I wish I could them, in person, greet.

Perhaps someday.
That's hope. A small ray.

Back posted on Tuesday for Saturday. I'm a bit behind.


vicki said...

I enjoyed your description of Sat's event with wonderful activities. I want to talk with Ria now and get her perspective on the service she performed. Good mama for giving even li'l ones opportunities to serve. I'll remind my li'l girls. love, mom/mimi

Josefine said...

You're welcome!

That sure sounds like a fun day out!!
I really like reading your poems!
And we hope to see you again some day too and finally meet the rest of your wonderful family!

Heidi said...

Wow! Sounds like a LOT of fun! Abby loves to paint so I know she would have enjoyed it.

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